Timetable for the 49 - Gloucester - Abbeymead - Hucclecote - Brockworth - Chosen Hill School Bus Route
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Timetable for 49 - Gloucester - Abbeymead - Hucclecote - Brockworth - Chosen Hill School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Gloucester Minibuses (licensed as ).

Start Date: 10/06/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Tesco Express - Tesco Express

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Tesco Express - Tesco Express
bus timetable 49 Gloucester - Abbeymead - Hucclecote - Brockworth - Chosen Hill School
Operator Information for Gloucester Minibuses
Email Fares Address
steve@gloucesterminibuses.com 01452790214 232A Bristol Road, Gloucester GL1 5TA

Map Showing the Routes of the 49 Gloucester - Abbeymead - Hucclecote - Brockworth - Chosen Hill School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Gloucester - Abbeymead - Hucclecote - Brockworth - Chosen Hill School Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Tesco Express,(opp), Gloucester14:25
2Alma Place,(opp), Gloucester14:25
3Madleaze Road,(after), Gloucester14:26
4Spa Road,(before), Gloucester14:27
5The Docks,(by), Gloucester14:28
6St Oswald's Park,(opp), Gloucester14:35
7Estcourt Road,(on), Kingsholm14:36
883 Estcourt Road,(o/s), Longlevens14:36
9135 Estcourt Road,(o/s), Longlevens14:37
10Wellsprings Road,(after), Longlevens14:42
11Elmbridge Road,(after), Longlevens14:43
12Greyhound Gardens,(before), Elmbridge/Gloucester14:43
13Fire Station,(opp), Churchdown14:45
14Pirton Lane,(before), Churchdown14:48
15Morley Avenue,(after), Churchdown14:48
16Winston Road,(just after), Churchdown14:49
17Cordingley Close,(after), Churchdown14:49
18Station Road,(before), Churchdown14:49
19The Old Elm Inn,(o/s), Churchdown14:50
20Albemarle Road,(before), Churchdown15:03
21Chosen Hill School Grounds,(inside), Churchdown15:12
22Top Shop School stop,(by), Hucclecote15:22
23Wagon & Horses,(opp), Hucclecote15:24
24Royal Oak,(opp), Hucclecote15:27
25Quail Close (school stop),(nr), Abbeymead15:32
26Roman Road,(before), Abbeymead15:33
27Bishops Road,(adj), Abbeymead15:34
28The Turmut-Hoer,(o/s), Abbeymead15:36
29Upton Lane,(after), Abbeymead15:37
30Longborough Drive,(opp), Abbeymead15:37
31Morrisons,(opp), Abbeydale (Gloucs)15:39
32Heron Primary School,(opp), Abbeydale (Gloucs)15:40
33Fieldfare,(before), Abbeydale (Gloucs)15:42
34Stonechat Avenue,(before), Abbeydale (Gloucs)15:42
35Redpoll Way,(before), Abbeydale (Gloucs)15:44
36Redstart Way,(nr), Abbeydale (Gloucs)15:45
37Shops,(by), Coney Hill15:47
38Windmill Field,(nr), Coney Hill15:47
39Harleys Field,(nr), Abbeymead15:47
40Ullenwood Road,(nr), Barnwood15:48
41Eastbrook Trading Estate,(opp), Gloucester15:50
42Morrison's Supermarket,(opp), Gloucester15:51
43Asda Superstore,(o/s), Gloucester15:55
44Station Road,(Stop Q), Gloucester15:57
45The Warehouse,(opp), Gloucester16:00
46The Docks,(opp), Gloucester16:01
47Spa Road,(after), Gloucester16:03
48Peel Centre & Quays,(opp), Gloucester16:03
49Theresa Street,(corner of), Gloucester16:04
50Frampton Road,(before), Gloucester16:04
51Tesco Express,(before), Gloucester16:05

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Tesco Express,(opp), Gloucester07:25
2Alma Place,(opp), Gloucester07:25
3Madleaze Road,(after), Gloucester07:25
4Peel Centre & Quays,(by), Gloucester07:26
5Spa Road,(before), Gloucester07:27
6The Docks,(by), Gloucester07:28
7The Warehouse,(o/s), Gloucester07:30
8St Michael's Square,(opp), Gloucester07:32
9Clarence Street,(Stand V), Gloucester07:35
10Asda Superstore,(opp), Gloucester07:37
11Morrison's Supermarket,(by), Gloucester07:40
12Eastbrook Trading Estate,(by), Gloucester07:42
13St Lawrence Road,(after), Barnwood07:43
14Harleys Field,(by), Abbeymead07:44
15Windmill Field,(by), Coney Hill07:44
16Shops,(opp), Coney Hill07:45
17Coney Hill Road,(nr), Saintbridge07:45
18Redstart Way,(opp), Abbeydale (Gloucs)07:47
19Redpoll Way,(after), Abbeydale (Gloucs)07:47
20Stonechat Avenue,(opp), Abbeydale (Gloucs)07:49
21Fieldfare,(corner of), Abbeydale (Gloucs)07:50
22Heron Primary School,(o/s), Abbeydale (Gloucs)07:51
23Morrisons,(nr), Abbeydale (Gloucs)07:53
24Longborough Drive,(after), Abbeymead07:54
25Upton Lane,(before), Abbeymead07:54
26The Turmut-Hoer,(after), Abbeymead07:56
27Charlwood House,(Stop), Abbeymead07:56
28The Oaks,(before), Abbeymead07:57
29Roman Road,(after), Abbeymead07:58
30Newstead Road school stop,(nr), Abbeymead08:00
31Insley Gardens,(corner of), Hucclecote08:02
32Royal Oak,(o/s), Hucclecote08:05
33Wagon & Horses,(o/s), Hucclecote08:06
34Top Shop school stop,(nr), Hucclecote08:10
35Chosen Hill School,(o/s), Churchdown08:20
36Albemarle Road,(after), Churchdown08:21
37The Old Elm Inn,(after), Churchdown08:23
38Station Road,(after), Churchdown08:23
39Cordingley Close,(before), Churchdown08:23
40Winston Road,(after), Churchdown08:24
41Yew Tree Way,(corner of), Churchdown08:24
42Pirton Lane,(corner of), Churchdown08:25
43Fire Station,(o/s), Churchdown08:32
44Greyhound Gardens,(opp), Elmbridge/Gloucester08:33
45Old Cheltenham Road,(after), Longlevens08:33
46Elmbridge Road,(nr), Longlevens08:34
47Double Gloucester,(o/s), Longlevens08:35
48Oxstalls Campus,(nr), Longlevens08:37
49112 Estcourt Road,(o/s), Longlevens08:40
5088 Estcourt Road,(o/s), Longlevens08:40
51Estcourt Road,(in), Kingsholm08:40
52St Oswald's Park,(opp), Gloucester08:42
53The Docks,(opp), Gloucester08:47
54Spa Road,(after), Gloucester08:48
55Peel Centre & Quays,(opp), Gloucester08:49
56Theresa Street,(corner of), Gloucester08:50
57Tesco Express,(before), Gloucester08:52

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.