Timetable for the 704 - Verwood - Wimborne - Kingston Maurward College Bus Route

Timetable for 704 - Verwood - Wimborne - Kingston Maurward College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by more Bus (licensed as more Bus).

Timetable Start Date: 20/12/2021 End Date: 20/02/2022

bus timetable 704 Verwood - Wimborne - Kingston Maurward College

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Dewlands Common -> Verwood -> Crab Orchard -> Three Legged Cross -> West Moors -> Ferndown -> Stapehill -> Canford Bottom -> Colehill -> Wimborne Minster -> Oakley -> Lamb's Green -> Corfe Mullen -> Beacon Hill -> Barrow Hill -> Sturminster Marshall -> Winterborne Zelston -> Briantspuddle -> Stinsford -> Kingston Maurward

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Kingston Maurward -> Stinsford -> Briantspuddle -> Winterborne Zelston -> Sturminster Marshall -> Barrow Hill -> Beacon Hill -> Corfe Mullen -> Lamb's Green -> Oakley -> Wimborne Minster -> Colehill -> Canford Bottom -> Stapehill -> Ferndown -> West Moors -> Three Legged Cross -> Crab Orchard -> Verwood -> Dewlands Common

Map Showing the Routes of the 704 Verwood - Wimborne - Kingston Maurward College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Verwood - Wimborne - Kingston Maurward College Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Fire Station, W-bound, Station Road, Dewlands Common06:51
St Michaels Church, S-bound, Manor Road, Dewlands Common06:52
Glenwood Road, SE-bound, Manor Road, Verwood06:52
Burnbake Road, S-bound, Manor Road, Verwood06:53
Manor Road, SE-bound, Verwood06:53
Potterne Bridge, SE-bound, Verwood06:54
Pondarosa, opp, Manor Road, Crab Orchard06:55
Crab Orchard, W-bound, Verwood Road06:55
Church Road, SW-bound, Verwood Road, Three Legged Cross06:56
Joys Road, S-bound, Verwood Road, Three Legged Cross06:57
The Woodcutters, W-bound, Three Legged Cross06:58
West Moors Road, S-bound, Three Legged Cross06:58
Haddons Drive, S-bound, West Moors Road, Three Legged Cross06:58
Stanford Cottage, S-bound, West Moors Road, Three Legged Cross06:59
Payne Close, W-bound, West Moors Road, West Moors07:00
Gullivers Fm, SW-bound, West Moors Road, West Moors07:01
Station Road, S-bound, West Moors07:02
St Marys Church, S-bound, Station Road, West Moors07:02
Tap and Railway, S-bound, Station Road, West Moors07:03
Station Road Co-op, opp, Station Road, West Moors07:03
Queens Close, opp, Station Road, West Moors07:04
Heather Drive, SW-bound, West Moors Road, Ferndown07:08
Church Road, W-bound, Wimborne Road East, Ferndown07:10
Pure Drop Inn, W-bound, Wimborne Road East, Ferndown07:12
Hill Top Garage, W-bound, Wimborne Road East, Stapehill07:12
Ferndown Industrial Estate, W-bound, Stapehill07:13
Uddens Cross, W-bound, Wimborne Road West, Stapehill07:15
Garden Centre, W-bound, Wimborne Road West, Stapehill07:15
Fox Lane, W-bound, Wimborne Road West, Stapehill07:17
Fryers Copse, NW-bound, Canford Bottom07:17
Hayes Lane, NW-bound, Middlehill Road, Colehill07:18
First School, NW-bound, Middlehill Road, Colehill07:19
Colehill Pharmacy, W-bound, Middlehill Road, Colehill07:20
Post Office, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Colehill07:21
Colehill Lane, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Colehill07:22
Cobbs Road, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Colehill07:23
Onslow Gardens, SW-bound, Rowlands Hill, Wimborne Minster07:24
Police Station, W-bound, Wimborne Minster07:26
The Square, Stop A, West Borough, Wimborne Minster07:28
Police Station, E-bound, B3082 Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster07:29
The Quarter Jack Surgery, SE-bound, Lewens Lane, Wimborne Minster07:30
The Coach and Horses, SE-bound, Poole Road, Wimborne Minster07:31
Station Road, opp, Wimborne Minster07:32
Canford Bridge, S-bound, Oakley Hill, Oakley07:33
Oakley Road, S-bound, Oakley Hill, Oakley07:34
Lake Gates, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Lamb's Green07:42
Lamb's Green Inn, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Lamb's Green07:43
Pine Road, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Lamb's Green07:44
Higher Merley Lane, SW-bound, Wimborne Road, Corfe Mullen07:45
Lockyers School, W-bound, Wimborne Road, Corfe Mullen07:47
Windgreen, SW-bound, Corfe Mullen07:51
Co-op Store, opp, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen07:51
South Road, SW-bound, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen07:52
Dorset Soldier, SW-bound, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen07:54
Albert Road, SW-bound, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen07:55
Hill View Post Office, opp, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen07:57
Limberlost, NW-bound, Blandford Road North, Beacon Hill08:01
Forest View Farm, NW-bound, Blandford Road North, Beacon Hill08:01
Jubilee Cross, NW-bound, Blandford Road North, Barrow Hill08:04
Station Road Post Office, SW-bound, Station Road, Sturminster Marshall08:14
Botany Bay Inn, W-bound, A31, Winterborne Zelston08:20
Rogers Hill, W-bound, A35, Briantspuddle08:29
Kingston Pond, SW-bound, The Plain, Stinsford08:41
Stinsford Cottages, SW-bound, Stinsford08:43
Dorset College of Agriculture, W-bound, Kingston Maurward08:45

