Timetable for the 101 - Pewsey - Devizes Bus Route

Timetable for 101 - Pewsey - Devizes Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Salisbury Reds (licensed as Salisbury Reds).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 24/07/2022

bus timetable 101 Pewsey - Devizes

Map Showing the Routes of the 101 Pewsey - Devizes Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Pewsey - Devizes Service

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Week Days - outbound

Cinema & Bingo, o/s, The Market Place09:0011:4515:1015:1518:45
Southgate, S-bound, Long Street09:0011:4515:1215:1718:45
Secondary School Bus Pk, SE-bound, The Green15:15
Bricksteed Avenue, SE-bound, Nursteed Road09:0211:4715:1815:1918:47
Nursteed Road, S-bound09:0211:4715:1815:1918:47
Eastleigh Road, SE-bound, Nursteed Road09:0411:4915:2415:2418:49
Banda Industrial Estate, SE-bound, Nursteed Road09:0411:4915:2415:2418:49
Fox and Hounds, SE-bound, Nursteed Road09:0411:4915:2415:2418:49
Etchilhampton Turn, SE-bound, Monument Hill09:0611:5015:2515:2518:50
The Turn, SE-bound, Devizes Road11:5115:2615:2618:51
Bus Shelter, opp, Main Street09:1011:5315:2815:2818:52
New Inn, N-bound, Main Street11:5415:2915:2918:53
Crossroads, NE-bound, Etchilhampton Road11:5515:3015:3018:54
Spaniels Bridge Road, N-bound, Etchilhampton Road11:5615:3115:3118:55
Bus Shelter, E-bound, Greenways11:5815:3315:3318:57
Telephone Box, opp, Pewsey Road11:5915:3415:3418:58
Cannings Cross, SE-bound, Pewsey Road12:0015:3515:3518:59
Village Hall, o/s, The Street09:1712:0215:3815:3819:01
Kings Arms, SW-bound, The Street09:1712:0215:3815:3819:01
Tumlins, E-bound, Chandlers Lane09:1712:0315:3915:3919:01
Railway Bridge, S-bound, Woodland Road09:2312:0815:4415:4419:05
Pucklands, S-bound, Woodland Road09:2312:0815:4415:4419:05
St Swithins Church, opp, Woodland Road09:2312:0815:4415:4419:05
C of E Primary School, opp, The Street09:2512:1015:4615:4619:06
Miller Close, E-bound, Small Street09:2612:1115:4715:4719:07
Hatfields, NE-bound, The Street09:2912:1415:5015:5019:09
Telephone Box, E-bound, Woodborough Road12:1615:5215:5219:11
Cuttenham Turn, E-bound, Yard's Lane09:3012:1615:5215:5219:11
Village Hall, SE-bound, Main Road09:3112:1715:5315:5319:12
Telephone Box, NW-bound, Wilsford Road09:3312:1815:5415:5419:13
Nursery, E-bound, Main Road09:3412:1915:5515:5519:14
Church Road, W-bound, Main Street09:3412:1915:5515:5519:14
Crossroads, N-bound, Broad Street09:3512:2015:5615:5619:15
Barge Inn, o/s, Car Park09:3712:2215:5815:5819:17
Post Office, N-bound, Main Street09:3812:2416:0016:0019:19
Reads Close, W-bound, Church Road09:3912:2616:0216:0219:20
Coate Road, E-bound, Devizes Road09:3912:2716:0316:0319:20
Crossroads, NE-bound, Oxford Cottages09:3912:2816:0416:0419:21
Telephone Box, W-bound, Alton Priors Road09:4012:2916:0516:0519:22
Golden Swan, nr, Alton Road09:4512:3416:1016:1019:25
Primary School, o/s, Pewsey Road06:40
Crossroads, SE-bound, Salisbury Road06:41
The Ship Inn, opp, The Common06:45
Riverside Park, NE-bound06:46
Woodbridge Inn, N-bound, A34506:47
Manningford Bohune, N-bound, A34506:49
The Turn, NE-bound, Pewsey Road06:49
Manningford Abbots Turn, E-bound, Pewsey Road06:50
Business Park, o/s, A34506:52
Fordbrook Business Centre, SE-bound, Marlborough Road09:4712:3616:1216:1219:27
Railway Station, SW-bound09:4812:3719:28
Swan Corner, NE-bound, Salisbury Road06:53
Manor Mews, opp, Swan Road06:53
Fire Station, o/s, North Street06:5509:5012:3916:1416:1419:30
Co-op, o/s, Old Ford Court09:5512:4016:1516:15

