Timetable for the U9 - Townhill Park - Southampton General Hospital Bus Route
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Timetable for U9 - Townhill Park - Southampton General Hospital Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Uni-Link (licensed as Solent Blue Line Limited).

Start Date: 10/06/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • General Hospital and Cemetery - Witts Hill Shops

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Hillgrove Road - General Hospital and Cemetery
bus timetable U9 Townhill Park - Southampton General Hospital
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Map Showing the Routes of the U9 Townhill Park - Southampton General Hospital Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Townhill Park - Southampton General Hospital Service

- inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1General Hospital and Cemetery,(Stop C), Southampton General16:05
2General Hospital A&E,(Stop G), Southampton General16:05
3Dale Valley Road,(SE-bound), Shirley Warren16:06
4St James Park,(opposite), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:09
5Bridlington Avenue,(SE-bound), Shirley (Soton)16:11
6St John's Church,(SE-bound), Shirley (Soton)16:12
7Atherley Bowling Club,(E-bound), Shirley (Soton)16:14
8Wilton Road,(N-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:15
9King Edward School,(N-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:16
10Kineton Road,(N-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:16
11Richard Taunton College,(NW-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:18
12Leicester Road,(NW-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:21
13Burgess Road,(N-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)16:23
14Butterfield Road,(E-bound), Bassett16:25
15Global Technology Centre,(o/s), Highfield (Soton)16:29
16Glen Eyre Road,(NE-bound), Bassett16:30
17Future Worlds,(S-bound), Highfield (Soton)16:32
18Southampton Uni Interchange,(NW-bound), Highfield (Soton)16:40
19Southampton Uni Interchange,(NW-bound), Highfield (Soton)16:40
20Jubilee Sports Hall,(S-bound), Highfield (Soton)16:41
21Upper Shaftesbury Avenue,(E-bound), Highfield (Soton)16:43
22Highfield Crescent,(S-bound), Portswood16:44
23Portswood Broadway,(Stop PA), Portswood16:46
24Belmont Road,(SE-bound), Portswood16:48
25St Denys Church,(opp), St Denys16:52
26Priory Road,(E-bound), Bitterne Park16:54
27Triangle,(N-bound), Bitterne Park16:58
28Nursery Road,(E-bound), Bitterne Park16:58
29Wellington Road,(NE-bound), Bitterne Park16:59
30Dimond Road,(NE-bound), Bitterne Park17:00
31Hop Inn,(o/s), Bitterne Park17:00
32River Walk,(E-bound), Bitterne Park17:01
33Broadwater Road,(E-bound), Bitterne Park17:02
34Hillgrove Road,(adj 348), Townhill Park(Soton)17:03
35Community Centre,(SE-bound), Townhill Park(Soton)17:03
36The Ark,(nr), Townhill Park(Soton)17:04
37Wakefield Road,(opp), Townhill Park(Soton)17:04
38Townhill Way,(SE-bound), Midanbury17:05
39Mousehole Lane,(SW-bound), Bitterne (Soton)17:07
40Montgomery Road,(adj), Midanbury17:07
41Vale Drive,(N-bound), Midanbury17:08
42Barton Crescent,(NW-bound), Midanbury17:09
43Witts Hill Shops,(NW-bound), Midanbury17:10

- outbound

No.Bus StopTimeTime
1Hillgrove Road,(adj 348), Townhill Park(Soton)06:5907:22
2Community Centre,(SE-bound), Townhill Park(Soton)06:5907:22
3The Ark,(nr), Townhill Park(Soton)07:0007:23
4Wakefield Road,(opp), Townhill Park(Soton)07:0007:23
5Townhill Way,(SE-bound), Midanbury07:0107:24
6Mousehole Lane,(SW-bound), Bitterne (Soton)07:0307:26
7Montgomery Road,(adj), Midanbury07:0307:26
8Vale Drive,(N-bound), Midanbury07:0407:27
9Barton Crescent,(NW-bound), Midanbury07:0507:28
10Witts Hill Shops,(NW-bound), Midanbury07:0607:29
11Cornwall Road,(N-bound), Townhill Park(Soton)07:0707:30
12Northfield Road,(NW-bound), Bitterne Park07:0807:32
13Hop Inn,(nr), Bitterne Park07:0907:33
14Dimond Road,(SW-bound), Bitterne Park07:1007:34
15Wellington Road,(SW-bound), Bitterne Park07:1207:36
16Ashtree Road,(SE-bound), Bitterne Park07:1307:38
17Bond Road,(S-bound), Bitterne Park07:1407:39
18Cobden Avenue,(S-bound), Bitterne Park07:1507:40
19Triangle,(W-bound), Bitterne Park07:1607:42
20Priory Road,(W-bound), Bitterne Park07:1707:43
21St Denys Church,(o/s), St Denys07:1807:44
22Belmont Road,(NW-bound), Portswood07:1907:45
23The Mitre,(Stop PK), Portswood07:2107:47
24Highfield Crescent,(N-bound), Portswood07:2207:48
25Upper Shaftesbury Avenue,(W-bound), Highfield (Soton)07:2307:48
26Jubilee Sports Hall,(N-bound), Highfield (Soton)07:2507:51
27Southampton Uni Interchange,(NW-bound), Highfield (Soton)07:2907:54
28Southampton Uni Interchange,(NW-bound), Highfield (Soton)07:2907:54
29Glen Eyre Road,(SW-bound), Bassett07:3107:56
30Global Technology Centre,(opp), Highfield (Soton)07:3207:58
31Butterfield Road,(W-bound), Bassett07:3408:00
32Burgess Road,(S-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:3608:02
33Leicester Road,(S-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:3708:04
34The Bellemoor,(SE-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:3908:06
35Kineton Road,(S-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:3908:07
36Wilton Road,(S-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:4108:08
37Atherley Bowling Club,(S-bound), Shirley (Soton)07:4108:09
38Greville Road,(W-bound), Shirley (Soton)07:4208:10
39St John's Church,(NW-bound), Shirley (Soton)07:4308:11
40Bridlington Avenue,(NW-bound), Shirley (Soton)07:4408:12
41Shirley Avenue,(NW-bound), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:4508:13
42St James Park,(outside), Upper Shirley(Soton)07:4608:15
43Dale Road,(NW-bound), Shirley Warren07:4708:16
44General Hospital A&E,(Stop H), Southampton General07:4808:18
45General Hospital and Cemetery,(Stop D), Southampton General07:5008:20

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.