Timetable for the 85 - Kinson - Charminster - St Peters School Bus Route

Timetable for 85 - Kinson - Charminster - St Peters School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Yellow Buses (licensed as Yellow Buses).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 85 Kinson - Charminster - St Peters School

Map Showing the Routes of the 85 Kinson - Charminster - St Peters School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Kinson - Charminster - St Peters School Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

St Peters School, SE-bound, St Catherine's Road15:25
St Catherines Road, W-bound, Church Road15:25
Church Road, SW-bound, Belle Vue Road15:26
Southbourne Cross Roads, NW-bound, Belle Vue Road15:26
Avoncliffe Road, W-bound, Belle Vue Road15:27
Clifton Road, N-bound, Belle Vue Road15:28
Tuckton Corner, W-bound, Southbourne Road15:29
Carbery Avenue, NW-bound, Southbourne Road15:29
Grand Avenue, W-bound, Southbourne Grove15:30
Fishermans Walk, NW-bound, Seabourne Road15:31
Darracott Road, NW-bound, Seabourne Road15:32
Pokesdown Station, opp, Christchurch Road15:35
Hannington Road, SW-bound, Christchurch Road15:35
Parkwood Road, W-bound, Christchurch Road15:36
Ashley Road, W-bound, Christchurch Road15:37
Bus Station, Stand A15:38
North Road, NW-bound, Ashley Road15:39
Kings Park, NW-bound, Ashley Road15:41
Queens Park Hotel, SW-bound, Holdenhurst Road15:42
St Marys Church, SW-bound, Holdenhurst Road15:43
Capstone Place, SW-bound, Holdenhurst Road15:44
Springbourne Library, SW-bound, Holdenhurst Road15:45
Stewart Close, SW-bound, Holdenhurst Road15:45
Ophir Gardens, SW-bound, Holdenhurst Road15:46
Wellington Road, NW-bound15:47
Wellington Road, NW-bound15:49
Lowther Road, NE-bound, Charminster Road15:50
Malmesbury Park Road, NE-bound, Charminster Road15:51
The Richmond Arms, NE-bound, Charminster Road15:52
Heron Court Road, W-bound, Alma Road15:54
Stoke Wood Road, W-bound, Alma Road15:55
Winton Banks, W-bound, Talbot Road15:57
Osborne Road, NW-bound, Talbot Road15:57
Talbot Roundabout, SW-bound, Talbot Road15:58
Talbot Manor, NW-bound, Talbot Avenue15:59
Bournemouth University, Stop K, A304916:01
St Marks Church, W-bound, Wallisdown Road16:02
Talbot Drive, W-bound, Wallisdown Road16:04
Kinson Road, NE-bound16:05
Hood Crescent, NE-bound, Kinson Road16:06
Acton Road, NE-bound, Kinson Road16:07
Kingsbere Avenue, NE-bound, Kinson Road16:08
Turbary Park Avenue, o/s 316:09
Fernheath Road, W-bound, Turbary Park Avenue16:09
Lydford Road, W-bound, Turbary Park Avenue16:10
Turbary Park Flats, opp 100, Turbary Park Avenue16:10
Turbary Common Gate, NW-bound, Turbary Park Avenue16:11
Mandale Road Top, NW-bound, Turbary Park Avenue16:11
High Howe Gardens, N-bound, High Howe Lane16:13
Meadow View Road, opp, High Howe Lane16:14
Fitzwilliam Close, o/s 148, Knights Road16:15
King Richard Drive, NE-bound, Knights Road16:16
Co-op Store, W-bound, King John Avenue16:17
King John Avenue, o/s 7416:18
Viscounts Walk, N-bound, King John Avenue16:18
Runnymede Avenue Top, SE-bound, Runnymede Avenue16:20
Knights Road, SE-bound, Runnymede Avenue16:22
Weldon Avenue, E-bound16:23
Shapland Avenue, o/s 316:23
Bear Cross, E-bound, Wimborne Road16:24
Durdells Avenue, E-bound, Wimborne Road16:25
Tonge Road, E-bound, Wimborne Road16:26
Library, E-bound, Wimborne Road16:27

