Timetable for the 615 - West Totton - Calmore - Barton Peveril College Bus Route

Timetable for 615 - West Totton - Calmore - Barton Peveril College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Bluestar (licensed as Bluestar).

Timetable Start Date: 20/12/2021 End Date: 18/02/2022

bus timetable 615 West Totton - Calmore - Barton Peveril College

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

West Totton -> Calmore -> North Stoneham -> Eastleigh

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Eastleigh -> Calmore -> West Totton -> Foxhills -> Ashurst -> Lyndhurst -> Custards -> Cadnam -> Bartley -> Copythorne -> Winsor -> Stonyford

Map Showing the Routes of the 615 West Totton - Calmore - Barton Peveril College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the West Totton - Calmore - Barton Peveril College Service

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Week Days - inbound

NotesThis journey is for school and college users only.
Barton Peveril College, o/s, Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh16:10
Embley Close, S-bound, Calmore Drive, Calmore16:35
Bowater Way, S-bound, Calmore Drive, Calmore16:36
Tudor Close, NW-bound, Calmore Drive, Calmore16:36
Richmond Close, N-bound, Calmore Drive, Calmore16:37
Friars Croft, N-bound, Calmore Drive, Calmore16:38
Stocklands, NE-bound, Calmore Drive, Calmore16:38
Buckland Gardens, adj, Cooks Lane, Calmore16:39
Farm Close, opp, Calmore Road, Calmore16:39
The Drove, adj, Calmore Road, Calmore16:40
Amey Gardens, adj, Calmore Road, Calmore16:41
Michigan Way, opp, Calmore Road, Calmore16:41
Calmore Service Station, SE-bound, Calmore Road, Calmore16:42
Calmore Corner, SW-bound, Ringwood Road, West Totton16:44
Graddidge Way, nr, Ringwood Road, West Totton16:45
Hazel Farm Road, opp, Ringwood Road, West Totton16:45
Crabbs Way, opp, Ringwood Road, West Totton16:47
Colbury Hall, SW-bound, Hunters Hill, Foxhills16:50
Whartons Lane, SW-bound, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst16:50
The Forest Inn, SW-bound, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst16:50
Wood Road, opposite, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst16:51
Post Office & Shops, SW-bound, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst16:51
Ashurst Railway Station, SW-bound, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst16:52
Ashurst Lodge, SW-bound, A35, Ashurst16:53
Lodgehill Cottage, SW-bound, Southampton Road, Ashurst16:54
Thatched Cottage Park, opp, Southampton Road, Lyndhurst16:56
Queens Road, SW-bound, Southampton Road, Lyndhurst16:56
Fire Station, opp, High Street, Lyndhurst16:57
Goose Green, NW-bound, Shrubbs Hill Road, Lyndhurst16:59
The Crown Hotel, E-bound, High Street, Lyndhurst17:00
Pikes Hill, N-bound, Romsey Road, Custards17:02
Bartley Lodge, N-bound, A337 Lyndhurst Road, Cadnam17:07
Cadnam Roundabout, E-bound, Southampton Road, Cadnam17:08
Coach and Horses Inn, opp, Southampton Road, Cadnam17:08
Garden Centre, opp, Southampton Road, Cadnam17:09
C of E Junior School, N-bound, Winsor Road, Bartley17:10
Budds Farm, opp, Winsor Road, Copythorne17:11
Pound Lane, adj, Winsor Road, Copythorne17:12
Winsor Lane, opp, Winsor Road, Copythorne17:12
Compass Inn, opp, Winsor Road, Winsor17:13
Mission Hall, opp, Winsor Road, Winsor17:13
Ower Corner, NE-bound, Winsor Road, Winsor17:14
Tatchbury Mount, opp, Loperwood, Stonyford17:16
Woodhaven & Ashford, opp, Loperwood, Calmore17:17

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.