Week Days - inbound

Dorset College of Agriculture, W-bound, Kingston Maurward16:15
Stinsford Cottages, opp, Stinsford16:16
Kingston Pond, NE-bound, The Plain, Stinsford16:18
Rogers Hill, E-bound, A35, Briantspuddle16:27
Botany Bay Inn, E-bound, A31, Winterborne Zelston16:35
Station Road Post Office, NE-bound, Sturminster Marshall16:42
Jubilee Cross, SE-bound, Blandford Road North, Barrow Hill16:48
Forest View Farm, SE-bound, Blandford Road North, Beacon Hill16:49
Limberlost, SE-bound, Blandford Road North, Beacon Hill16:50
Hill View Post Office, NE-bound, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen16:54
Albert Road, opp, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen16:55
Dorset Soldier, opp, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen16:57
South Road, N-bound, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen16:59
Co-op Store, N-bound, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen17:00
Windgreen, NE-bound, Corfe Mullen17:02
Lockyers School, E-bound, Corfe Mullen17:05
Higher Merley Lane, opp, Wimborne Road, Corfe Mullen17:06
Pine Road, NE-bound, Wimborne Road, Lamb's Green17:07
Lamb's Green Inn, N-bound, Wimborne Road, Lamb's Green17:08
Lake Gates, NE-bound, Wimborne Road, Lamb's Green17:09
Oakley Road, opp, Oakley Hill, Oakley17:15
Canford Bridge, N-bound, Oakley Hill, Oakley17:15
Station Road, NW-bound, Poole Road, Wimborne Minster17:17
The Coach and Horses, N-bound, Poole Road, Wimborne Minster17:19
The Quarter Jack Surgery, N-bound, Lewens Lane, Wimborne Minster17:20
Police Station, W-bound, Wimborne Minster17:22
The Square, Stop A, West Borough, Wimborne Minster17:25
Police Station, E-bound, B3082 Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster17:25
Onslow Gardens, N-bound, Rowlands Hill, Wimborne Minster17:27
Cobbs Road, NE-bound, Wimborne Road, Colehill17:28
Colehill Lane, NE-bound, Wimborne Road, Colehill17:28
Post Office, NE-bound, Wimborne Road, Colehill17:29
Colehill Pharmacy, opp, Middlehill Road, Colehill17:30
First School, SE-bound, Middlehill Road, Colehill17:30
Hayes Lane, E-bound, Canford Bottom, Colehill17:31
Fryers Copse, SE-bound, Canford Bottom17:32
Fox Lane, opp, Wimborne Road West, Stapehill17:33
Garden Centre, E-bound, Wimborne Road West, Stapehill17:33
Uddens Cross, E-bound, Wimborne Road West, Stapehill17:35
Ferndown Industrial Estate, E-bound, Stapehill17:36
Hill Top Garage, E-bound, Wimborne Road East, Stapehill17:37
Pure Drop Inn, E-bound, Wimborne Road East, Ferndown17:38
Church Road, E-bound, Wimborne Road East, Ferndown17:39
Heather Drive, NE-bound, West Moors Road, Ferndown17:41
Queens Close, N-bound, Station Road, West Moors17:46
Station Road Co-op, N-bound, Station Road, West Moors17:47
Tap and Railway, N-bound, Station Road, West Moors17:48
St Marys Church, opp, Station Road, West Moors17:48
Station Road, N-bound, West Moors17:48
Gullivers Fm, N-bound, West Moors Road, West Moors17:49
Payne Close, E-bound, West Moors Road, West Moors17:50
Stanford Cottage, N-bound, West Moors Road, Three Legged Cross17:51
Haddons Drive, N-bound, West Moors Road, Three Legged Cross17:52
West Moors Road, N-bound, Three Legged Cross17:52
The Woodcutters, E-bound, Three Legged Cross17:53
Joys Road, N-bound, Verwood Road, Three Legged Cross17:53
Church Road, NE-bound, Verwood Road, Three Legged Cross17:54
Crab Orchard, E-bound, Verwood Road17:55
Pondarosa, N-bound, Manor Road, Crab Orchard17:56
Potterne Bridge, NW-bound, Manor Road, Verwood17:57
Manor Road, NW-bound, Verwood17:58
Burnbake Road, N-bound, Manor Road, Verwood17:59
Glenwood Road, NW-bound, Manor Road, Verwood17:59
St Michaels Church, N-bound, Manor Road, Dewlands Common17:59
Fire Station, E-bound, Station Road, Dewlands Common18:01

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.