Timetable for the 188 - Halwill Junction - Tavistock Bus Route

Timetable for 188 - Halwill Junction - Tavistock Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by MD Buses (licensed as MD Buses).

Timetable Start Date: 20/12/2021 End Date: 20/02/2022

bus timetable 188 Halwill Junction - Tavistock

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Halwill Junction -> Halwill -> Quoditch -> Ashwater -> Higher Prestacott -> Westweekmoor -> Grinacombe Moor -> Broadwoodwidger -> Lifton -> Dippertown -> Lewdown -> Lewtrenchard -> Coryton -> Chillaton -> Longcross -> Chaddlehanger -> Tavistock

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Tavistock -> Chaddlehanger -> Longcross -> Chillaton -> Coryton -> Lewtrenchard -> Lewdown -> Dippertown -> Lifton -> Broadwoodwidger -> Grinacombe Moor -> Westweekmoor -> Ashwater -> Higher Prestacott -> Quoditch -> Halwill -> Halwill Junction

Map Showing the Routes of the 188 Halwill Junction - Tavistock Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Halwill Junction - Tavistock Service

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Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, Bay 1, Tavistock13:1513:1513:15
Bedford Hotel, opp, Plymouth Road, Tavistock13:1513:1513:15
Post Box, N-bound, Chaddlehanger13:2013:2013:20
Heathfield Cross, opp, Chaddlehanger13:2213:2213:22
Iron Railings Cross, W-bound, Longcross13:2413:2413:24
Chillaton Junction, N-bound, Longcross13:2713:2713:27
Square, opp, Chillaton13:3013:3013:30
Old Station, NE-bound, Coryton13:3213:3213:32
Church, opp, Lewtrenchard13:3413:3413:34
Post Office, W-bound, Lewdown13:3613:3613:36
Royal Exchange Inn, opp, Lewdown13:3713:3713:37
Harris Arms, W-bound, Portgate, Dippertown13:4013:4013:40
Sprytown Cross, SW-bound, Lifton13:4013:4013:40
Fox and Grapes, W-bound, Station Road, Lifton13:4213:4213:42
Arundell Arms Hotel, opp, Fore Street, Lifton13:4313:4313:43
Arundell Arms Hotel, E-bound, Fore Street, Lifton13:4413:4413:44
The Crescent, S-bound, Lifton13:4513:4513:45
Fox and Grapes, opp, Station Road, Lifton13:4613:4613:46
Sprytown Cross, NE-bound, Lifton13:5013:5013:50
Shelter, N-bound, Broadwoodwidger14:0014:0014:00
Chapel, opp, Grinacombe Moor14:0214:0214:02
Broadwoodwidger Primary School, SW-bound, Westweekmoor14:0614:0614:06
Ashmill, NW-bound, Ashwater14:0914:0914:09
Church, opp, Ashwater14:1014:1014:10
Post Box, NE-bound, Higher Prestacott14:1014:1014:10
Sandymoor Cross Shelter, opp, Sandymoor Cross, Ashwater14:1214:1214:12
Post Box, opp, Quoditch Cross, Quoditch14:1614:1614:16
Church, NE-bound, Halwill14:1814:1814:18
Halwill Meadow, E-bound, A3079, Halwill Junction14:1914:1914:19
Station Fields, NE-bound, Station Road, Halwill Junction14:2014:2014:20

Week Days - outbound

Station Fields, opp, Station Road, Halwill Junction09:0009:0009:00
Halwill Meadow, W-bound, A3079, Halwill Junction09:0009:0009:00
Church, opp, Halwill09:0209:0209:02
Post Box, SW-bound, Quoditch Cross, Quoditch09:0409:0409:04
Sandymoor Cross Shelter, SW-bound, Sandymoor Cross, Ashwater09:1009:1009:10
Post Box, opp, Higher Prestacott09:1309:1309:13
Church, E-bound, Ashwater09:1509:1509:15
Ashmill, SE-bound, Ashwater09:1509:1509:15
Broadwoodwidger Primary School, opp, Westweekmoor09:1809:1809:18
Chapel, S-bound, Grinacombe Moor09:2209:2209:22
Shelter, opp, Broadwoodwidger09:2509:2509:25
Sprytown Cross, SW-bound, Lifton09:3209:3209:32
Fox and Grapes, W-bound, Station Road, Lifton09:3509:3509:35
Arundell Arms Hotel, opp, Fore Street, Lifton09:3609:3609:36
Arundell Arms Hotel, E-bound, Fore Street, Lifton09:3809:3809:38
The Crescent, S-bound, Lifton09:3909:3909:39
Fox and Grapes, opp, Station Road, Lifton09:4009:4009:40
Sprytown Cross, NE-bound, Lifton09:4309:4309:43
Harris Arms, E-bound, Portgate, Dippertown09:4509:4509:45
Royal Exchange Inn, E-bound, Lewdown09:4809:4809:48
Memorial, opp, Lewdown09:5009:5009:50
Church, S-bound, Lewtrenchard09:5209:5209:52
Old Station, SW-bound, Coryton09:5509:5509:55
Square, SW-bound, Chillaton09:5709:5709:57
Chillaton Junction, S-bound, Longcross09:5909:5909:59
Iron Railings Cross, E-bound, Longcross10:0110:0110:01
Heathfield Cross, SE-bound, Chaddlehanger10:0410:0410:04
Post Box, opp, Chaddlehanger10:0610:0610:06
Bedford Square, SE-bound, Tavistock10:1110:1110:11
Bedford Hotel, SW-bound, Plymouth Road, Tavistock10:1110:1110:11
Bus Station, Bay 1, Tavistock10:1210:1210:12

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