Timetable for the MS3 - Totnes - The Willows Torquay Bus Route
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Timetable for MS3 - Totnes - The Willows Torquay Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach South West (licensed as Stagecoach Devon Ltd).

Start Date: 16/12/2019 End Date: 16/02/2020

bus timetable MS3 Totnes - The Willows Torquay

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Totnes -> Swallowfields -> Cott -> Dartington -> Buckfastleigh -> Ashburton -> Caton -> Goodstone -> Bickington -> Liverton -> Bovey Tracey -> Stover -> Knowles Hill -> Newton Abbot -> Milber -> Kingskerswell -> The Willows

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

The Willows -> Kingskerswell -> Milber -> Newton Abbot -> Knowles Hill -> Stover -> Bovey Tracey -> Liverton -> Bickington -> Goodstone -> Caton -> Ashburton -> Buckfastleigh -> Dartington -> Cott -> Swallowfields -> Totnes

Operator Information for Stagecoach South West
Email Fares Twitter Address
southwest.enquiries@stagecoachbus.com 01392427711 @StagecoachSW Matford Park Road, Exeter, Devon EX2 8FD

Map Showing the Routes of the MS3 Totnes - The Willows Torquay Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Totnes - The Willows Torquay Service

Week Days - inbound



o/s, Marks & Spencer, The Willows(Torquay), Torbay13:20
SW-bound, Nicholson Road, The Willows(Torquay), Torbay13:20
opp, Browns Bridge, The Willows(Torquay), Torbay13:20
opp, Coventry Farm, Kingskerswell, Devon13:23
N-bound, Manor Gardens, Kingskerswell, Devon13:24
N-bound, Arch, Kingskerswell, Devon13:25
N-bound, Jurys Corner, Kingskerswell, Devon13:25
N-bound, Lyndhurst Avenue, Kingskerswell, Devon13:26
opp, Caravan Park, Kingskerswell, Devon13:28
opp, Penn Inn, Milber, Devon13:33
NE-bound, Station Bridge, Newton Abbot, Devon13:34
Stop J, Opposite Rail Station, Newton Abbot, Devon13:35
NE-bound, The Avenue, Newton Abbot, Devon13:35
W-bound, Sandford View, Knowles Hill, Devon13:37
NW-bound, Forches Cross, Stover, Devon13:40
opp, Stover School, Stover, Devon13:41
NE-bound, Trago Mills Roundabout, Stover, Devon13:43
N-bound, Dolphin Square, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:49
SE-bound, Riverside Surgery, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:49
NW-bound, Bradley Road, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:49
NW-bound, Coombe Cross, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:49
opp, Church, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:49
W-bound, Front House Lodge, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:49
Stop B, Tesco Express, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:50
SW-bound, Methodist Church, Bovey Tracey, Devon13:53
NE-bound, Exeter Cross, Liverton (Devon), Devon13:58
NE-bound, Benedict's Garage, Liverton (Devon), Devon14:00
SW-bound, Welcome Stranger Inn, Liverton (Devon), Devon14:01
E-bound, Toby Jug Inn, Bickington(Teign'ge), Devon14:02
W-bound, Lemonford Caravan Park, Bickington(Teign'ge), Devon14:03
W-bound, Goodstone Cross, Goodstone, Devon14:05
SW-bound, Caton Cross, Caton (Devon), Devon14:05
SW-bound, Alston Cross, Caton (Devon), Devon14:06
adj, East End Terrace, Ashburton, Devon14:08
opp, Hospital, Ashburton, Devon14:09
opp, Memorial, Ashburton, Devon14:09
Stop A, Bull Ring, Ashburton, Devon14:10
SW-bound, West End Terrace, Ashburton, Devon14:10
W-bound, Peartree Cross, Ashburton, Devon14:11
SW-bound, Dart Bridge, Buckfastleigh, Devon14:16
Stop A, Station Approach, Buckfastleigh, Devon14:17
SW-bound, Woodholme Car Park, Buckfastleigh, Devon14:20
SW-bound, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon14:20
Stop B, Jet Garage, Buckfastleigh, Devon14:22
NW-bound, Dart Bridge, Buckfastleigh, Devon14:23
SE-bound, Staverton Turn, Dartington, Devon14:30
SE-bound, South Devon Steiner School, Dartington, Devon14:32
SE-bound, Huxhams Cross, Dartington, Devon14:34
SE-bound, Church, Dartington, Devon14:35
SE-bound, Shinners Bridge, Dartington, Devon14:35
opp, Queens Arms, Cott, Devon14:36
SE-bound, Puddavine, Swallowfields, Devon14:37
SE-bound, King Edward VI School, Swallowfields, Devon14:38
Stop B, Rail Station, Totnes, Devon14:38
Stop E, Opposite Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes, Devon14:40

