Timetable for the 28 - St Austell - St Blazey - Lostwithiel Bus Route
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Timetable for 28 - St Austell - St Blazey - Lostwithiel Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Travel Cornwall (licensed as Travel Cornwall).

Timetable Start Date: 05/04/2021 End Date: 06/06/2021

bus timetable 28 St Austell - St Blazey - Lostwithiel

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

St Austell -> Mount Charles -> Bethel -> Tregrehan Mills -> Holmbush -> St Blazey Gate -> St Blazey -> Tywardreath Highway -> Penpillick -> Lanlivery -> Lostwithiel

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Lostwithiel -> Lanlivery -> Penpillick -> Tywardreath Highway -> St Blazey -> St Blazey Gate -> Holmbush -> Tregrehan Mills -> Bethel -> Mount Charles -> St Austell

Map Showing the Routes of the 28 St Austell - St Blazey - Lostwithiel Bus.

Bus Timetables for the St Austell - St Blazey - Lostwithiel Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Cott Road, NE-bound, Lostwithiel11:4015:4017:17
The Royal Talbot, opp, Liddicoat Road, Lostwithiel11:4315:4317:20
Pelyn Cross, SW-bound, Lanlivery11:4515:4517:22
Fowey Cross, S-bound, A390, Lanlivery11:4615:4617:23
Penpillick Farm, S-bound, A390, Penpillick11:4915:4917:26
Grove Parc, opp, A390, Tywardreath Highway11:5115:5117:28
Bridge Street, SW-bound, St Blazey11:5215:5217:29
Post Office, opp, St Blazey11:5315:5317:30
Polgrean Place, S-bound, Church Street, St Blazey11:5415:5417:31
Landreath Steps, SW-bound, Rose Hill Road, St Blazey Gate11:5415:5417:31
Doubletrees School, SW-bound, Doubletrees, St Blazey11:5515:5517:32
Four Lords, W-bound, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate11:5615:5617:33
Mid Cornwall Galleries, opp, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate11:5615:5617:33
Rear Cornish Market World, SW-bound, St Blazey Gate11:5715:5717:34
Tregrehan Turn, opp, Holmbush Road, Holmbush11:5815:5817:35
Bodelva Turn, opp, Tregrehan Mills12:0016:0017:37
Chapel Field, opp, Trenowah Road, Bethel12:0216:0217:39
Bethel Road, W-bound, Bethel12:0316:0317:40
Carlyon Arms, SW-bound, Sandy Hill, Bethel12:0416:0417:41
Sandy Hill School, opp, Mount Charles12:0516:0517:42
Lytton Place, SE-bound, Clifden Road, Mount Charles12:0516:0517:42
Partco, opp, Clifden Road, Mount Charles12:0516:0517:42
Victoria Road, W-bound, Mount Charles12:0716:0717:43
Asda, W-bound, Car Park, St Austell12:0916:09
South Street, NE-bound, St Austell12:1316:13
Alexandra Terrace, W-bound, Alexandra Road, Mount Charles17:44
Alexandra Road, W-bound, St Austell17:45
Kings Avenue, N-bound, King's Avenue, St Austell12:1516:1717:46
Bus Station, Stand A, St Austell12:1716:2017:47

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Stand A, St Austell09:0011:0515:0518:05
South Street, SW-bound, St Austell09:0311:0815:0818:08
Asda, W-bound, Car Park, St Austell09:0811:1315:1318:13
Recreation Ground, opp, Woodland Road, Mount Charles09:0811:1315:1318:13
Victoria Road, E-bound, Mount Charles09:1011:1515:1518:15
Partco, N-bound, Clifden Road, Mount Charles09:1111:1615:1618:16
Sandy Hill School, E-bound, Mount Charles09:1211:1715:1718:17
Carlyon Arms, opp, Sandy Hill, Bethel09:1211:1715:1718:17
Bethel Road, E-bound, Bethel09:1311:1815:1818:18
Recreation Ground, opp, Trenowah Road, Bethel09:1411:1915:1918:19
Chapel Field, E-bound, Trenowah Road, Bethel09:1511:2015:2018:20
Dormwood, NE-bound, Trenowah Road, Tregrehan Mills09:1711:2215:2218:22
Tregrehan Turn, E-bound, Holmbush Road, Holmbush09:1711:2215:2218:22
St Austell Road, NE-bound, St Blazey Gate09:1811:2315:2318:23
Mid Cornwall Galleries, E-bound, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate09:1811:2315:2318:23
Four Lords, opp, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate09:1911:2415:2418:24
Doubletrees School, opp, Doubletrees, St Blazey09:1911:2415:2418:24
Landreath Steps, opp, Rose Hill Road, St Blazey Gate09:2011:2515:2518:25
Polgrean Place, opp, Church Street, St Blazey09:2111:2615:2618:26
Post Office, N-bound, Fore Street, St Blazey09:2111:2615:2618:26
Bridge Street, NE-bound, St Blazey09:2211:2715:2718:27
Grove Parc, NE-bound, A390, Tywardreath Highway09:2411:2915:2918:29
Penpillick Farm, opp, A390, Penpillick09:2511:3015:3018:30
Fowey Cross, N-bound, A390, Lanlivery09:2811:3315:3318:33
Pelyn Cross, NE-bound, Lanlivery09:2911:3415:3418:34
The Royal Talbot, NE-bound, Liddicoat Road, Lostwithiel09:3211:3715:3718:37
Cott Road, NE-bound, Lostwithiel09:3411:3915:3918:39

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.