Timetable for the 661 - Winchester - Romsey - Lords Hill - Totton Bus Route
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Timetable for 661 - Winchester - Romsey - Lords Hill - Totton Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach South (licensed as Hampshire Bus Co Ltd).

Start Date: 10/06/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Morrisons - Bus Station

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Bus Station - Morrisons
bus timetable 661 Winchester - Romsey - Lords Hill - Totton
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Map Showing the Routes of the 661 Winchester - Romsey - Lords Hill - Totton Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Winchester - Romsey - Lords Hill - Totton Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Morrisons,(opp), West Totton06:58
2Stonechat Drive,(NE-bound), West Totton06:59
3Calmore Service Station,(SE-bound), Calmore06:59
4Calmore Corner,(SW-bound), West Totton07:03
5Graddidge Way,(W-bound), West Totton07:03
6Hazel Farm Road,(opposite), West Totton07:03
7Crabbs Way,(W-bound), West Totton07:04
8Goodies,(NW-bound), West Totton07:05
9Chapel Lane,(near), Hounsdown07:08
10Spicers Hill,(NE-bound), Rushington07:09
11Rushington Roundabout,(NE-bound), Totton07:11
12Batts Corner,(SE-bound), Totton07:12
13Redbridge Roundabout,(E-bound), Redbridge (Soton)07:14
14Andromeda Road,(NE-bound), Lord's Hill07:21
15Lord's Hill Centre,(Stop LA), Lord's Hill07:22
16Sutherland Road,(NW-bound), Lord's Hill07:22
17Lennox Close,(NE-bound), Lord's Hill07:23
18The Mews,(NW-bound), Rownhams07:24
19Telephone Exchange,(N-bound), Rownhams07:25
20Routs Way,(S-bound), Rownhams07:25
21Horns Drove,(W-bound), Rownhams07:26
22Hurricane Drive,(W-bound), Rownhams07:27
23Betteridge Drive,(adj), Rownhams07:27
24Upton Cresent,(NW-bound), Rownhams07:28
25Abbey Lodge,(opp), Romsey (Hants)07:37
26Tadfield Road,(adj), Romsey (Hants)07:38
27Tadburn Road,(E-bound), Romsey (Hants)07:38
28Chambers Avenue,(E-bound), Halterworth07:40
29The Vikings,(opp), Halterworth07:40
30Saxon Way,(nr), Halterworth07:40
31Avon Crescent,(opp), Halterworth07:41
32Anton Close,(opp), Halterworth07:41
33Meon Road,(opp), Halterworth07:41
34Footway to Kennett Road,(adj), Halterworth07:42
35Seward Rise,(adj), Halterworth07:42
36Hestia Close,(adj), Halterworth07:43
37Meaders Garage,(opp), Crampmoor07:44
38St Swithun's Church,(SE-bound), Crampmoor07:44
39Crampmoor Lane,(opposite), Crampmoor07:44
40Woodlands,(NE-bound), Crampmoor07:45
41South Holmes Copse,(NE-bound), Crampmoor07:46
42Jermyns Lane,(E-bound), Crampmoor07:47
43Pound Lane,(SE-bound), Ampfield07:48
44White Horse,(opp), Ampfield07:49
45Green Pond Lane,(NE-bound), Ampfield07:49
46Potters Heron Inn,(E-bound), Ampfield07:51
47Lake Court,(opp), Ratlake07:51
48Poles Lane,(opp), Hursley07:55
49Kings Head Inn,(NW-bound), Hursley07:56
50IBM Main Entrance,(N-bound), Standon (Hants)07:57
51Standon Farm,(N-bound), Standon (Hants)07:58
52Millers Lane,(NE-bound), Pitt (Hants)08:02
53Yew Tree Cottage,(NE-bound), Pitt (Hants)08:02
54Pitt Village,(NE-bound), Pitt (Hants)08:03
55Pitt P&R,(NE-bound), Pitt (Hants)08:04
56Battery Hill,(NE-bound), Stanmore (Hants)08:06
57Sleepers Hill,(NE-bound), Sleepers Hill08:07
58Stockbridge Road,(E-bound), Fulflood08:12
59Eastacre,(adj), Fulflood08:13
60Peter Symonds,(inside), Fulflood08:14
61Jolly Farmer,(SE-bound), Fulflood08:15
62Worthy Lane,(adj), Winchester08:17
63City Road,(Stop Rd), Winchester08:17
64North Walls,(SE-bound), Winchester08:19
65Bus Station,(Drop Off), Winchester08:22

