Timetable for the 241 - Penzance - Hayle - Truro College Bus Route
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Timetable for 241 - Penzance - Hayle - Truro College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Kernow (licensed as First Devon & Cornwall Ltd).

Start Date: 10/06/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Truro College - Post Office

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Tresco - Truro College
bus timetable 241 Penzance - Hayle - Truro College
Operator Information for First Kernow
Fares Twitter Address
03456460707 @FirstKernow First Customer Services South, Davey House, 7B Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3DE

Map Showing the Routes of the 241 Penzance - Hayle - Truro College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Penzance - Hayle - Truro College Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Truro College,(SW-bound), Gloweth16:25
2Three Spires,(NW-bound), Penstraze16:36
3Chiverton Roundabout,(NW-bound), Three Burrows16:40
4Lidl Carwin Rise,(SW-bound), Hayle17:02
5Penmare Terrace,(SW-bound), Phillack17:03
6Phillack Turn,(SW-bound), Hayle17:03
7Fore Street,(W-bound), Hayle17:04
8War Memorial,(SW-bound), Hayle17:04
9St Elwyn's Church,(W-bound), Hayle17:05
10Foundry Square,(SW-bound), Hayle17:06
11Lamb and Flag,(SW-bound), Rose-an-Grouse17:12
12Bus Shelter,(SW-bound), Canon's Town17:12
13The Old School House,(opp), Whitecross (Penwith)17:13
14Bus Shelter,(S-bound), Whitecross (Penwith)17:13
15Cockwells Turn,(opp), Crowlas17:13
16The Star Inn,(opp), Crowlas17:15
17Ludgvan Leaze,(opp), Varfell17:17
18Varfell Turn,(S-bound), Long Rock17:19
19Halfords,(W-bound), Penzance17:25
20Sainsburys,(SW-bound), Penzance17:26
21Sainsburys Entrance,(SW-bound), Penzance17:26
22Gwel Lewern,(opp), Penzance17:27
23Chyandour,(W-bound), Penzance17:28
24Bus Station,(Stand A), Penzance17:31
25Market Jew Street,(SW-bound), Penzance17:32
26Green Market,(W-bound), Penzance17:34
27St Claire's,(W-bound), Penzance17:35
28Alexandra Road,(opp), Penzance17:37
29Chynance,(opp), Penzance17:38
30Bottom of Alexandra Road,(SE-bound), Penzance17:38
31Lidl,(opp), Penzance17:39
32Lidden Road,(SW-bound), Penzance17:41
33Newlyn Art Gallery,(SW-bound), Newlyn17:42
34Newlyn Bridge,(S-bound), Newlyn17:43
35Chywoone Hill,(S-bound), Newlyn17:43
36Gwavas Crossroads,(SW-bound), Newlyn17:44
37Long Row,(S-bound), Sheffield (Cnwll)17:46
38Lamorna Pottery,(opp), Lamorna17:49
39Lamorna Turn,(SW-bound), Lamorna17:50
40Menwinian,(NW-bound), Boskenna17:51
41Merry Maidens,(SW-bound), Boskenna17:52
42Post Office,(SW-bound), St. Buryan17:57

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Tresco,(S-bound), Polgigga07:13
2Little Trethewey,(E-bound), Trethewey07:15
3Bus Shelter,(opp), Treen07:21
4Lamorna Junction,(opp), Sparnon07:26
5Crean Turn,(N-bound), Sparnon07:29
6Westmoor,(opp), Sparnon07:30
7Post Office,(opp), St. Buryan07:35
8Merry Maidens,(opp), Boskenna07:40
9Menwinian,(opp), Boskenna07:41
10Lamorna Turn,(N-bound), Lamorna07:43
11Lamorna Pottery,(E-bound), Lamorna07:44
12Long Row,(opp), Sheffield (Cnwll)07:49
13Gwavas Cross Roads,(NE-bound), Newlyn07:50
14Chywoone Hill,(N-bound), Newlyn07:51
15Newlyn Bridge,(NE-bound), Newlyn07:52
16Lidden Road,(NE-bound), Penzance07:53
17Lidl,(NE-bound), Penzance07:55
18Bottom of Alexandra Road,(NW-bound), Penzance07:56
19Chynance,(NW-bound), Penzance07:56
20Alexandra Road,(NW-bound), Penzance07:57
21First and Last,(E-bound), Penzance07:58
22Market Jew Street,(NE-bound), Penzance08:00
23Bus Station,(Stand A), Penzance08:05
24Bus Station,(Stand A), Penzance08:05
25Chyandour,(E-bound), Penzance08:05
26Gwel Lewern,(E-bound), Penzance08:06
27Sainsburys Entrance,(NE-bound), Penzance08:06
28Sainsburys,(NE-bound), Penzance08:06
29Halfords,(opp), Penzance08:06
30Varfell Turn,(N-bound), Long Rock08:08
31Ludgvan Leaze,(N-bound), Varfell08:09
32The Star Inn,(E-bound), Crowlas08:10
33Cockwells Turn,(NE-bound), Crowlas08:10
34Bus Shelter,(opp), Whitecross (Penwith)08:11
35The Old School House,(NE-bound), Whitecross (Penwith)08:11
36Bus Shelter,(opp), Canon's Town08:12
37Lamb and Flag Inn,(opp), Rose-an-Grouse08:13
38Viaduct,(N-bound), Hayle08:19
39St Elwyn's Church,(opp), Hayle08:19
40War Memorial,(opp), Hayle08:20
41Fore Street,(E-bound), Hayle08:21
42Phillack Turn,(NE-bound), Hayle08:21
43Penmare Terrace,(NE-bound), Phillack08:21
44Lidl Carwin Rise,(NE-bound), Hayle08:22
45Chiverton Roundabout,(SE-bound), Three Burrows08:45
46Three Spires,(opp), Penstraze08:48
47Truro College,(SW-bound), Gloweth09:00

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.