Timetable for the 11A - Whitton - Ipswich Town Centre - Northgate High School Bus Route

Timetable for 11A - Whitton - Ipswich Town Centre - Northgate High School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Ipswich Buses (licensed as Ipswich Buses).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 11A Whitton - Ipswich Town Centre - Northgate High School

Map Showing the Routes of the 11A Whitton - Ipswich Town Centre - Northgate High School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Whitton - Ipswich Town Centre - Northgate High School Service

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Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays only
Shopping Parade, N-Bound, Shakespeare Road07:25
Spenser Road, Opposite, Shakespeare Road07:26
Shakespeare Road, Outside07:27
Byron Road, o/s 5707:28
Parnell Road, Opposite, Defoe Road07:30
Heathercroft Road, Opposite, Defoe Road07:31
Mitford Close, Adjacent, Defoe Road07:32
Chepstow Road, Adjacent, Defoe Road07:33
Lincoln Close, Adjacent, Fircroft Road07:34
Pearcroft Road, Adjacent, Fircroft Road07:34
Recreation Ground, Adjacent, Congreve Road07:35
Elmcroft Road, Adjacent, Congreve Road07:36
Cedarcroft Road, opp, Elmcroft Road07:36
Willowcroft Road, opp, Elmcroft Road07:37
Pinecroft Road, opp, Elmcroft Road07:38
Ashcroft Road, Opposite, Beechcroft Road07:39
Norbridge Social Club, opp, Norwich Road07:40
Springfield Lane, Opposite, Norwich Road07:42
Richmond Road, Opposite, Norwich Road07:44
Westwood Avenue, Adjacent, Norwich Road07:46
YMCA, Opposite, Norwich Road07:49
Granville Street, Opposite, Norwich Road07:52
Ipswich Furniture Project, Adjacent, St Matthews Street07:56
Tower Ramparts Bus Station, Stand KK, Tower Ramparts08:00
Cobden Place, Stop 3, Woodbridge Road08:01
Lacey Street, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road08:03
Medical Centre, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road08:03
Rivers Street, Adjacent08:05
Khartoum Road, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road08:06
Nelson Road, Opposite, Woodbridge Road08:07
Gordon Road, Opposite, Woodbridge Road08:08
Schreiber Road, opp, Rushmere Road08:08
Bramley Chase, adj, Rushmere Road08:09
Phoenix Road, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road08:10
Howard Street, Opposite, Woodbridge Road08:10
Lattice Barn PH, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road08:11
Crofton Road, adj, Colchester Road08:12
Norbury Road, adj, Colchester Road08:13
Caithness Close, adj, Renfrew Road08:13
Cromarty Road, adj, Renfrew Road08:14
Aberdeen Way, adj, Renfrew Road08:14
Lanark Road, adj, Renfrew Road08:15
Rugby Club, opp, Humber Doucy Lane08:15
Turning Circle, adj, Sidegate Lane08:15
Fairlight Close, adj, Sidegate Lane08:16
Northgate School, Opposite, Sidegate Lane08:17

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.