Timetable for the 870 - Crediton - Cheriton Fitzpaine - Tiverton Bus Route
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Timetable for 870 - Crediton - Cheriton Fitzpaine - Tiverton Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Country Bus (licensed as Alansway Coaches Ltd).

Start Date: 16/12/2019 End Date: 16/02/2020

bus timetable 870 Crediton - Cheriton Fitzpaine - Tiverton

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Crediton -> Shobrooke -> Stockleigh Pomeroy -> Cheriton Fitzpaine -> Poughill -> Pennymoor -> Cruwys Morchard -> Way Village -> Cadeleigh -> Bickleigh -> Cotteylands -> Tiverton

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Tiverton -> Cotteylands -> Bickleigh -> Cadeleigh -> Way Village -> Cruwys Morchard -> Pennymoor -> Poughill -> Cheriton Fitzpaine -> Stockleigh Pomeroy -> Shobrooke -> Crediton

Operator Information for Country Bus
Email Fares Address
info@countrybusdevon.co.uk 01626833664 King Charles Business Park, Heathfield, Newton Abbot TQ12 6UT

Map Showing the Routes of the 870 Crediton - Cheriton Fitzpaine - Tiverton Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Crediton - Cheriton Fitzpaine - Tiverton Service

Week Days - inbound

Week Days - outbound





E-bound, St Lawences Green, Crediton, Devon09:2009:2009:20
Stop B, opp Tesco Metro, Crediton, Devon09:2009:2009:20
SE-bound, Memorial, Crediton, Devon09:2109:2109:21
E-bound, Snooker Hall, Crediton, Devon09:2109:2109:21
NE-bound, Bramble Lane, Crediton, Devon09:2309:2309:23
S-bound, Creedy Bridge, Crediton, Devon09:2409:2409:24
SE-bound, Memorial, Shobrooke, Devon09:2809:2809:28
E-bound, Red Lion, Shobrooke, Devon09:2909:2909:29
W-bound, Red Lion, Shobrooke, Devon09:3009:3009:30
SW-bound, Memorial, Shobrooke, Devon09:3109:3109:31
opp, Phone Box, Shobrooke, Devon09:3309:3309:33
opp, Stockleigh Turn, Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon09:3609:3609:36
NE-bound, Coffintree Cross, Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon09:3809:3809:38
E-bound, Shelter, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon09:4609:4609:46
NE-bound, White Cross, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon09:5009:5009:50
opp, School, Poughill (Devon), Devon09:5409:5409:54
opp, Cruwys Arms, Pennymoor, Devon10:0310:0310:03
E-bound, Church, Cruwys Morchard, Devon10:0610:0610:06
S-bound, Way Corner, Way Village, Devon10:1210:1210:12
E-bound, Cadeleigh Arms, Cadeleigh, Devon10:2210:2210:22
NE-bound, Bickleigh Bridge, Bickleigh (MidDevon), Devon10:2810:2810:28
N-bound, Ashley Rise, Cotteylands, Devon10:3810:3810:38
NE-bound, The Walronds, Cotteylands, Devon10:4010:4010:40
N-bound, Howden Road, Cotteylands, Devon10:4110:4110:41
SW-bound, Chapel Street, Tiverton (Devon), Devon10:4410:4410:44
W-bound, Riverbank, Tiverton (Devon), Devon10:4410:4410:44
W-bound, Fore Street, Tiverton (Devon), Devon10:4510:4510:45
S-bound, West Exe South, Cotteylands, Devon10:4610:4610:46
N-Bound, Bus Station, Tiverton (Devon), Devon10:5010:5010:50

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.