Week Days - inbound

Co-op, o/s, Old Ford Court10:0012:4014:5014:55
Methodist Church, o/s, North Street06:5508:4010:0112:4114:5114:56
Slater Road, N-bound, Rawlins Road10:01
The Crescent, SW-bound10:01
Broadfields, NE-bound10:03
Sports Ground, NW-bound, Broadfields10:03
Manor Mews, o/s, Swan Road10:03
Swan Corner, SW-bound, Salisbury Road10:03
Business Park, opp, A34510:04
Manningford Abbots Turn, W-bound, Pewsey Road10:04
The Turn, SW-bound, Pewsey Road10:05
The Ivies, W-bound10:06
Vale School, W-bound, Bus Park14:55
Railway Station, SW-bound12:43
Golden Swan, nr, Alton Road07:0008:4510:0812:4515:0015:00
Telephone Box, W-bound, Alton Priors Road07:0508:5010:1312:5015:0315:03
Reads Close, W-bound, Church Road08:5210:1512:5215:0515:05
Coate Road, E-bound, Devizes Road08:5310:1612:5315:0615:06
Crossroads, SW-bound, Oxford Cottages07:0508:5410:1712:5415:0715:07
Post Office, N-bound, Main Street07:0608:5510:1812:5515:0815:08
Barge Inn, o/s, Car Park07:0708:5610:1912:5615:0915:09
Crossroads, S-bound, Broad Street07:0908:5810:2112:5815:1115:11
Church Road, E-bound, Main Street08:5810:2112:5815:1115:11
Nursery, W-bound, Main Road08:5910:2212:5915:1215:12
Seven Stars, NE-bound08:5910:2212:5915:1215:12
Telephone Box, SE-bound, Wilsford Road09:0010:2313:0115:1315:13
Cuttenham Turn, E-bound, Yard's Lane09:0010:2313:0115:1315:13
Village Hall, SE-bound, Main Road09:0110:2413:0215:1415:14
Telephone Box, E-bound, Woodborough Road07:1309:0310:2513:0315:1515:15
Hatfields, SW-bound, The Street07:1609:0610:2713:0415:1715:17
Miller Close, W-bound, Small Street07:1909:0910:3013:0715:2015:20
C of E Primary School, o/s, The Street09:0910:3013:0715:2015:20
St Swithins Church, o/s, Woodland Road09:1110:3213:0915:2215:22
Pucklands, N-bound, Woodland Road09:1110:3213:0915:2215:22
Railway Bridge, N-bound, Woodland Road09:1210:3313:1015:2315:23
Village Hall, o/s, The Street09:1810:3913:1615:2915:29
Kings Arms, SW-bound, The Street09:1810:3913:1615:2915:29
Tumlins, E-bound, Chandlers Lane09:1810:3913:1615:2915:29
Cannings Cross, NW-bound, Allington Road09:1910:4013:1715:3015:30
Telephone Box, adj, Pewsey Road09:2010:4113:1815:3115:31
Shelter, opp, Greenways09:2210:4313:2015:3315:33
Spaniels Bridge Road, S-bound, Etchilhampton Road09:2510:4613:2215:3615:36
Crossroads, SW-bound, Etchilhampton Road09:2710:4813:2415:3815:38
New Inn, S-bound, Main Street09:2710:4813:2415:3815:38
Bus Shelter, SW-bound, Main Street09:3010:5113:2615:4115:41
The Turn, NW-bound, Devizes07:2309:3310:5413:2815:4415:44
Etchilhampton Turn, W-bound, Monument Hill07:2509:3410:5513:2915:4515:45
Fox and Hounds, NW-bound, Nursteed Road07:2709:3510:5613:3015:4615:46
Caird Lawns, NW-bound, Nursteed Road07:3009:3710:5813:3215:4815:48
Nursteed Road, N-bound07:3009:3710:5813:3215:4815:48
Bricksteed Avenue, NW-bound, Nursteed Road07:3109:3810:5913:3315:4915:49
Cinema & Bingo, o/s, The Market Place07:3509:4011:0113:3515:5115:51

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.