Timetable for the 24 - Fowey - Par - St Austell - Mevagissey Bus Route

Timetable for 24 - Fowey - Par - St Austell - Mevagissey Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Go Cornwall Bus (licensed as Go Cornwall Bus).

Timetable Start Date: 18/04/2022 End Date: 19/06/2022

bus timetable 24 Fowey - Par - St Austell - Mevagissey

Map Showing the Routes of the 24 Fowey - Par - St Austell - Mevagissey Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Fowey - Par - St Austell - Mevagissey Service

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Week Days - outbound

Safe Harbour Hotel, W-bound, Cobbs Well00:0020:0022:00
Windmill, W-bound, Polvillion Road00:0020:0022:00
Community College, W-bound, Polvillion Road00:0020:0022:00
Lankelly Lane, W-bound, Polvillion Road00:0120:0122:01
Hill Hay, NW-bound00:0220:0222:02
Four Turnings Garage, NW-bound, B326900:0320:0322:03
Golant Turn, opp00:0620:0622:06
Tywardreath Turn, W-bound, Castledore Road00:0720:0722:07
Trenython Manor Turn, SW-bound, Castledore Road00:0720:0722:07
Polpey Lane, W-bound, Castledore Road00:0820:0822:08
Poldrea, SW-bound, Mount Bennett Road00:0820:0822:08
Belmount Street, opp, Mount Bennett Road00:0920:0922:09
St Andrews Church, W-bound, Church Street00:1020:1022:10
Woodland Avenue, W-bound00:1020:1022:10
Hall, opp, Woodland Avenue00:1120:1122:11
Railway Station, SE-bound, Eastcliffe Road00:1320:1322:13
Tehidy Road, SE-bound, Eastcliffe Road00:1320:1322:13
Costcutter, opp, Par Green00:1420:1422:14
Moorland Rd & Par Green Jctn, N-bound, Moorland Road00:1520:1522:15
Moorland Road, E-bound00:1520:1522:15
Tehidy Road, opp, Eastcliffe Road00:1520:1522:15
Railway Station, NW-bound, Eastcliffe Road00:1620:1622:16
Duck Pund, W-bound, St Andrew's Road00:1720:1722:17
St Andrews Road Garage, W-bound, St Andrew's Road00:1720:1722:17
Station Road, NW-bound00:1820:1822:18
Football Club, opp, Station Road00:1820:1822:18
Polgrean Place, S-bound, Church Street00:1920:1922:19
Landreath Place, SE-bound00:2020:2022:20
Landreath Place, opp, Middleway00:2020:2022:20
Old Roselyon Manor, opp, Old Roselyon Road00:2220:2222:22
Chyandor Close, S-bound, Old Roselyon Road00:2220:2222:22
Polgover Way, opp, Old Roselyon Road00:2320:2322:23
Penarwyn Woods, W-bound, Par Lane00:2320:2322:23
Trenython Road, opp, Lamellyn Road00:2420:2422:24
School Close, W-bound, St Marys Road00:2520:2522:25
Ash Grove, SW-bound, St Marys Road00:2520:2522:25
Hillside Avenue, W-bound, St Marys Road00:2520:2522:25
Orchards, N-bound, Biscovey Road00:2620:2622:26
Mid Cornwall Galleries, opp, St Austell Road00:2620:2622:26
Rear Cornish Market World, SW-bound00:2720:2722:27
Tregrehan Turn, opp, Holmbush Road00:2720:2722:27
Gwallon Keas, SW-bound00:2820:2822:28
Holmbush Inn, opp, Holmbush Road00:2920:2922:29
Holmbush Arch Road, opp, Church Road00:3020:3022:30
Church, SW-bound, Church Road00:3120:3122:31
Opp Foundry Parc, opp, Charlestown Road00:3120:3122:31
Chandlers Walk, NW-bound, Charlestown Road00:3120:3122:31
Penrice School, W-bound00:3120:3122:31
Victoria Road, W-bound00:3220:3222:32
Ranelagh Road, N-bound, Eliot Road00:3220:3222:32
Eliot Road, NW-bound00:3320:3322:33
Boots, W-bound, Carlyon Road00:3320:3322:33
Carlyon Road, SW-bound00:3520:3522:35
Bus Station, Stand D00:3618:4020:4422:44
South Street, SW-bound18:4320:4722:47
B and Q, opp, Pentewan Road18:4420:4822:48
Tregorrick Turn, SW-bound18:4620:5022:50
Natural Retreats, opp18:4620:5022:50
Phone Box, S-bound18:4920:5322:53
Sun Valley Holiday Park, opp18:5020:5422:54
Pentewan Turn, S-bound18:5220:5622:56
Bojea, S-bound, B327318:5621:0023:00
Trevarth, N-bound, Valley Road18:5721:0123:01

