Timetable for the 357 - Bury St Edmunds - Red Lodge - Mildenhall Bus Route

Timetable for 357 - Bury St Edmunds - Red Lodge - Mildenhall Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Mulleys Motorways (licensed as Mulleys Motorways).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 24/07/2022

bus timetable 357 Bury St Edmunds - Red Lodge - Mildenhall

Map Showing the Routes of the 357 Bury St Edmunds - Red Lodge - Mildenhall Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Bury St Edmunds - Red Lodge - Mildenhall Service

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Week Days - outbound

NotesSponsored by Suffolk County CouncilSponsored by Suffolk County CouncilSponsored by Suffolk County CouncilSponsored by Suffolk County Council
Bus Station, Stand 310:2513:2517:35
Springfield Road, opp10:2813:2817:38
West Suffolk College, opp, Out Risbygate10:2813:2817:38
Denham Close, adj, Newmarket Road10:2913:2917:39
Hutton Close, Opposite10:2913:2917:39
Cavendish Road, opp10:3013:3017:40
Crematorium, opp, Risby Road10:3213:3217:43
Giles Way, opp10:3513:3517:46
Church, opp10:3613:3617:46
School, o/s, School Road10:3713:3717:46
Green, W-bound, School Road10:3713:3717:46
Green, N-bound, Flempton Road10:3813:3817:47
Woodland Close, adj, The Green10:3813:3817:47
Post Office, Opposite, The Street07:5510:4513:4517:54
Crown Cottage, adj07:5710:4613:4617:55
The Green, Opposite, High Street07:5810:4713:4717:56
White Hart, o/s, High Street07:5810:4713:4717:56
Memorial, adj, Herringswell Road08:0410:5213:5218:01
The Birches, Adjacent, Warren Road08:0710:5513:55
Larch Way, opp, Hundred Acre Way08:08
Ash Court, opp, Hundred Acre Way08:10
Sorrell Court, opp, Hundred Acre Way08:10
Thistle Way, opp, Hundred Acre Way08:11
Bennett Road, adj, Warren Road10:5613:56
Heathersett Way, adj, Warren Road10:5713:57
Horseshoe Drive, opp, Boundary Road10:5813:58
Elms Road, opp, Mildenhall Road11:0314:03
East View, adj, Mildenhall Road11:0314:03
War Memorial, opp, Freckenham Road11:0714:07
opposite The Meadows, opp, Freckenham Road11:0814:08
Walnut Tree, E-bound, The Street11:0914:09
Bridge Farm Close, Opposite11:1214:12
St Marys Church, adj, High Street11:1414:14
The Bell, opp, The Street08:19
Bull Inn, opp, The Street08:21
Five Ways Roundabout, N-bound, A1108:22
Silver Lodge, Adjacent, A110108:23
Lark Road, Adjacent, Bury Road08:27
Police Station, opp, Kingsway08:28
Croft Place, Opposite, Kingsway08:29
Bus Station, Stand B, King Street08:3111:1514:15
Queensway, W-bound08:32
Mildenhall Hub, Adjacent08:35

Week Days - inbound

NotesSponsored by Suffolk County CouncilSponsored by Suffolk County CouncilSponsored by Suffolk County Council
Mildenhall Hub, Adjacent15:30
Queensway, E-bound15:32
Bus Station, Stand B, King Street09:3012:3015:34
St Marys Church, opp, High Street09:3012:3015:34
Church Meadow, adj, The Street15:37
The Bell, opp, The Street15:38
Bull Inn, opp, The Street15:40
Five Ways Roundabout, N-bound, A1115:40
Five Ways Roundabout, S-bound, A1115:40
Bridge Farm Close, Adjacent09:3112:31
Walnut Tree, adj, The Street09:3612:36
The Meadows, adj, Freckenham Road09:3712:37
Walnut Grove, adj, Freckenham Road09:3712:37
East View, opp, Mildenhall Road09:4112:41
Elms Road, adj, Mildenhall Road09:4212:42
Horseshoe Drive, adj, Boundary Road09:4712:47
Heathersett Way, opp, Warren Road09:4712:47
Bennett Road, opp, Warren Road09:4812:48
Thistle Way, adj, Hundred Acre Way15:48
Sorrell Court, adj, Hundred Acre Way15:49
Ash Court, Adjacent, Hundred Acre Way15:52
Larch Way, adj, Hundred Acre Way15:53
The Birches, Opposite, Warren Road09:4912:4915:55
Memorial, Opposite, Herringswell Road09:5312:5316:00
White Hart, opp, High Street09:5712:5716:04
The Green, Adjacent, High Street09:5812:5816:05
Crown Cottage, opp09:5812:5816:05
Post Office, Adjacent, The Street10:0113:0116:08
Woodland Close, opp, The Green10:0513:05
Green, S-bound, Flempton Road10:0613:06
Green, E-bound, School Road10:0613:06
School, opp, School Road10:0613:06
Church, adj10:0613:06
Giles Way, adj10:0713:07
Crematorium, adj, Risby Road10:1113:11
Cavendish Road, adj10:1513:15
Hutton Close, Adjacent10:1613:16
Westley Road, opp, Out Risbygate10:1713:17
West Suffolk College, adj, Out Risbygate10:1813:18
Springfield Road, adj10:1913:19
Flint Cottages, Opposite, Bury Road16:17
The Cock, adj, B150616:18
Orchard Place, Opposite16:19
The Bell, opp16:19
Business Park, o/s, Bury Road16:19
Abington Place, adj, Bury Road16:28
St Agnes Church, opp, Bury Road16:29
The Guineas Bus Station, Bay16:31
New Astley Club, opp, Fred Archer Way16:31
Bus Shelter, opp, The Avenue16:33
Railway Station, opp, Green Road16:36

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.