Timetable for the X47 - Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury Bus Route
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Timetable for X47 - Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by FromeBus (licensed as Frome Minibuses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 25/05/2020 End Date: 26/07/2020

bus timetable X47 Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Frome -> Berkley Down -> Chapmanslade -> Dilton Marsh -> Westbury -> Westbury Leigh -> West Wilts Trading Estate -> Hawkeridge -> North Bradley -> Trowbridge -> Studley Green

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Trowbridge -> North Bradley -> Hawkeridge -> Westbury -> Westbury Leigh -> Dilton Marsh -> Chapmanslade -> Frome

Operator Information for FromeBus
Fares Twitter Address
01373471474 @FromeBus Georges Ground, Frome BA11 4RP

Map Showing the Routes of the X47 Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury Service

Week Days - inbound

Stop C, Town Hall, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:35
S-bound, Cradle Bridge, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:36
W-bound, Clarendon Academy, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:41
o/s, Wiltshire College, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:45
S-bound, Manor Road, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:45
E-bound, Beech Grove, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:46
E-bound, Grove Court, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:47
o/s, Newland Place, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:48
o/s, B and Q, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:48
S-bound, Spitfire Retail Park, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire16:48
o/s, Mash Tun, North Bradley, Wiltshire16:49
SE-bound, Rising Sun, North Bradley, Wiltshire16:50
S-bound, Heywood Turn, Hawkeridge, Wiltshire16:53
opp, Court Farm, Hawkeridge, Wiltshire16:55
W-bound, Hawke Ridge Business Park, Hawkeridge, Wiltshire17:01
NE-bound, Club Ice, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:05
NE-bound, The Ham, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:07
SW-bound, Slag Lane, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:09
SE-bound, Railway Inn, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:10
SE-bound, Rosefield Way, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:11
opp, Police Station, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:12
NE-bound, Barclays Bank, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:13
S-bound, Edward Street, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:14
S-bound, The Garage, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:15
S-bound, Chalford House Hotel, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:16
W-bound, Leighton Park North, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire17:18
opp, Church and Community Hall, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire17:20
W-bound, Black Horse Lane, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire17:20
NW-bound, Police Station, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:21
nr, White Horse Health Centre, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire17:25
W-bound, Railway Bridge, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire17:28
W-bound, Memorial Hall, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire17:28
o/s, Holy Trinity Church, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire17:28
W-bound, Baptist Chapel, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire17:30
W-bound, Dead Maids Crossroads, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire17:38
W-bound, The Green, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire17:39
o/s, Three Horseshoes, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire17:40
W-bound, Styles Close, Frome, Somerset17:45
N-bound, Rodden Road Shops, Frome, Somerset17:48
SW-bound, Rodden Road, Frome, Somerset17:54
SW-bound, North Hill House, Frome, Somerset17:57
SW-bound, Market Place, Frome, Somerset18:00

Week Days - outbound

NE-bound, Market Place, Frome, Somerset07:20
NE-bound, North Hill House, Frome, Somerset07:20
NE-bound, Northstead, Frome, Somerset07:20
NE-bound, Spring Road, Frome, Somerset07:21
S-bound, Beechwood Avenue, Berkley Down, Somerset07:22
SE-bound, Beechwood Avenue, Frome, Somerset07:22
N-bound, Rodden Road Shops, Frome, Somerset07:23
E-bound, Styles Close, Frome, Somerset07:26
opp, Three Horseshoes, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire07:31
E-bound, The Green, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire07:31
NE-bound, Dead Maids Crossroads, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire07:31
E-bound, Baptist Chapel, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire07:39
E-bound, Prince of Wales, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire07:40
opp, Holy Trinity Church, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire07:41
E-bound, Memorial Hall, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire07:41
E-bound, Railway Bridge, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire07:43
nr, White Horse Health Centre, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:44
E-bound, Black Horse Lane, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire07:45
o/s, Church and Community Hall, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire07:46
N-bound, The Garage, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:51
NW-bound, Haynes Road, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:52
NW-bound, Rosefield Way, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:53
NW-bound, Railway Inn, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:55
NE-bound, Slag Lane, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:55
SW-bound, The Ham Post Office, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire07:57
SE-bound, Club Ice, Westbury (Wilts), Wiltshire08:00
E-bound, Commercial Close, West Wilts Trading E, Wiltshire08:00
N-bound, Hawke Ridge Business Park, Hawkeridge, Wiltshire08:01
o/s, Court Farm, Hawkeridge, Wiltshire08:02
N-bound, Heywood Turn, Hawkeridge, Wiltshire08:03
W-bound, Manor Farm, North Bradley, Wiltshire08:06
NW-bound, Rising Sun, North Bradley, Wiltshire08:07
N-bound, Spitfire Retail Park, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:09
opp, B and Q, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:09
N-bound, Newland Place, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:10
N-bound, Silver Street Lane, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:11
N-bound, College Road, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:12
W-bound, Grove Court, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:12
opp, Wiltshire College, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:15
W-bound, Manor Close, Studley Green, Wiltshire08:16
E-bound, Hungerford Avenue, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:18
E-bound, Nightingale Road, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:19
E-bound, St Augustines School, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:20
NE-bound, Trinity Church, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:22
SE-bound, County Hall, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:25
Stop C, Town Hall, Trowbridge (Wilts), Wiltshire08:46

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.