Timetable for the 4C - Tredegar - Tredegar Bus Route
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Timetable for 4C - Tredegar - Tredegar Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Harris Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 01/09/2020

bus timetable 4C Tredegar - Tredegar

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Tredegar -> Cefn Golau -> Rhymney -> Abertysswg -> Pontlottyn -> Llechryd -> Princetown -> Tafarnaubach -> Nant-y-bwch -> Waundeg -> Ashvale -> Sirhowy

Map Showing the Routes of the 4C Tredegar - Tredegar Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Tredegar - Tredegar Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Stand 2, Bank Lane, Tredegar09:0011:0013:3016:05
Congregational Church, nr, Queen Victoria Street, Tredegar09:0111:0113:3116:06
Cefn Rhos, after, Queen Victoria Street, Cefn Golau09:0211:0213:3216:07
Ironsides Club, before, Gainsborough Road, Cefn Golau09:0311:0313:3316:08
Attlee Way Middle, opp Shops, Attlee Way, Cefn Golau09:0511:0513:3516:10
Attlee Way South, nr 49, Attlee Way, Cefn Golau09:0511:0513:3516:10
Park Hill, nr, Attlee Way, Cefn Golau09:0511:0513:3516:10
Cemetery, o/s, B4256, Cefn Golau09:0611:0613:3616:11
Tredegar & Rhymney Golf Club, opp, B4256, Rhymney09:0811:0813:3816:13
Tan-y-bryn, before, Hill Street, Rhymney09:1011:1013:4016:15
Garden City, nr, Hill Street, Rhymney09:1011:1013:4016:15
Moriah Street, before, Hill Street, Rhymney09:1011:1013:4016:15
Dyffryn View, Steps, Hill Street, Rhymney09:1011:1013:4016:15
Queens Square, nr, Duffryn View, Rhymney09:1111:1113:4116:16
Wellington Way, o/s 6, Rhymney09:1111:1113:4116:16
Maerdy Crossing, at, Wellington Way, Rhymney09:1111:1113:4116:16
Maerdy View, at, Abertysswg Road, Rhymney09:1111:1113:4116:16
Idris Davies School, adj, Abertysswg Road, Abertysswg09:1211:1213:4216:17
Prospect Place, opp, Carn-y-tyla Terrace, Abertysswg09:1311:1313:4316:18
Warn's Terrace, outside church, Abertysswg09:1311:1313:4316:18
School, opposite, Walter Street, Abertysswg09:1411:1413:4416:19
The Green, o/s, Walter Street, Abertysswg09:1411:1413:4416:19
Charles Street, opp 46, Abertysswg07:4007:4009:1511:1513:4516:20
The Green, opp, Walter Street, Abertysswg07:4007:4009:1511:1513:4516:20
Warn's Terrace, outside number 18, Abertysswg07:4107:4109:1611:1613:4616:21
Prospect Place, before, Carn-y-tyla Terrace, Abertysswg07:4107:4109:1611:1613:4616:21
Carn-y-tyla Terrace, opp 13, Carn Tyla Terrace, Abertysswg07:4207:4209:1711:1713:4716:22
Idris Davies School, nr, Abertysswg Road, Abertysswg07:4207:4209:1711:1713:4716:22
Maerdy View, at, Abertysswg Road, Rhymney07:4307:4309:1811:1813:4816:23
The Square, outside Con Minoli, Merchant Street, Pontlottyn07:4507:4509:2011:2013:5016:25
Maerdy Crossing, at, Wellington Way, Rhymney07:4607:4609:2111:2113:5116:26
Wellington Way, opp 2, Rhymney07:4607:4609:2111:2113:5116:26
Queens Square, nr, Duffryn View, Rhymney07:4707:4709:2211:2213:5216:27
Harvards Row, after, Harvard`s Row, Rhymney07:4807:4809:2311:2313:5316:28
Library, opp, Victoria Road, Rhymney07:4807:4809:2311:2313:5316:28
Rhymney Station, o/s, Station Approach, Rhymney07:5007:5009:2511:2513:5516:30
The Royal, opp, High Street, Rhymney07:5107:5109:2611:2613:5616:31
St David's Church, o/s, High Street, Rhymney07:5107:5109:2611:2613:5616:31
Albion Square, after, Church Street, Rhymney07:5207:5209:2711:2713:5716:32
Carno Street, nr, Upper High Street, Rhymney07:5307:5309:2711:2713:5716:32
Glan-y-nant, after, Upper High Street, Rhymney07:5307:5309:2811:2813:5816:33
Rhymney Bridge, after, Merthyr Road, Llechryd07:5607:5609:3011:3014:0016:35
Prince of Wales, after, Merthyr Road, Princetown07:5707:5709:3111:3114:0116:36
Brynambler Close, in, Merthyr Road, Princetown07:5707:5709:3111:3114:0116:36
Nag's Head, o/s, Merthyr Road, Tafarnaubach07:5907:5909:3311:3314:0316:38
Bryn Bach Park, after, Merthyr Road, Tafarnaubach08:0008:0009:3411:3414:0416:39
Bryn Rhosyn, after, Merthyr Road, Tredegar08:0108:0109:3511:3514:0516:40
Pen-y-bont, before, Llwynhelyg, Nant-y-bwch08:0408:0409:3811:3814:0816:43
Llwyn Helyg, opp Pub, Nant-y-bwch08:0508:0509:3911:3914:0916:44
Waundeg, in08:0508:0509:3911:3914:0916:44
Highfield Close, after, Llwynhelyg, Nant-y-bwch08:0608:0609:4011:4014:1016:45
Crown Inn, after, Merthyr Road, Ashvale08:0708:0709:4111:4114:1116:46
Brynbach Street, after, Pembroke Street, Ashvale08:0708:0709:4111:4114:1116:46
Griffiths Gardens, before, Pembroke Street, Ashvale08:0808:0809:4211:4214:1216:47
Fair View, after, North Avenue, Ashvale08:0808:0809:4211:4214:1216:47
Charles Street Top, at, Charles Street, Ashvale08:0908:0909:4311:4314:1316:48
Coach & Horses, opp, Charles Street, Tredegar08:1008:1009:4411:4414:1416:49
Sirhowy Bridge, nr, Church Street, Sirhowy08:1108:1109:4511:4514:1516:50
St George's Court, o/s, Church Street, Tredegar08:1208:1209:4611:4614:1616:51
Bus Station, Stand 2, Bank Lane, Tredegar08:1308:1309:4711:4714:1716:52

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.