Timetable for the NU1 - Wheatley - Gipsy Lane - Harcourt Hill Bus Route

Timetable for NU1 - Wheatley - Gipsy Lane - Harcourt Hill Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Oxford Bus Company (licensed as Oxford Bus Company).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 24/07/2022

bus timetable NU1 Wheatley - Gipsy Lane - Harcourt Hill

Map Showing the Routes of the NU1 Wheatley - Gipsy Lane - Harcourt Hill Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Wheatley - Gipsy Lane - Harcourt Hill Service

Showing Timetable for a Saturday

saturday - inbound

Harcourt Hill Campus, inside, Harcourt Hill, Oxford02:20
Raleigh Park Road, adj, Westminster Way, Oxford02:21
Yarnells Hill, adj, Westminster Way, Oxford02:21
Westminster Way, NW-bound, Oxford02:22
Minns Industrial Estate, opp, West Way, Oxford02:23
Seacourt Park and Ride, adj, Botley Road, Oxford02:24
Lamarsh Road, opp, Botley Road, Oxford02:25
Binsey Lane, adj, Botley Road, Oxford02:26
Osney Island, E-bound, Botley Road, Oxford02:27
Frideswide Square, Stop R7, Oxford02:28
Park End Street, Stop D1, Oxford02:29
Westgate, Stop M5, Norfolk Street, Oxford02:31
Speedwell Street, Stop S2, Oxford00:0301:0302:33
St Aldates, Stop G4, Oxford00:0701:0702:37
High Street, Stop T1, Oxford00:0701:0702:37
Queens Lane, Stop K4, High Street, Oxford00:0901:0902:39
St Clements Street, Stop A, Oxford00:1101:1102:41
South Park, opp, Headington Road, Oxford00:1201:1202:42
Brookes University, Stop B2, Headington Road, Oxford00:1501:1502:45
Headington School, Stop B8, Headington Road, Oxford00:1601:1602:46
Sandfield Road, adj, London Road, Oxford00:1701:1702:47
Headington Shops, Stop HS6, London Road, Oxford00:2001:2002:50
Wharton Road, opp, London Road, Oxford00:2101:2102:51
Gladstone Road, opp, London Road, Oxford00:2101:2102:51
Green Road Roundabout, E-bound, London Road, Oxford00:2201:2202:52
A40 Risinghurst Turn, opp, London Road A40, Oxford00:2201:2202:52
Thornhill Park and Ride, Stop E, London Road, Oxford00:2301:2302:53
Forest Hill Turn, adj, London Road, Forest Hill00:2401:2402:54
Holton Turn, just after, A40 Slip Road, Wheatley00:2501:2502:55
Park Hill Roundabout, S-bound, Holloway Road, Wheatley00:2701:2702:57
St Marys Church, o/s, Church Road, Wheatley00:2901:2902:59
Friday Lane, opp, Church Road, Wheatley00:3001:3003:00
Kings Arms, o/s, Church Road, Wheatley00:3101:3103:01
Tyndale, adj, Old London Road, Wheatley00:3201:3203:02
Wheatley Campus, inside, College Close, Wheatley00:3301:3303:03

saturday - outbound

Wheatley Campus, inside, College Close, Wheatley00:3501:35
Tyndale, opp, Old London Road, Wheatley00:3601:36
Kings Arms, opp, Church Road, Wheatley00:3701:37
Friday Lane, adj, Church Road, Wheatley00:3701:37
St Marys Church, opp, Church Road, Wheatley00:3801:38
Park Hill Roundabout, NW-bound, Park Hill, Wheatley00:3901:39
Forest Hill Turn, opp, London Road, Forest Hill00:4101:41
Thornhill Park and Ride, Stop F, A40 London Road, Oxford00:4301:43
A40 Risinghurst Turn, adj, London Road A40, Oxford00:4401:44
Green Road Roundabout, W-bound, London Road, Oxford00:4501:45
Gladstone Road, adj, London Road, Oxford00:4601:46
Wharton Road, adj, London Road, Oxford00:4701:47
Headington Shops, Stop HS2, London Road, Oxford00:4901:49
Sandfield Road, opp, London Road, Oxford00:5001:50
Headington School, Stop B9, Headington Road, Oxford00:5201:52
Brookes University, Stop B5, Headington Road, Oxford00:5401:54
Glebe Street, adj, St Clements Street, Oxford00:5501:55
St Clements Street, Stop C, Oxford00:5701:57
Queens Lane, Stop J3, High Street, Oxford00:5901:59
High Street, Stop L2, Oxford01:0002:00
Speedwell Street, Stop S1, Oxford01:0202:02
Westgate, Stop E7, New Road, Oxford02:06
Park End Street, Stop D5, Oxford02:07
Frideswide Square, Stop R8, Oxford02:08
Osney Island, W-bound, Botley Road, Oxford02:09
Binsey Lane, opp, Botley Road, Oxford02:09
Lamarsh Road, adj, Botley Road, Oxford02:10
Seacourt Park and Ride, opp, Botley Road, Oxford02:11
Minns Industrial Estate, entrance, West Way, Oxford02:12
Westminster Way, SE-bound, Oxford02:13
Raleigh Park Road, opp, Westminster Way, Oxford02:14
Harcourt Hill Campus, inside, Harcourt Hill, Oxford02:16

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.