Timetable for the T3 - Totton - Cadnam - Totton Bus Route
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Timetable for T3 - Totton - Cadnam - Totton Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Bluestar (licensed as Solent Blue Line Limited).

Start Date: 17/02/2020 End Date: 17/04/2020

bus timetable T3 Totton - Cadnam - Totton

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Totton -> West Totton -> Netley Marsh -> Woodlands -> Bartley -> Cadnam -> Copythorne -> Winsor -> Stonyford -> Calmore

Operator Information for Bluestar
Email Fares Twitter Address
managersmailbox@bluestarbus.co.uk 01202 338421 @BluestarHQ Barton Park, FREEPOST SO3313, Eastleigh SO50 6UA

Map Showing the Routes of the T3 Totton - Cadnam - Totton Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Totton - Cadnam - Totton Service

Week Days - outbound








Stop C, St Theresas Church, Totton, Hampshire09:0011:0013:00
Stop A, Asda, Totton, Hampshire09:0011:0013:00
opp, Bagber Road, Totton, Hampshire09:0111:0113:01
opp, Forest Park School, Totton, Hampshire09:0211:0213:02
SW-bound, Calmore Corner, West Totton, Hampshire09:0311:0313:03
nr, Graddidge Way, West Totton, Hampshire09:0411:0413:04
opp, Hazel Farm Road, West Totton, Hampshire09:0511:0513:05
opp, Crabbs Way, West Totton, Hampshire09:0611:0613:06
NW-bound, Goodies, West Totton, Hampshire09:0611:0613:06
adj, The White Horse, Netley Marsh, Hampshire09:0811:0813:08
adj, Willswood Farm, Netley Marsh, Hampshire09:0911:0913:09
opp, Ridge Farm, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:0911:0913:09
adj, The Gamekeeper, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1111:1113:11
adj, Cedar View, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1111:1113:11
adj, Woodlands Road, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1211:1213:12
opp, Foyers, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1311:1313:13
opp, Red Cottage, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1411:1413:14
adj, Purkiss Close, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1611:1613:16
N-bound, Bartley Village Hall, Woodlands/NetleyMrsh, Hampshire09:1711:1713:17
N-bound, Bourne Bridge, Bartley, Hampshire09:1811:1813:18
SW-bound, Bourne Road, Bartley, Hampshire09:1911:1913:19
opp, Home Lea, Bartley, Hampshire09:1911:1913:19
adj, Shepherds Road, Bartley, Hampshire09:2011:2013:20
opp, Abbotsford, Bartley, Hampshire09:2111:2113:21
opp, The Haywain, Bartley, Hampshire09:2211:2213:22
adj, Garden Centre, Cadnam, Hampshire09:2211:2213:22
o/s, Coach and Horses Inn, Cadnam, Hampshire09:2311:2313:23
W-bound, Cadnam Roundabout, Cadnam, Hampshire09:2411:2413:24
opp, Barleycorn Walk, Cadnam, Hampshire09:2411:2413:24
adj, Newbridge Road, Cadnam, Hampshire09:2511:2513:25
SE-bound, Copythorne Crossroads, Cadnam, Hampshire09:2611:2613:26
adj, Soffe's Yard, Copythorne, Hampshire09:2711:2713:27
opp, Parish Hall, Copythorne, Hampshire09:2811:2813:28
opp, Budds Farm, Copythorne, Hampshire09:2911:2913:29
adj, Pound Lane, Copythorne, Hampshire09:2911:2913:29
opp, Winsor Lane, Copythorne, Hampshire09:3011:3013:30
opp, Compass Inn, Winsor, Hampshire09:3111:3113:31
opp, Mission Hall, Winsor, Hampshire09:3111:3113:31
NE-bound, Ower Corner, Winsor, Hampshire09:3111:3113:31
opp, Tatchbury Mount, Stonyford (Hants), Hampshire09:3311:3313:33
opp, Woodhaven & Ashford, Calmore, Hampshire09:3311:3313:33
opp, Farm Close, Calmore, Hampshire09:3511:3513:35
adj, The Drove, Calmore, Hampshire09:3611:3613:36
adj, Amey Gardens, Calmore, Hampshire09:3611:3613:36
opp, Michigan Way, Calmore, Hampshire09:3711:3713:37
adj, Stonechat Drive, West Totton, Hampshire09:3811:3813:38
o/s, Morrisons, West Totton, Hampshire09:3911:3913:39
SE-bound, Goodies, West Totton, Hampshire09:4211:4213:42
adj, Crabbs Way, West Totton, Hampshire09:4311:4313:43
adj, Hazel Farm Road, West Totton, Hampshire09:4311:4313:43
opp, Graddidge Way, West Totton, Hampshire09:4411:4413:44
E-bound, Calmore Corner, West Totton, Hampshire09:4511:4513:45
o/s, Forest Park School, Totton, Hampshire09:4611:4613:46
adj, Bagber Road, Totton, Hampshire09:4711:4713:47
Stop L, Shopping Centre, Totton, Hampshire09:4811:4813:48
Stop C, St Theresas Church, Totton, Hampshire09:5011:5013:50

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.