Timetable for the 6A - Bude/Launceston - Exeter Bus Route

Timetable for 6A - Bude/Launceston - Exeter Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Stagecoach Devon Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 10/04/2022

bus timetable 6A Bude/Launceston - Exeter

Map Showing the Routes of the 6A Bude/Launceston - Exeter Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Bude/Launceston - Exeter Service

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Week Days - outbound

The Strand, NW-bound, Belle Vue05:58
Bencoolen Road, SE-bound05:59
Hawthorn Avenue, opp, Stratton Road05:59
Splash Pool, E-bound, Stratton Road06:00
Morrisons, E-bound, Stratton Road06:01
Skitches Corner, N-bound, New Road06:02
Hospital, opp06:03
Tree Inn, SE-bound, Howells Road06:04
Stratton View Business Park, SE-bound06:05
Garden Centre, SE-bound06:05
Scorsham, E-bound06:08
Redpost Inn, opp, A307206:09
Bevill's Hill Cottage, S-bound, B325406:14
Paradise Park, S-bound, B325406:16
Bus Shelter, S-bound06:17
The Countryman, S-bound06:27
Werrington School, S-bound, B325406:30
Bus Shelter, SW-bound, B325406:31
Post Box, SE-bound, B325406:34
St Stephens Hill, SE-bound, St Stephen's Hill06:34
Newport Industrial Estate Entrance, SE-bound06:35
Westgate Street, E-bound06:38
Westgate Street, E-bound06:4010:1514:3015:45
Western Road, S-bound06:4010:1514:3015:45
Woburn Road Junction, SW-bound, Western Road06:4010:1614:3115:46
Liftondown Cross, NE-bound, A38806:4610:2214:3715:52
Arundell Arms Hotel, opp, Fore Street06:4810:2514:4015:55
Fox and Grapes, opp, Station Road06:4810:2514:4015:55
Sprytown Cross, NE-bound06:5010:2814:4215:57
Harris Arms, E-bound, Portgate06:5110:2914:4315:58
Royal Exchange Inn, E-bound06:5310:3114:4516:00
Memorial, opp06:5510:3314:4716:02
Blue Lion, opp, .Baring Court06:5510:3314:4716:02
Primary School, E-bound06:5510:3314:4716:02
Bridge, NE-bound06:5910:3614:5116:06
Garage, NE-bound07:0310:4014:5516:10
Pool Cross, NE-bound07:0310:4014:5516:10
West Street, Stop B07:1409:4510:5512:4515:1016:25
McColls, Stop D, Fore Street09:4510:5512:4515:1016:25
Limehayes Road, E-bound, Exeter Road09:4610:5612:4615:1116:26
Costcutter, E-bound, Exeter Road09:4610:5612:4615:1116:26
