Timetable for the 179 - Gunnislake - Liskeard - Callywith College Bus Route

Timetable for 179 - Gunnislake - Liskeard - Callywith College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Go Cornwall Bus (licensed as Go Cornwall Bus).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 179 Gunnislake - Liskeard - Callywith College

Map Showing the Routes of the 179 Gunnislake - Liskeard - Callywith College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Gunnislake - Liskeard - Callywith College Service

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Week Days - inbound

Callywith College Car Park, SW-bound, Old Callywith Road11:1513:1516:25
Callywith College Main Road, opp, Old Callywith Road11:15
Bodmin Business Park, o/s11:15
Cooksland Industrial Estate, opp, Cooksland Road11:1613:1616:26
Newtons Maragte, o/s11:16
Roundabout, opp11:1713:1716:27
Halfway House, E-bound, A3811:2213:2216:32
Entrance to Trago Mills, W-bound, A3811:3013:3016:40
Cross Roads, E-bound, A3811:3213:3216:42
Institute, E-bound, Crestborne Terrace11:3413:3416:44
Church, E-bound, Crestborne Terrace11:3513:3516:45
Gipsy Lane Junction, E-bound, New Road11:4013:4016:50
Lloyds Bank, N-bound11:4513:4716:57
Cornwall Council Offices, NE-bound, Greenbank Road11:45
Addington, opp, Greenbank Road11:45
Belgrave Terrace, opp, Callington Road11:46
Miners Meadow, opp11:46
Callington Rd Roundabout, NE-bound11:46
Dental Centre, SE-bound, Charter Way11:47
Charter Way, S-bound11:47
Quimperle Way, S-bound, Charter Way11:48
Lord Eliot Hotel, opp, Castle Street13:4716:57
Fairlight, opp13:4716:57
Morrisons, E-bound13:4716:57
Charter Way Morrisons, NE-bound, Charter Way13:4816:58
Pengover Road, E-bound13:4816:58
Dental Centre, opp, Charter Way13:4816:58
Caradon Heights, NW-bound, Charter Way13:4916:59
Bus Shelter, opp, A39013:5117:01
Church, NE-bound, A39013:5417:04
Butchers Arms, E-bound, A39013:5517:05
Bus Shelter, opp, A39013:5517:05
Keason Cottages, NE-bound13:5617:06
Telephone Box, E-bound, A39014:0017:10
St Germans Road, opp, Southern Road14:0217:12
Southern Road, W-bound, Saltash Road14:0317:13
Primary School, N-bound, Saltash Road14:0317:13
New Road, N-bound14:0417:14
Ginsters, E-bound14:0517:15
Honicombe Cross, E-bound, A39014:1217:22
Rifle Volunteer, opp, A39014:1217:22
Post Office, E-bound, A39014:1317:23
Delaware Road, E-bound, A39014:1517:25
Railway Station Sand Hill, NE-bound, A39014:1717:27
Cornish Inn, N-bound, Fore Street14:2217:32

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