Timetable for the 621 - Havant Bus Station - Portsmouth College Bus Route

Timetable for 621 - Havant Bus Station - Portsmouth College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Stagecoach South).

Timetable Start Date: 02/01/2022

bus timetable 621 Havant Bus Station - Portsmouth College

Map Showing the Routes of the 621 Havant Bus Station - Portsmouth College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Havant Bus Station - Portsmouth College Service

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Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Stop H, Elm Lane08:45
Civic Centre, NE-bound, B2149 Petersfield Road08:46
Crossland Drive, N-bound, Petersfield Road08:47
Petersfield Road, N-bound08:48
Forestside Avenue, E-bound, Bartons Road08:49
New Lane, SE-bound, Bartons Road08:50
Exton Road, NE-bound, Wakefords Way08:50
Froxfield Road, NE-bound, Wakefords Way08:51
Shaldon Road, NW-bound, Wakefords Way08:52
Worldham Road, opposite, Wakefords Way08:52
Staunton Park School, opp, Wakefords Way08:53
Staunton Park, adj, Middle Park Way08:55
High Lawn Way, adj, Middle Park Way08:55
Silkstead Avenue, opp, Middle Park Way08:56
Crondall Avenue, opp, Middle Park Way08:57
The Swallow, o/s, Dunsbury Way08:58
Bramdean Drive, opp, Dunsbury Way08:59
Park Parade, Stop A, Dunsbury Way09:00
Purbrook Way, W-bound09:01
Botley Drive, nr, Purbrook Way09:02
Barncroft Way, adj, Purbrook Way09:03
Linkenholt Way, nr, Purbrook Way09:04
Hulbert Road, SW-bound, Purbrook Way09:06
College Road, adj, Purbrook Way09:09
Crookhorn Corner, W-bound, Stakes Road09:10
St Johns Avenue, adj, Stakes Road09:10
Fir Copse Road, adj, Stakes Road09:11
Park Road, S-bound, London Road09:13
Bushy Mead, adj, London Road09:14
The Hampshire Rose, SW-bound, London Road09:15
The Brow, nr, London Road09:15
The George, SW-bound, London Road (a3)09:16
Cliffdale Gardens, SW-bound, London Road09:17
Chalkridge Road, SW-bound, London Road09:17
QA Steps, Stop D, Northern Road09:19
Red Lion, adj, Spur Road09:20
St. Colmans Church, adj, Havant Road09:20
Court Lane, E-bound, Havant Road09:21
Penarth Avenue, E-bound, Havant Road09:22
Shops, E-bound, Havant Road09:22
South Road, E-bound, Havant Road09:24
Grove Road, SW-bound, Eastern Road09:26
Walton Road, S-bound, Eastern Road09:27
Robinson Way, W-bound, Anchorage Road09:31
Morrisons, opp, Sywell Crescent09:32
Corby Crescent, opp, Sywell Crescent09:32
Williams Road, NW-bound, Anchorage Road09:33
Norway Road, NW-bound09:34
Green Farm Gardens, SW-bound, Copnor Road09:35
Hilsea Park, S-bound, Copnor Road09:35
Amberley Road, S-bound, Copnor Road09:36
Green Lane, S-bound, Copnor Road09:37
College Park, S-bound, Copnor Road09:37
Portsmouth College, W-bound, Tangier Road09:45

Week Days - inbound

Portsmouth College, W-bound, Tangier Road16:15
Stanley Avenue, W-bound, Tangier Road16:15
Highgrove Road, SW-bound, Tangier Road16:16
Baffins Library, NW-bound, Tangier Road16:17
Folkestone Road, W-bound, Tangier Road16:18
Copnor Bridge, N-bound, Copnor Road16:18
Chichester Road, N-bound, Copnor Road16:20
Copythorn Road, N-bound, Copnor Road16:20
College Park, N-bound, Copnor Road16:21
Green Lane, N-bound, Copnor Road16:23
Amberley Road, N-bound, Copnor Road16:23
Hilsea Park, N-bound, Copnor Road16:24
Copnor Road, E-bound, Norway Road16:24
Norway Road, SE-bound16:25
Williams Road, SE-bound, Anchorage Road16:26
Corby Crescent, adj, Sywell Crescent16:27
Morrisons, nr, Sywell Crescent16:28
Robinson Way, E-bound, Anchorage Road16:28
Walton Road, N-bound, Eastern Road16:33
Fitzherbert Road, N-bound, Eastern Road16:35
South Road, W-bound, Havant Road16:38
Shops, W-bound, Havant Road16:39
Lower Drayton Lane, N-bound16:39
Carshalton Avenue, W-bound, Havant Road16:39
Court Lane, W-bound, Havant Road16:40
St. Colmans Church, opp, Havant Road16:41
Red Lion, opp, Spur Road16:43
QA Steps, Stop E, Northern Road16:43
Chalkridge Road, NE-bound, London Road16:44
Cliffdale Gardens, NE-bound, London Road16:45
The George, NE-bound, London Road (A3)16:46
The Brow, opp, London Road16:46
The Hampshire Rose, NE-bound, London Road16:47
Bushy Mead, nr, London Road16:48
Park Road, N-bound, London Road16:48
Fir Copse Road, opp, Stakes Road16:50
St Johns Avenue, opp, Stakes Road16:51
Crookhorn Corner, E-bound, Stakes Road16:52
College Road, opp, Purbrook Way16:53
Hulbert Road, near, Purbrook Way16:55
Park House Farm Way, adjacent, Purbrook Way16:57
Linkenholt Way, adj, Purbrook Way16:58
Barncroft Way, E-bound, Purbrook Way16:59
Botley Drive, adj, Purbrook Way17:00
Riders Lane, opp, Purbrook Way17:01
Park Parade, Stop C, Dunsbury Way17:03
Bramdean Drive, adj, Dunsbury Way17:04
The Swallow, opp, Dunsbury Way17:04
The Swallow, opp, Middle Park Way17:05
Crondall Avenue, SE-bound, Middle Park Way17:05
Silkstead Avenue, adj, Middle Park Way17:06
High Lawn Way, opp, Middle Park Way17:07
Staunton Park, opp, Middle Park Way17:08
Staunton Park School, adj, Wakefords Way17:08
Worldham Road, adjacent, Wakefords Way17:09
Shaldon Road, SE-bound, Wakefords Way17:10
Froxfield Road, SW-bound, Wakefords Way17:10
Exton Road, SW-bound, Wakefords Way17:12
New Lane, NW-bound, Bartons Road17:13
Forestside Avenue, SW-bound, Bartons Road17:13
Petersfield Road, S-bound17:15
The Parkway Centre, nr, Petersfield Road17:16
Bus Station, Stop H, Elm Lane17:20

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.