Week Days - outbound



Stop D, Coronation Road opp Town Mill, Totnes, Devon09:30
Stop C, Rail Station, Totnes, Devon09:31
NW-bound, King Edward VI School, Swallowfields, Devon09:33
NW-bound, Puddavine, Swallowfields, Devon09:34
NW-bound, Queens Arms, Cott, Devon09:36
W-bound, Shinners Bridge, Dartington, Devon09:38
N-bound, Dartington School, Dartington, Devon09:38
NW-bound, Church, Dartington, Devon09:40
NW-bound, Huxhams Cross, Dartington, Devon09:40
NW-bound, South Devon Steiner School, Dartington, Devon09:41
NW-bound, Staverton Turn, Dartington, Devon09:42
SW-bound, Dart Bridge, Buckfastleigh, Devon09:47
Stop A, Station Approach, Buckfastleigh, Devon09:48
SW-bound, Woodholme Car Park, Buckfastleigh, Devon09:50
SW-bound, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon09:51
Stop B, Jet Garage, Buckfastleigh, Devon09:53
NW-bound, Dart Bridge, Buckfastleigh, Devon09:55
NE-bound, Peartree Cross, Ashburton, Devon10:02
NE-bound, West End Terrace, Ashburton, Devon10:03
Stop B, Bull Ring, Ashburton, Devon10:05
NE-bound, Memorial, Ashburton, Devon10:05
NE-bound, Police Station, Ashburton, Devon10:05
opp, East End Terrace, Ashburton, Devon10:05
NE-bound, Alston Cross, Caton (Devon), Devon10:06
SE-bound, Goodstone Cross, Goodstone, Devon10:07
E-bound, Lemonford Caravan Park, Bickington(Teign'ge), Devon10:07
E-bound, Toby Jug Inn, Bickington(Teign'ge), Devon10:08
opp, Welcome Stranger Inn, Liverton (Devon), Devon10:08
NE-bound, Benedict's Garage, Liverton (Devon), Devon10:09
SW-bound, Post Office, Liverton (Devon), Devon10:10
opp, Methodist Church, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:14
Stop A, Lloyds Pharmacy, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:15
E-bound, Pound Place, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:15
SE-bound, Church, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:15
SE-bound, Coombe Cross, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:15
W-bound, The Oaks, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:16
NW-bound, Churchfields Road, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:16
E-bound, De Tracey Park, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:16
NW-bound, Riverside Surgery, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:16
SW-bound, Methodist Church, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:16
S-bound, Dolphin Square, Bovey Tracey, Devon10:17
S-bound, Trago Mills Roundabout, Stover, Devon10:20
SE-bound, Stover School, Stover, Devon10:21
SE-bound, Forches Cross, Stover, Devon10:21
SE-bound, Whitehill Close, Knowles Hill, Devon10:23
opp, Sandford View, Knowles Hill, Devon10:23
SW-bound, The Avenue, Newton Abbot, Devon10:24
Stop K, Rail Station, Newton Abbot, Devon10:25
SE-bound, Brunel Road, Milber, Devon10:26
adj, Penn Inn, Milber, Devon10:27
SE-bound, Caravan Park, Kingskerswell, Devon10:31
S-bound, Furzedown Road, Kingskerswell, Devon10:33
S-bound, The Sloop, Kingskerswell, Devon10:34
SE-bound, Southey Crescent, Kingskerswell, Devon10:35
S-bound, Manor Gardens, Kingskerswell, Devon10:35
SE-bound, Coventry Farm, Kingskerswell, Devon10:36
nr, Browns Bridge Road, The Willows(Torquay), Torbay10:39
o/s, Marks & Spencer, The Willows(Torquay), Torbay10:40

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.