Week Days - inbound

Trevarth, N-bound, Valley Road19:0021:0023:00
Bojea, opp, B327319:0021:0023:00
Pentewan Turn, opp, B327319:0521:0523:05
Sun Valley Holiday Park, N-bound, B327319:0621:0623:06
Phone Box, opp, Pentewan Road19:0821:0823:08
Natural Retreats, NE-bound, Pentewan Road19:1021:1023:10
Tregorrick Turn, opp, Pentewan Road19:1121:1123:11
B and Q, N-bound, Pentewan Road19:1221:1223:12
South Street, NE-bound19:1421:1423:14
Kings Avenue, N-bound, King's Avenue19:1521:1523:15
Bus Station, Stand A19:2321:2323:23
Library, opp, Carlyon Road19:2321:2323:23
Boots, E-bound, Carlyon Road19:2521:2523:25
Eliot Road, SE-bound19:2621:2623:26
Ranelagh Road, S-bound19:2621:2623:26
Victoria Road, E-bound19:2721:2723:27
Chandlers Walk, SE-bound, Charlestown Road19:2821:2823:28
Foundry Parc, SE-bound19:2821:2823:28
Church, opp, Church Road19:2921:2923:29
Holmbush Arch Road, NE-bound, Church Road19:2921:2923:29
Holmbush Inn, E-bound19:3121:3123:31
Gwallon Keas, NE-bound19:3121:3123:31
Tregrehan Turn, E-bound, Holmbush Road19:3221:3223:32
St Austell Road, NE-bound19:3221:3223:32
Mid Cornwall Galleries, E-bound, St Austell Road19:3321:3323:33
Orchards, opp, Biscovey Road19:3321:3323:33
Hillside Avenue, opp, St Marys Road19:3421:3423:34
Ash Grove, opp, St Marys Road19:3421:3423:34
School Close, opp, St Marys Road19:3521:3523:35
Trenython Road, N-bound, Lamellyn Road19:3521:3523:35
Penarwyn Woods, E-bound, Par Lane19:3621:3623:36
Polgover Way, NE-bound, Old Roselyon Road19:3621:3623:36
Chyandor Close, opp, Old Roselyon Road19:3721:3723:37
Old Roselyon Manor, W-bound, Old Roselyon Road19:3821:3823:38
Landreath Place, NW-bound19:3921:3923:39
Polgrean Place, opp, Church Street19:4121:4123:41
Football Club, SE-bound19:4121:4123:41
Station Road, SE-bound19:4121:4123:41
St Andrews Road Garage, opp, St Andrew's Road19:4221:4223:42
Duck Pond, opp, St Andrew's Road19:4221:4223:42
Railway Station, SE-bound, Eastcliffe Road19:4321:4323:43
Tehidy Road, SE-bound, Eastcliffe Road19:4321:4323:43
Costcutter, opp, Par Green19:4421:4423:44
Moorland Rd & Par Green Jctn, W-bound, Par Green19:4421:4423:44
Moorland Rd & Par Green Jctn, N-bound, Moorland Road19:4521:4523:45
Tehidy Road, opp, Eastcliffe Road19:4621:4623:46
Railway Station, NW-bound, Eastcliffe Road19:4721:4723:47
Hall, E-bound, Southpark Road19:4821:4823:48
Woodland Avenue, E-bound19:4921:4923:49
St Andrews Church, opp, Church Street19:5021:5023:50
Belmont Street, E-bound, Mount Bennett Road19:5021:5023:50
Poldrea, opp, Mount Bennett Road19:5121:5123:51
Polpey Lane, opp, Castledore Road19:5121:5123:51
Trenython Manor Turn, opp, Castledore Road19:5221:5223:52
Golant Turn, S-bound, B326919:5321:5323:53
Four Tunings Garage, opp19:5621:5623:56
East Lodge, opp, B341519:5621:5623:56
Hill Hay, SE-bound19:5721:5723:57
Lankelly Lane, E-bound, B341519:5821:5823:58
Community College, E-bound, Polvillion Road19:5821:5823:58
Hanson Drive, opp, New Road Hill19:5921:5923:59
Safe Harbour Hotel, W-bound, Cobbs Well20:0022:0000:00

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.