Week Days - outbound

The Acorn, o/s, Wimborne Road07:19
Tonge Road, W-bound, Wimborne Road07:19
Durdells Avenue, W-bound, Wimborne Road07:20
Bear Cross, W-bound, Wimborne Road07:21
Shapland Avenue, W-bound, Magna Road07:22
Weldon Avenue, N-bound, Runnymede Avenue07:23
Knights Road, NW-bound, Runnymede Avenue07:25
Runnymede Avenue Top, NW-bound, Runnymede Avenue07:27
Viscount Walk, S-bound, King John Avenue07:29
King John Avenue, E-bound07:30
Co-op Store, SE-bound, King John Avenue07:32
King Richard Drive, SW-bound, Knights Road07:32
Fitzwilliam Close, E-bound, Knights Road07:33
Meadow View Road, SE-bound, High Howe Lane07:34
High Howe Gardens, S-bound, High Howe Lane07:35
Mandale Road Top, SE-bound, Turbary Park Avenue07:37
Turbary Common Gate, SE-bound, Turbary Park Avenue07:37
Turbary Park Flats, o/s 98, Turbary Park Avenue07:38
Lydford Road, E-bound, Turbary Park Avenue07:38
Fernheath Road, E-bound, Turbary Park Avenue07:39
Turbary Park Avenue, SE-bound07:40
Kingsbere Avenue, SW-bound, Kinson Road07:41
Acton Road, SW-bound, Kinson Road07:41
Hood Crescent, SW-bound, Kinson Road07:42
Aldi, E-bound, Wallisdown Road07:44
St Marks Church, E-bound, Wallisdown Road07:46
Bournemouth University, Stop J, Wallisdown Road07:47
Talbot Manor, SE-bound, Talbot Avenue07:51
Talbot Roundabout, NE-bound, Talbot Road07:52
Osborne Road, E-bound, Talbot Road07:53
Winton Banks, E-bound, Talbot Road07:55
Winton Banks, E-bound, Alma Road07:55
Stokewood Road, E-bound, Alma Road07:57
Heron Court Road, E-bound07:58
The Richmond Arms, SW-bound, Charminster Road08:01
Malmesbury Park Road, SW-bound, Charminster Road08:01
Lowther Road, SW-bound, Charminster Road08:02
Cemetery Junction, SW-bound, Charminster Road08:02
Wellington Road, SE-bound08:03
Wellington Road, SE-bound08:05
Ophir Gardens, NE-bound, Holdenhurst Road08:06
Stewart Close, NE-bound, Holdenhurst Road08:07
Springbourne Library, NE-bound, Holdenhurst Road08:08
St Marys Church, NE-bound, Holdenhurst Road08:09
Queens Park Hotel, o/s 166, Ashley Road08:10
Kings Park, SE-bound, Ashley Road08:11
North Road, SE-bound, Ashley Road08:12
Centenary Way, SE-bound, Ashley Road08:12
Ashley Road, E-bound, Christchurch Road08:13
Portman Road, E-bound, Christchurch Road08:14
Parkwood Road, E-bound, Christchurch Road08:15
Hannington Road, NE-bound, Christchurch Road08:15
Pokesdown Station, SE-bound, Seabourne Road08:16
Darracott Road, SE-bound, Seabourne Road08:18
Fishermans Walk, SE-bound, Seabourne Road08:20
Grand Avenue, E-bound, Southbourne Grove08:21
Carbery Avenue, SE-bound, Southbourne Road08:23
Tuckton Corner, S-bound, Belle Vue Road08:26
Avoncliffe Road, SE-bound, Belle Vue Road08:28
Southbourne Cross Roads, E-bound, Belle Vue Road08:30
Belle Vue Mansions, E-bound, Belle Vue Road08:31
Twynham Road, NE-bound, Belle Vue Road08:33
St Peters School, SE-bound, St Catherine's Road08:35

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.