Timetable for the 40A - Southway - Whitleigh - Plymouth City Centre Bus Route
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Timetable for 40A - Southway - Whitleigh - Plymouth City Centre Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Plymouth Citybus (licensed as Plymouth Citybus Ltd).

Start Date: 23/02/2020 End Date: 19/04/2020

bus timetable 40A Southway - Whitleigh - Plymouth City Centre

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Southway -> Whitleigh -> Crownhill -> Manadon -> Hartley -> Mannamead -> Mutley -> Plymouth -> Plymouth City Centre

Operator Information for Plymouth Citybus
Email Fares Twitter Address
hq@plymouthbus.co.uk 01752662271 @plymouthbus Milehouse Depot, Milehouse, Plymouth PL3 4AA

Map Showing the Routes of the 40A Southway - Whitleigh - Plymouth City Centre Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Southway - Whitleigh - Plymouth City Centre Service

Sunday - inbound

SW-bound, Flamborough Road, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2319:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
E-bound, Oakwood Primary School, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2319:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
NW-bound, Samuel Basset Avenue, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2419:2420:2421:2422:2423:24
SW-bound, Flamborough Road, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2419:2420:2421:2422:2423:24
W-bound, Pentland Close, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2519:2520:2521:2522:2523:25
W-bound, Skerries Road, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2619:2620:2621:2622:2623:26
SW-bound, Alger Walk, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2719:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
W-bound, Waring Road, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2719:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
SW-bound, Medland Crescent, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2819:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
SE-bound, Hornbrook Gardens, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:2919:2920:2921:2922:2923:29
SE-bound, Dunnet Road, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:3019:3020:3021:3022:3023:30
SE-bound, Looseleigh Lane, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:3019:3020:3021:3022:3023:30
S-bound, Tamerton Foliot Road Hill, Southway (Plymouth), Plymouth18:3119:3120:3121:3122:3123:31
NW-bound, Lancaster Gardens, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3319:3320:3321:3322:3323:33
W-bound, Bodmin Road East, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3319:3320:3321:3322:3323:33
W-bound, Whitleigh Court, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3319:3320:3321:3322:3323:33
NW-bound, Appleby Walk, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3419:3420:3421:3422:3423:34
W-bound, Bethany Evangelical Church, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3419:3420:3421:3422:3423:34
E-bound, Whitleigh Green, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3619:3620:3621:3622:3623:36
E-bound, Budshead Road, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3619:3620:3621:3622:3623:36
SE-bound, Warwick Avenue, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3719:3720:3721:3722:3723:37
E-bound, Whitleigh Court, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3819:3820:3821:3822:3823:38
SE-bound, Bodmin Road East, Whitleigh, Plymouth18:3819:3820:3821:3822:3823:38
SE-bound, Whitleigh Cross, Crownhill (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4019:4020:4021:4022:4023:40
SE-bound, Dayton Close, Crownhill (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4019:4020:4021:4022:4023:40
S-bound, Budshead Road Filling Station, Crownhill (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4119:4120:4121:4122:4123:41
SE-bound, Crownhill High Level, Crownhill (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4219:4220:4221:4222:4223:42
S-bound, Crownhill Low Level, Crownhill (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4419:4420:4421:4422:4423:44
S-bound, Great Berry Road, Manadon, Plymouth18:4419:4420:4421:4422:44
S-bound, Manadon Roundabout, Manadon, Plymouth18:4519:4520:4521:4522:45
S-bound, Golden Hind, Hartley (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4619:4620:4621:4622:46
S-bound, Russell Avenue, Hartley (Plymouth), Plymouth18:4719:4720:4721:4722:47
SE-bound, Hartley Reservoir, Mannamead, Plymouth18:4719:4720:4721:4722:47
S-bound, Church of Latter Day Saints, Mannamead, Plymouth18:4819:4820:4821:4822:48
S-bound, Henders Corner, Mannamead, Plymouth18:4819:4820:4821:4822:48
S-bound, Emmanuel Church, Mannamead, Plymouth18:4919:4920:4921:4922:49
SW-bound, Seymour Road, Mannamead, Plymouth18:4919:4920:4921:4922:49
Stop M8, Mutley Plain, Mutley, Plymouth18:5119:5120:5121:5122:51
SW-bound, Alton Place, Plymouth, Plymouth18:5119:5120:5121:5122:51
SW-bound, Bedford Terrace, Plymouth, Plymouth18:5219:5220:5221:5222:52
SW-bound, City Library & Museum, Plymouth City Centre, Plymouth18:5419:5420:5421:5422:54
W-bound, Mayflower Street, Plymouth City Centre, Plymouth18:5519:5520:5521:5522:55
SW-bound, Western Approach Flats, Plymouth City Centre, Plymouth18:5619:5620:5621:5622:56
Stop 2, Western Approach, Plymouth City Centre, Plymouth18:5719:5720:5721:5722:57
Stop A15, Royal Parade, Plymouth City Centre, Plymouth19:0020:0021:0022:0023:00

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.