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Bus Station,(Stand E), Winchester16:33
2Upper Brook Street,(adj), Winchester16:35
3Discovery Centre,(Stop Tb), Winchester16:38
4City Road,(Stop Ra), Winchester16:39
5Jolly Farmer,(adj), Fulflood16:43
6Peter Symonds,(inside), Fulflood16:45
7Eastacre,(opp), Fulflood16:45
8Sleepers Hill,(SW-bound), Sleepers Hill16:55
9Battery Hill,(SW-bound), Stanmore (Hants)16:57
10Pitt P&R,(SW-bound), Pitt (Hants)16:57
11Pitt Roundabout,(SW-bound), Pitt (Hants)16:58
12Pitt Village,(SW-bound), Pitt (Hants)16:58
13Yew Tree Cottage,(SW-bound), Pitt (Hants)16:59
14Millers Lane,(SW-bound), Pitt (Hants)16:59
15Standon Farm,(S-bound), Standon (Hants)17:02
16IBM Main Entrance,(S-bound), Standon (Hants)17:03
17Kings Head Inn,(S-bound), Hursley17:04
18Poles Lane,(adj), Hursley17:04
19Lake Court,(adj), Ratlake17:08
20Potters Heron Inn,(W-bound), Ampfield17:08
21Green Pond Lane,(SW-bound), Ampfield17:10
22White Horse,(o/s), Ampfield17:10
23Pound Lane,(NW-bound), Ampfield17:11
24Jermyns Lane,(W-bound), Crampmoor17:12
25South Holmes Copse,(SW-bound), Crampmoor17:13
26Woodlands,(SW-bound), Crampmoor17:14
27Crampmoor Lane,(adjacent), Crampmoor17:15
28Meaders Garage,(o/s), Crampmoor17:16
29Hestia Close,(opp), Halterworth17:16
30Seward Rise,(opp), Halterworth17:17
31Footway to Kennett Road,(opp), Halterworth17:17
32Meon Road,(adj), Halterworth17:18
33Anton Close,(adj), Halterworth17:18
34Avon Crescent,(adj), Halterworth17:18
35Saxon Way,(SE-bound), Halterworth17:19
36The Vikings,(adj), Halterworth17:19
37Chambers Avenue,(W-bound), Halterworth17:20
38Tadburn Road,(W-bound), Romsey (Hants)17:20
39Abbey Lodge,(adj), Romsey (Hants)17:21
40Upton Cresent,(SE-bound), Rownhams17:28
41Betteridge Drive,(opp), Rownhams17:29
42Hurricane Drive,(E-bound), Rownhams17:30
43Horns Drove,(E-bound), Rownhams17:30
44Routs Way,(N-bound), Rownhams17:31
45Telephone Exchange,(S-bound), Rownhams17:31
46The Mews,(SE-bound), Rownhams17:32
47Lennox Close,(SW-bound), Lord's Hill17:33
48Sutherland Road,(SE-bound), Lord's Hill17:34
49Lord's Hill Centre,(Stop LB), Lord's Hill17:35
50Andromeda Road,(SW-bound), Lord's Hill17:35
51Guernsey Close,(near), Maybush17:36
52Rushington Roundabout,(SW-bound), Totton17:46
53Spicers Hill,(SW-bound), Rushington17:48
54The New Inn,(adj), Hounsdown17:48
55Goodies,(SE-bound), West Totton17:53
56Crabbs Way,(E-bound), West Totton17:53
57Hazel Farm Road,(adjacent), West Totton17:55
58Graddidge Way,(E-bound), West Totton17:55
59Calmore Corner,(NW-bound), West Totton17:57
60Calmore Service Station,(NW-bound), Calmore17:58
61Stonechat Drive,(SW-bound), West Totton17:59
62Morrisons,(o/s), West Totton18:00

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.