Monkey Puzzle Drive, E-bound, Exeter Road09:4610:5612:4615:1116:26
Stockley Hamlet, E-bound, B326009:4810:5812:4815:1316:28
Tongue End Cross, NW-bound09:5011:0112:5015:1616:31
School, opp09:5311:0412:5315:1916:34
Devonshire Inn, E-bound09:5411:0512:5415:2016:35
Ford Cross, SE-bound, B326009:5411:0512:5415:2016:35
Shelter, opp, B326009:5511:0612:5515:2116:36
Firestone Cross, E-bound09:5811:0912:5815:2416:39
Dartmoor View Holiday Park, E-bound10:0011:1113:0015:2616:41
Post Inn, E-bound, Exeter Road10:0111:1213:0115:2716:42
Hog & Hedge, opp, Exeter Road10:0111:1213:0115:2716:42
Hittisleigh Turn, SE-bound10:0211:1313:0215:2816:43
Ford House Turn, opp10:0511:1513:0515:3116:46
Barley Meadow Camping Site, SE-bound10:0711:1713:0715:3316:48
Shelter, E-bound10:0911:1913:0915:3516:50
Sunny Cottages, E-bound10:1011:2013:1015:3616:51
Good Knight Inn, E-bound, Cheriton Cross10:1211:2213:1215:3816:53
Coach House, NE-bound10:1211:2313:1215:3816:53
Springfield Holiday Park, E-bound10:1311:2413:1315:3916:54
Golds Cross, E-bound, Goldscross Hill10:1511:2613:1515:4116:56
Garage, E-bound, Huishlane End10:1711:2813:1715:4316:58
Fernwood, opp10:1811:3013:1815:4416:59
Woodlands Park, SE-bound10:1811:3013:1815:4416:59
Pathfinder Village, E-bound, Five Mile Hill10:2011:3213:2015:4617:01
West Town Farm, E-bound10:2211:3313:2215:4817:03
Ye Olde Travellers Rest, SE-bound, Tedburn Road10:2311:3413:2315:4917:04
Nursery, opp, Tedburn Road10:2611:3713:2615:5217:07
Wheatley House, S-bound, Tedburn Road10:2711:3913:2715:5317:08
Barley Lane, E-bound, Dunsford Road10:2911:4013:2915:5517:10
Orchard Gardens, NE-bound, Dunsford Road10:2911:4013:2915:5517:10
First and Last, opp, Cowick Street10:3011:4113:3015:5617:11
Sawyer's Arms, E-bound, Cowick Street10:3011:4113:3015:5617:11
Precinct, NE-bound, Cowick Street10:3111:4213:3115:5717:12
St Davids Station, Stop A10:3611:4813:3616:0217:17
Jolly Porter, SE-bound, St Davids Hill10:3611:4813:3616:0217:17
College, E-bound, Hele Road10:3811:5013:3816:0417:19
New North Road, E-bound10:3911:5213:3916:0517:20
Portland House, Stop 35, Longbrook Street10:4111:5413:4116:0717:22
St Sidwell's School, SE-bound, York Road10:4211:5513:4216:0817:23
Bus Station, Stand 1110:4411:5813:4416:1017:25

Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, Stand 1107:5012:2014:0018:35
Paris Street, Stop 1607:5112:2114:0118:36
New North Road, Stop 2807:5112:2114:0118:36
Prison, W-bound, New North Road07:5212:2214:0218:37
College, W-bound, Hele Road07:5312:2314:0318:38
Hele Road, W-bound07:5312:2314:0318:38
Jolly Porter, NW-bound, St Davids Hill07:5412:2414:0418:40
St Davids Station, Stop B07:5612:2614:0618:43
Bonhay Road, S-bound07:5812:2814:0818:45
Railway Station, SW-bound, Cowick Street08:0212:3214:1218:49
Old Vicarage Road, W-bound, Cowick Street08:0212:3214:1218:49
First and Last, SW-bound, Dunsford Road08:0312:3314:1318:50
Orchard Gardens, SW-bound, Dunsford Road08:0312:3314:1318:50
Cowick Hill, W-bound, Dunsford Road08:0312:3314:1318:50
Barley Lane, opp, Dunsford Road08:0412:3414:1418:50
Wheatley House, N-bound, Tedburn Road08:0512:3514:1518:52
Nursery, NW-bound, Tedburn Road08:0712:3714:1718:53
Ye Olde Travellers Rest, NW-bound, Tedburn Road08:1012:4014:2018:56
West Town Farm, opp08:1112:4114:2118:57
Pathfinder Village, W-bound, Five Mile Hill08:1412:4414:2419:00
Woodlands Park, NW-bound08:1512:4514:2519:01
Fernwood, NW-bound08:1512:4514:2519:01
Four Oaks Road, NW-bound08:1712:4714:2719:02
Garage, W-bound, Huishlane End08:1812:4814:2819:03
Golds Cross, W-bound, Goldscross Hill08:1912:4914:2919:04
Springfield Holiday Park, W-bound08:2112:5114:3119:06
Coach House, SW-bound08:2212:5214:3219:07
Good Knight Inn, opp, Cheriton Cross08:2412:5414:3419:09
Sunny Cottages, opp08:2512:5514:3519:10
Crockernwell Village, W-bound08:2612:5614:3619:11
Shelter, W-bound08:2712:5714:3719:12
Barley Meadow Camping Site, NW-bound08:2812:5814:3819:13
Ford House Turn, W-bound, Unclassified Road08:3013:0014:4019:15
Hog & Hedge, nr, Exeter Road08:3313:0314:4319:18
Post Inn, W-bound, Exeter Road08:3413:0414:4419:19
Dartmoor View Holiday Park, W-bound08:3413:0414:4419:19
Firestone Cross, W-bound08:3713:0714:4719:22
Glenhaven, NW-bound, B326008:3913:0914:4919:24
Shelter, N-bound, B326008:4013:1014:5019:25
Ford Cross, NW-bound, B326008:4013:1014:5019:25
Devonshire Inn, opp08:4213:1214:5219:27
School, N-bound08:4213:1214:5219:27
Tongue End Cross, NW-bound08:4613:1614:5619:31
Stockley Hamlet, W-bound, B326008:4913:1914:5919:34
Monkey Puzzle Drive, W-bound, Exeter Road08:5213:2215:0119:35
Costcutter, W-bound, Exeter Road08:5213:2215:0119:36
Limehayes Road, W-bound, Exeter Road08:5213:2215:0119:37
Mill Road, W-bound, East Street08:5313:2315:0219:38
West Street, Stop A08:5513:2515:0519:40
New Road Cross, SW-bound, Tavistock Road08:5613:2615:0619:41
Betty Cottles, opp, Tavistock Road08:5813:2815:0819:43
Pool Cross, SW-bound09:0613:3615:1619:51
Bridge, SW-bound09:0913:3915:1919:54
Primary School, W-bound09:1313:4315:2319:58
Blue Lion, W-bound, Baring Court09:1313:4315:2319:58
Post Office, W-bound09:1413:4415:2419:59
Royal Exchange Inn, opp09:1513:4515:2520:00
Harris Arms, W-bound, Portgate09:1713:4715:2720:02
Sprytown Cross, SW-bound09:1813:4815:2820:03
Fox and Grapes, W-bound, Station Road09:2013:5015:3020:05
Arundell Arms Hotel, E-bound, Fore Street09:2113:5115:3120:06
Pennygillam, NE-bound, Western Road09:2813:5815:3820:13
St Johns Road, NE-bound, Western road09:2913:5915:3920:14
Western Road, N-bound09:2913:5915:3920:14
Westgate Street, E-bound09:3014:0015:4020:15
Westgate Street, E-bound20:17
Newport Industrial Estate Entrance, opp, St Thomas Road20:18
St Stephens Hill, NW-bound, St Stephen's Hill20:18
Convent, NW-bound, St Stephen's Hill20:18
Post Box, NW-bound, B325420:20
Yeolm Bridge, NE-bound, The Terrace20:23
Werrington School, opp, B325420:23
The Countryman, opp20:26
Bus Shelter, N-bound, B325420:36
Paradise Park, N-bound, B325420:36
Bevill's Hill Cottage, N-bound, B325420:39
Red Post Junction, SW-bound, A307220:44
Scorsham, W-bound, A307220:44
Garden Centre, opp20:46
Stratton View Business Park, opp, A307220:47
Tree Inn, opp, Howell's Road20:48
Hospital, N-bound, Hospital Road20:48
Skitches Corner, S-bound, New Road20:49
Berkeley Close, opp, A3920:49
Morrisons, W-bound, Stratton Road20:50
Splashpool, opp, Stratton Road20:51
Budehaven School, opp, Stratton Road20:51
Hawthorn Avenue, W-bound, Stratton Road20:52
Bencoolen Road, NW-bound20:52
The Strand, NW-bound, Belle Vue20:54

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.