Timetable for the X54 - Nailsea - Bristol Centre - Redcliffe Bus Route
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Timetable for X54 - Nailsea - Bristol Centre - Redcliffe Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Carmel Bristol (licensed as Carolyn Alderton).

Start Date: 11/03/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Victoria Street - Link Road

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Mayflower Gardens - Victoria Street
bus timetable X54 Nailsea - Bristol Centre - Redcliffe
Operator Information for Carmel Bristol
Fares Twitter Address Website
01173035214 @CarmelCoaches Southfield Road, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1JN www.carmelcoaches.co.uk

Map Showing the Routes of the X54 Nailsea - Bristol Centre - Redcliffe Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Nailsea - Bristol Centre - Redcliffe Service

- inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Victoria Street,(R6), Redcliffe17:05
2Bristol Bridge,(R8), Redcliffe17:05
3Union Street,(B19), Broadmead (Bristl)17:08
4The Centre,(C7), Bristol City Centre17:15
5Anchor Road,(A1), Canon's Marsh17:16
6Gasferry Road,(W-bound), Canon's Marsh17:17
7Hotwell Road,(W-bound), Hotwells17:18
8Merchants Road,(S-bound), Hotwells17:20
9Kingcott Mill Farm,(NW-bound), Cambridge Batch17:29
10Belmont Hill,(NW-bound), Flax Bourton17:29
11Wraxall Lodge,(NW-bound), Tyntesfield Park17:32
12Battle Axes,(NW-bound), Wraxall and Failand17:33
13Wraxall Hill,(W-bound), Wraxall and Failand17:34
14Tower House Lane,(SW-bound), Wraxall and Failand17:35
15Esso Garage,(SW-bound), East End Nailsea17:35
16Lodge Lane,(SE-bound), East End Nailsea17:36
17The Birches,(SE-bound), East End Nailsea17:37
18Huntley Grove,(SW-bound), East End Nailsea17:37
19Shetland Way,(S-bound), East End Nailsea17:37
20Bucklands View,(N-bound), East End Nailsea17:38
21Avening Close,(W-bound), East End Nailsea17:38
22Queens Road,(SW-bound), East End Nailsea17:39
23Shipham Close,(W-bound), Nailsea17:39
24Sedgemoor Close,(NW-bound), Nailsea17:40
25Harptree Close,(W-bound), West End (Nailsea)17:40
26Hannah Moore School,(W-bound), West End (Nailsea)17:41
27St Marys Grove,(N-bound), West End (Nailsea)17:42
28The Maples,(N-bound), West End (Nailsea)17:43
29The Co-op,(NE-bound), Nailsea17:44
30Queens Road,(NW-bound), West End (Nailsea)17:44
31Kings Hill,(NE-bound), Stone-Edge Batch17:45
32Fosse Way,(E-bound), Stone-Edge Batch17:47
33Whitesfield Road,(E-bound), Stone-Edge Batch17:48
34Stockway Road North,(E-bound), Nailsea17:49
35Link Road,(S-bound), Nailsea17:51

- outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Mayflower Gardens,(E-bound), East End Nailsea06:33
2The Birches,(SE-bound), East End Nailsea06:33
3Huntley Grove,(SW-bound), East End Nailsea06:34
4Shetland Way,(S-bound), East End Nailsea06:34
5Bucklands View,(N-bound), East End Nailsea06:34
6Avening Close,(W-bound), East End Nailsea06:35
7Queens Road,(SW-bound), East End Nailsea06:35
8Shipham Close,(W-bound), Nailsea06:36
9Sedgemoor Close,(NW-bound), Nailsea06:36
10Harptree Close,(W-bound), West End (Nailsea)06:37
11Hannah Moore School,(W-bound), West End (Nailsea)06:37
12St Marys Grove,(N-bound), West End (Nailsea)06:38
13The Maples,(N-bound), West End (Nailsea)06:39
14The Co-op,(NE-bound), Nailsea06:40
15Queens Road,(NW-bound), West End (Nailsea)06:40
16Kings Hill,(NE-bound), Stone-Edge Batch06:41
17Fosse Way,(E-bound), Stone-Edge Batch06:43
18Whitesfield Road,(E-bound), Stone-Edge Batch06:45
19Stockway Road North,(E-bound), Nailsea06:47
20Link Road,(S-bound), Nailsea06:50
21Southfield Road,(NE-bound), Nailsea06:50
22Esso Garage,(NE-bound), East End Nailsea06:51
23Tower House Lane,(W-bound), Wraxall and Failand06:51
24Wraxall Hill,(SE-bound), Wraxall and Failand06:52
25Battle Axes,(SE-bound), Wraxall and Failand06:53
26Lower Lodge,(W-bound), Tyntesfield Park06:54
27Belmont Hill,(SE-bound), Flax Bourton06:57
28Dowry Square,(N-bound), Hotwells07:06
29Hotwells,(E-bound), Hotwells07:06
30Hotwell Road,(E-bound), Hotwells07:07
31Gasferry Road,(E-bound), Canon's Marsh07:08
32Anchor Road,(A2), Canon's Marsh07:09
33The Centre,(C8), Bristol City Centre07:10
34Union Street,(B12), Broadmead (Bristl)07:12
35The Horsefair,(S5), Cabot Circus07:13
36Broad Weir,(S10), Cabot Circus07:14
37Bristol Bridge,(R9), Redcliffe07:18
38Victoria Street,(R7), Redcliffe07:20

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.