Timetable for the 230 - Stroud - Randwick - Ruscombe - Stroud Bus Route
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Timetable for 230 - Stroud - Randwick - Ruscombe - Stroud Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Cotswold Green (licensed as Cotswold Green Ltd).

Start Date: 10/06/2019

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Cornhill - Cornhill
bus timetable 230 Stroud - Randwick - Ruscombe - Stroud
Operator Information for Cotswold Green
Email Fares Address
admin@cotswoldgreen.com 01453835153 Unit 27 Nailsworth Mills Estate, Avening Road, Nailsworth GL6 0BS

Map Showing the Routes of the 230 Stroud - Randwick - Ruscombe - Stroud Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Stroud - Randwick - Ruscombe - Stroud Service

Tuesday - outbound

No.Bus StopTimeTime
1Cornhill,(in), Stroud (Gloucs)09:4012:35
2Russell Street,(in), Stroud (Gloucs)09:4212:37
3Merrywalks,(Stop C), Stroud (Gloucs)09:4412:39
4Health Centre,(corner of), Stroud (Gloucs)09:4412:39
5Tesco,(before), Stroud (Gloucs)09:4512:40
6SGS College,(before), Stroud (Gloucs)09:4612:41
7Beard's Lane,(corner of), Paganhill09:4712:42
8Church of the Holy Spirit,(before), Paganhill09:4812:43
9Mill Farm Drive,(opp), Paganhill09:4812:43
10Fire Station,(after), Cainscross09:4912:44
11Tricorn House,(o/s), Cainscross09:4912:44
12Frome Gardens,(corner of), Ebley09:5012:45
13District Council,(o/s), Ebley09:5112:46
14Huntingdon Close,(nr), Ebley09:5212:47
15East Drive,(before), Ebley09:5212:47
16Devereaux Crescent,(after), Ebley09:5312:48
17Sandpits Lane,(by), Westrip09:5412:49
18Carpenters Arms,(before), Westrip09:5512:50
19Ash Lane,(corner of), Randwick09:5612:51
20Parish Church,(by), Randwick09:5712:52
21The Hill,(opp), Randwick09:5712:52
22Lightwood Lane,(nr), Randwick09:5812:53
23Wood Turn,(nr), Randwick10:0012:55
24Hill Farm,(nr), Whiteshill (Stroud)10:0312:58
25Ruscombe Road,(on), Whiteshill (Stroud)10:0513:00
26The Throat,(opp), Ruscombe (Gloucs)10:0713:02
27The Close,(nr), Ruscombe (Gloucs)10:0713:02
28Cottages,(opp), Ruscombe (Gloucs)10:0813:03
29Primrose Hill,(on), Ruscombe (Gloucs)10:0813:03
30The Lane,(opp), Ruscombe (Gloucs)10:0813:03
31Bread Street,(in), Ruscombe (Gloucs)10:1013:05
32Humphreys End,(opp), Randwick10:1113:06
33More Hall Park,(corner of), Randwick10:1113:06
34The Wordens,(opp), Cashes Green10:1213:07
35Redhouse Lane,(opp), Cashes Green10:1313:08
36Devereaux Crescent,(nr), Ebley10:1513:10
37East Drive,(after), Ebley10:1513:10
38Huntingdon Close,(by), Ebley10:1513:10
39Chapel Lane,(corner of), Ebley10:1613:11
40District Council,(opp), Ebley10:1613:11
41Frome Gardens,(nr), Ebley10:1713:12
42Fire Station,(before), Cainscross10:1813:13
43Mill Farm Drive,(corner of), Paganhill10:1913:14
44Church of the Holy Spirit,(o/s), Paganhill10:2013:15
45Beard's Lane,(after), Paganhill10:2013:15
46SGS College,(after), Stroud (Gloucs)10:2113:16
47Tesco,(opp), Stroud (Gloucs)10:2213:17
48Health Centre,(opp), Stroud (Gloucs)10:2213:17
49Merrywalks,(Stop J), Stroud (Gloucs)10:2313:18
50Waitrose Store,(o/s), Stroud (Gloucs)10:2413:19
51Cornhill,(on), Stroud (Gloucs)10:2513:20

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.