Timetable for the 899S - Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth - Budleigh Salterton - Littleham Bus Route

Timetable for 899S - Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth - Budleigh Salterton - Littleham Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by AVMT Buses (licensed as AVMT Buses).

Timetable Start Date: 25/04/2022 End Date: 17/06/2022

bus timetable 899S Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth - Budleigh Salterton - Littleham

Map Showing the Routes of the 899S Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth - Budleigh Salterton - Littleham Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth - Budleigh Salterton - Littleham Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Tesco Superstore, NE-bound, Salterton Road07:4516:40
Norton Place, NE-bound, Salterton Road07:4516:40
Capel Lane, E-bound, Salterton Road07:4516:40
Liverton Business Park, E-bound, Salterton Road07:4616:41
Littlefield Cottage, NE-bound, Salterton Road07:4616:41
Keepers Cottage, opp, Salterton Road07:4816:43
Knowle Corner, E-bound, Exmouth Road07:5016:45
Halse Hill, E-bound, West Hill07:5116:46
Meadow Road, E-bound, West Hill07:5216:47
Public Hall, Stop A, Station Road07:5316:48
Raleigh Road, N-bound, East Budleigh Road07:5516:50
Granary Lane, N-bound, East Budleigh Road07:5516:50
Kersbrook, N-bound, East Budleigh Road07:5616:51
Mill Roy Cottage, opp, East Budleigh Road07:5716:52
Bicton Gardens, E-bound, B317808:0116:56
Bicton College, NE-bound, B317808:0216:56
Exmouth Road, N-bound08:0516:59
Robin Orchard, NE-bound, Exmouth Road07:4816:35
Langsford Farm, NE-bound, High Street07:50
War Memorial, opp, Station Road07:5216:3717:04
Millmoor Lane, opp, Station Road07:5217:04
Bridge End, E-bound, Four Elms Hill07:5317:05
The Bowd, NE-bound, A305207:5617:07
Garden Centre, nr07:58
Core Hill Road, E-bound, High Street07:5917:09
Waitrose, NW-bound, Stowford Rise08:00
Triangle, Stop C08:10
Cypress Terrace, N-bound, Station Road08:11
All Saints Church, E-bound, All Saints Road08:12
Post Office, NE-bound, Vicarage Road08:12
All Saints School, N-bound, Vicarage Road08:13
Peasland Road, N-bound, Temple Street08:13
Winslade Road, N-bound, Temple Street08:14
Exeter Cross, N-bound, Sidford Road08:15
Primley Road, opp, Sidford Road08:16
Manstone Mead, N-bound, Sidford Road08:17
Newlands Road, NE-bound, Sidford Road08:18
Drake's Avenue, opp, Sidford Road08:19
Burscombe Lane, E-bound, High Street08:1817:10
Opp Spar, Stop B, Church Street08:2008:2016:4517:12
Englands Close, E-bound, Church Street08:2008:2016:4517:12
Trow Farm, opp, A305208:2208:2216:4717:14
Donkey Sanctuary, opp, A305208:2308:2216:4717:15
King's Down Tail, opp, A305208:2508:2416:4917:17
Three Horseshoes Inn, E-bound, A305208:2808:2716:5217:20
Hangman's Stone, E-bound, A305208:2908:2816:5417:23
Tower Service Station, E-bound, Harepath Hill08:32
The Elms, NE-bound, Swan Hill Road08:3508:35
Axe Vale Caravan Park, S-bound, Colyford Road08:4408:44
Churston Rise, S-bound, Seaton Down Hill17:0117:31
Manor Road, E-bound17:0317:33
Queen Street, W-bound, Beer Road08:4808:4817:0417:34
Marine Place, Stop B08:5008:5017:0517:35

Week Days - outbound

Marine Place, Stop B06:4507:20
Newlands Park, NW-bound, Seaton Down Road06:4607:21
Hangman's Stone, W-bound, A305206:5107:2515:5515:56
Three Horseshoes Inn, opp, A305206:5307:2715:5715:58
King's Down Tail, SW-bound, A305206:5407:2915:5816:00
Donkey Sanctuary, SW-bound, A305206:5507:3115:5916:02
Packhorse Close, W-bound, Church Street06:5716:0016:05
Trow Farm, W-bound, A305206:5907:3215:5916:03
Packhorse Close, W-bound, Church Street07:0007:34
Spar, Stop A, Church Street07:0107:3516:0116:06
Drake's Avenue, SW-bound, Sidford Road07:3516:01
Newlands Road, SW-bound, Sidford Road07:3516:02
Yardelands Close, S-bound, Sidford Road07:3516:03
Primley Road, S-bound, Sidford Road07:3616:04
Exeter Cross, opp, Sidford Road07:3616:04
Winslade Road, S-bound, Arcot Road07:3616:05
Peasland Road, S-bound, Temple Street16:06
All Saints School, S-bound, Vicarage Road07:3716:07
Vicarage Road, S-bound07:3716:07
All Saints Church, opp, All Saints Road16:08
Cypress Terrace, S-bound, Station Road16:09
Triangle, Stop C16:10
Waitrose, SE-bound, Stowford Rise16:20
Core Hill Road, opp, High Street07:0207:3916:08
Burscombe Lane, W-bound, High Street07:0216:07
The Bowd, SW-bound, A305207:0407:4116:2316:11
Lower Way, W-bound, Four Elms Hill07:0707:4216:2616:13
Millmoor Lane, W-bound, Station Road07:0707:4216:2716:14
War Memorial, W-bound, Station Road07:0807:4316:28
Langsford Farm, opp, High Street07:4316:29
Exmouth Turn, SW-bound, Exmouth Road07:4416:31
Robin Orchard, NE-bound, Exmouth Road07:4516:32
Exmouth Road, S-bound16:19
Bicton College, opp, B317816:22
Bicton Gardens, opp, B317816:22
Mill Roy Cottage, S-bound, East Budleigh Road16:26
Kersbrook, opp, East Budleigh Road16:27
Granary Lane, S-bound, East Budleigh Road16:28
Raleigh Road, S-bound, East Budleigh Road16:28
Hospital, S-bound, East Budleigh Road16:29
Coastguard Road, E-bound16:29
Marine Parade, W-bound16:30
Fore Street, W-bound16:31
Library, Stop B, Station Road07:2416:32
Westbourne Terrace, W-bound, West Hill16:32
Halse Hill, opp, West Hill16:33
Moorlands Road, NW-bound, Exmouth Road16:34
Knowle Corner, W-bound, Exmouth Road16:34
Keepers Cottage, W-bound, Salterton Road16:35
Littlefield Cottage, NE-bound, Salterton Road16:38
Liverton Business Park, opp, Salterton Road16:38
Capel Lane, W-bound, Salterton Road16:39
Norton Place, SW-bound, Salterton Road16:39
Drake's Avenue, SW-bound, Salterton Road16:40

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