Timetable for the 65 - Heath Hospital - Llanrumney and St. Mellons via Roath Bus Route
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Timetable for 65 - Heath Hospital - Llanrumney and St. Mellons via Roath Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Cardiff Bus (licensed as Cardiff City Transport Services Ltd).

Start Date: 01/09/2019 - End Date: 01/01/1970

bus timetable 65 Heath Hospital - Llanrumney and St. Mellons via Roath
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Map Showing the Routes of the 65 Heath Hospital - Llanrumney and St. Mellons via Roath Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Heath Hospital - Llanrumney and St. Mellons via Roath Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

opp, Police Station, St Mellons, 08:0208:0509:5713:2517:09
before, Coleford Drive, St Mellons, 08:0308:0609:5813:2617:10
before, Willowbrook Drive, Trowbridge, 08:0408:0709:5913:2717:11
after, Crickhowell Road, Trowbridge, 08:0408:0810:0013:2817:12
o/s, Meadowlane Primary School, Trowbridge, 08:0608:0910:0113:2917:13
o/s, Clos Gwlad-Yr-Haf, Trowbridge, 08:0708:1110:0313:3117:15
opp, Willowbrook School, St Mellons, 08:0808:1210:0313:3117:15
opp, Kwik Save, St Mellons, 08:0908:1310:0413:3217:16
before, Willowdene Way, St Mellons, 08:1008:1410:0513:3317:17
o/s, Heritage Park, St Mellons, 08:1008:1410:0513:3317:17
o/s, Heritage Inn, St Mellons, 08:1208:1610:0713:3517:19
before, Tresigin Road, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1013:3817:22
after, Tresigin Road, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1113:3917:23
before, Trebanog Crescent, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1213:4017:24
before, Cemaes Way, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1313:4117:25
after, Glan y Mor Road, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1413:4217:26
after, Brynbala Way, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1413:4217:26
Near 1, Aberdaron Road, Trowbridge, 08:1608:2010:1513:4317:27
after, Trowbridge Road, Trowbridge, 10:1613:4417:28
Eastern High School, Trowbridge, 08:2008:24
after, Trowbridge Road, Trowbridge, 08:24
before, Towyn Road, Rumney, 08:2510:1713:4517:29
after, Harris Avenue, Rumney, 08:2610:1813:4617:30
after, Heron Road, Rumney, 08:2610:1813:4617:30
before, Mardy Road, Pwll-Mawr, 08:2710:1913:4717:31
after, Quarry Dale, Rumney, 08:2910:2113:4917:33
after, Brachdy Lane, Rumney, 08:3010:2213:5017:34
before, Tredelerch Road, Rumney, 08:3110:2213:5017:35
o/s, The Potteries, Rumney, 08:3210:2413:5217:37
after, Ipswich Road, Penylan, 08:3310:2513:5317:38
before, Sainsbury's, Penylan, 08:3510:2613:5417:40
o/s, Peugeot Garage, Penylan, 08:3710:2813:5617:42
before, Baron's Court Rd, Penylan, 08:3710:2813:5617:42
Southcourt Road, Penylan, 08:3810:2913:5717:43
before, Ilton Road, Penylan, 08:3910:3013:5817:44
o/s, Marlborough Sch, Penylan, 08:4110:3214:0017:45
Marlborough Road, Penylan, 08:4110:3214:0017:45
o/s Tesco, Wellfield Road, Penylan, 08:4310:3414:0217:47
before, Werfa Street, Roath, 08:4510:3514:0317:48
before, Boverton St, Roath, 08:4610:3614:0417:49
after, Tydfil Place, Roath, 08:4710:3714:0517:50
o/s 109, Ninian Road, Roath, 08:4810:3814:0617:50
Wedal Road, Heath, 08:5110:4014:0817:52
after, Ty Maeth, Heath, 08:5310:4214:1017:54
opp, Hospital, Heath, 08:5410:4314:1117:55
o/s, Dental Hospital, Heath, 08:5510:4414:1217:56
entrance, Heath Park Way, Heath, 08:5610:4514:1317:57
opp, Childrens Unit, Heath, 08:5710:4614:1417:58
o/s, Main Entrance, Heath, 08:5810:4714:1517:59

MondayToFriday - outbound

o/s, Main Entrance, Heath, 07:2009:1212:4016:25
before, Ty Maeth, Heath, 07:2109:1312:4116:26
Crwys Medical Centre, Heath, 07:2309:1512:4316:28
opp 107, Ninian Road, Roath, 07:2609:1812:4716:31
after, Tydfil Place, Roath, 07:2709:1912:4816:32
after, Alder Road, Roath, 07:2809:2012:4916:33
after, Pen-y-wain Place, Roath, 07:2909:2112:5016:34
o/s, Library, Penylan, 07:3009:2212:5116:35
Claude Road, Roath, 07:3309:2512:5416:38
before, Marlborough Road, Penylan, 07:3309:2512:5416:38
opp, Marlborough Sch, Penylan, 07:3309:2612:5416:38
after, Ilton Road, Penylan, 07:3409:2712:5516:39
Earl`s Court Road, Penylan, 07:3609:2812:5716:41
opp YMCA, Peugeot Garage, Penylan, 07:3709:3012:5816:42
opp, Sainsbury's, Penylan, 07:3809:3112:5916:43
after, Colchester Avenue Bottom, Penylan, 07:3809:3112:5916:43
before, Ipswich Road, Penylan, 07:3909:3213:0016:44
after, Castle Avenue, Rumney, 07:4009:3313:0116:45
after, Ty Mawr Road, Rumney, 07:4209:3513:0316:47
o/s former, Carpenters Arms, Llanrumney, 07:4307:4109:3613:0416:48
after Cross Inn, Llanrumney Avenue, Rumney, 07:4307:4109:3613:0416:48
nr, Eastern Leisure Centre, Llanrumney, 07:4407:4209:3713:0516:49
after, Lynton Terrace, Llanrumney, 07:4507:4309:3813:0616:50
after, Ball Lane, Llanrumney, 07:4507:4309:3813:0616:50
opp, Llanrumney Hall, Llanrumney, 07:4607:4409:3913:0716:51
o/s, Laureate Close, Llanrumney, 07:4707:4509:4013:0816:52
Thackeray Crescent, Llanrumney, 07:4707:4509:4013:0816:52
opp, Siloam Baptist, Llanrumney, 07:4807:4609:4113:0916:53
after, Hazlitt Close, Llanrumney, 07:4907:4709:4113:0916:53
after, Arnold Ave, Llanrumney, 07:5007:4809:4213:1016:54
before, Bluebell Drive, Llanrumney, 07:5107:4909:4313:1016:54
after, Elgar Crescent, Llanrumney, 07:5307:5109:4413:1116:55
o/s, Countisbury Shops, Llanrumney, 07:5607:5409:4613:1316:57
opp junct, Mount Pleasant Ave, Llanrumney, 07:5707:5509:4713:1416:58
after, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Llanrumney, 07:5707:5509:4713:1416:59
after, Bluebell Inn, Llanrumney, 08:0007:5809:5013:1717:02
after pedestrian crossing, Llaneirwg Way, St Mellons, 08:0107:5909:5113:1817:04
before, Sanderling Drive, Old St Mellons, 08:0208:0009:5213:1917:05
opp, Police Station, St Mellons, 08:0408:0209:5413:2117:07

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.