Timetable for the C19 - Salisbury - Downton - Brockenhurst College Bus Route

Timetable for C19 - Salisbury - Downton - Brockenhurst College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Salisbury Reds (licensed as Salisbury Reds).

Timetable Start Date: 19/04/2022 End Date: 17/06/2022

bus timetable C19 Salisbury - Downton - Brockenhurst College

Map Showing the Routes of the C19 Salisbury - Downton - Brockenhurst College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Salisbury - Downton - Brockenhurst College Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Brockenhurst College, SE-bound, unnamed16:30
Balmer Lawn Hotel, N-bound, A33716:31
New Park, N-bound, A33716:33
Clay Hill Schools, nr, Lyndhurst Road16:36
The Crown Stirrup, N-bound, Clayhill Road16:36
Foxlease, N-bound, Clay Hill16:36
Goose Green, NW-bound, Shrubbs Hill Road16:37
The Crown Hotel, E-bound, High Street16:38
Pikes Hill, adj, Romsey Road16:38
Bartley Lodge, N-bound, A337 Lyndhurst Road16:45
Green Dragon, W-bound, B307916:49
Stocks Cross, N-bound, B307916:52
Crossroads, N-bound, Lyndhurst Road16:56
The Bakery, N-bound, Lyndhurst Road16:56
Beech Grange, N-bound, Broomhill16:57
Post Office, N-bound, Lyndhurst Road16:57
Methodist Chapel, o/s, Lyndhurst Road16:58
Cuckoo Inn, nr, Hamptworth Road17:00
St Mary's Close, SW-bound, School Road17:06
Loosehanger, SW-bound, School Road17:06
Woodfalls Cross, N-bound, Hale Lane B308017:09
Pineview Close, N-bound, The Ridge17:09
The Old Inn, o/s, The Ridge17:10
St Birinus Road, NE-bound, The Ridge17:10
Morgans Vale Road, NW-bound, B308017:12
Ashley Grange, W-bound, Lode Hill17:13
The Sidings, W-bound, Lode Hill17:14
Wooden Spoon, W-bound, High Street17:14
Green Lane, SW-bound, The Borough17:16
Co-op, W-bound, The Borough17:17
The Bull, N-bound, The Headlands17:17
Industrial Estate, N-bound, Salisbury Road17:17
Warrens Lane, NW-bound, A338 Downton Lane17:19
Bus Shelter, N-bound, Downton Road17:19
Matrimony Farmhouse, N-bound, Downton Road17:20
Inveresk House, N-bound, Salisbury Road17:21
Bodenham Bypass, NW-bound, A33817:22
Bus Shelter, N-bound, High Road17:23
Milton Road, NW-bound, Downton Road17:24
Longhill Drive, SW-bound, Rowbarrow17:25
Viking Way, W-bound, Rowbarrow17:25
Lime Kiln Way, NW-bound, Odstock Road17:26
Ridings Mead, N-bound, Odstock Road17:27
Harnham Junction, N-bound, Coombe Road17:27
New Bridge Road, N-bound17:29
St Osmunds School, N-bound, Exeter Street17:31
Catherine Street, N-bound17:36
Cathedral Hotel, o/s, Milford Street17:38
Brown Street, S-bound17:38
St Osmunds School, S-bound, Exeter Street17:41
Wiltshire College, E-bound, Southampton Road17:44
Retail Park, o/s, Southampton Road17:44
Bourne Retail Park, E-bound, Southampton Road17:44
The Bend, SE-bound, Southampton Road17:46
Post Office, N-bound17:52
Grimstead Road, NW-bound, Southampton Road17:52
Old Police Station, NW-bound, Southampton Road17:52
Village Hall, NW-bound, Southampton Road17:52
Lights Lane, NW-bound, Southampton Road17:53
Crossroads, NW-bound17:54
Green Dragon, NW-bound, Southampton Road17:54
Shute End, N-bound, Shute End Road17:55
Haven Court, N-bound, Clarendon Road17:56

Week Days - outbound

Post Office, N-bound07:18
Grimstead Road, NW-bound, Southampton Road07:18
Old Police Station, NW-bound, Southampton Road07:18
Village Hall, NW-bound, Southampton Road07:19
Lights Lane, NW-bound, Southampton Road07:20
Crossroads, NW-bound07:21
Green Dragon, NW-bound, Southampton Road07:21
Shute End, N-bound, Shute End Road07:23
Haven Court, N-bound, Clarendon Road07:24
The Bend, NW-bound, Southampton Road07:25
Bourne Retail Park, W-bound, Southampton Road07:27
Retail Park, opp, Southampton Road07:27
Wiltshire College, W-bound, Southampton Road07:28
St Osmunds School, N-bound, Exeter Street07:30
Catherine Street, N-bound07:32
Cathedral Hotel, o/s, Milford Street07:33
Brown Street, S-bound07:33
St Osmunds School, S-bound, Exeter Street07:36
New Bridge Road, S-bound07:38
Harnham Junction, S-bound, Coombe Road07:39
Ridings Mead, S-bound, Odstock Road07:41
Ambulance Station, o/s, Odstock Road07:41
Viking Way, E-bound, Rowbarrow07:42
Longhill Drive, NE-bound, Rowbarrow07:43
Milton Road, SE-bound, Downton Road07:43
P&R, SE-bound, Downton Road07:43
Bus Shelter, opp, High Road07:44
Matrimony Farmhouse, S-bound, Downton Road07:48
Bus Shelter, S-bound, Downton Road07:49
Warrens Lane, SE-bound, A338 Downton Lane07:50
Industrial Estate, S-bound, Salisbury Road07:52
The Bull, S-bound, The Headlands07:53
Co-op, near, The Borough07:54
Green Lane, NE-bound, The Borough07:54
Kings Arms, NE-bound, Church Hatch07:56
The Sidings, E-bound, Lode Hill07:57
Ashley Grange, E-bound, Lode Hill07:57
Morgans Vale Road, SE-bound, B308007:59
St Birinus Road, SW-bound, The Ridge08:00
The Old Inn, opp, The Ridge08:01
Pineview Close, S-bound, The Ridge08:01
Woodfalls Cross, S-bound, Hale Lane08:02
Loosehanger, NE-bound, School Road08:04
St Mary's Close, NE-bound, School Road08:04
Cuckoo Inn, o/s, Hamptworth Road08:10
Methodist Chapel, opp, Lyndhurst Road08:11
Post Office, S-bound, Lyndhurst Road08:12
Beech Grange, S-bound, Broomhill08:13
The Bakery, S-bound, Lyndhurst Road08:13
Crossroads, S-bound, Lyndhurst Road08:13
Stocks Cross, S-bound, B307908:18
Green Dragon, E-bound, B307908:21
Bartley Lodge, S-bound, A337 Lyndhurst Road08:25
Pikes Hill, opp, Romsey Road08:35
Foxlease, S-bound, Clay Hill08:38
The Crown Stirrup, S-bound, Clayhill Road08:39
Clay Hill Schools, opp, Lyndhurst Road08:40
New Park, S-bound, A33708:44
Balmer Lawn Hotel, S-bound, A33708:47
Brockenhurst College, SE-bound, unnamed08:50

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