Timetable for the 146 - Ammanford - Ammanford Bus Route

Timetable for 146 - Ammanford - Ammanford Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Cymru (licensed as Owen Williams).

Timetable Start Date: 29/05/2022 End Date: 04/06/2022

bus timetable 146 Ammanford - Ammanford

Map Showing the Routes of the 146 Ammanford - Ammanford Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ammanford - Ammanford Service

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Week Days - outbound

Bus Station , Bay 2, College Street12:0012:0014:0014:0016:2016:20
Wilkinson's Store, before, Ffordd William Walker12:0212:0214:0214:0216:2216:22
Foundry Road, opp Lidl, A47412:0212:0214:0214:0216:2216:22
Pontamman Road, adj Units12:0412:0414:0414:0416:2416:24
Perrivale Inn, o/s former, Pontamman Road12:0512:0514:0514:0516:2516:25
Farmers Arms, o/s, Cwmamman Road12:0812:0814:0814:0816:2816:28
Jones Terrace, opp junct, Cwmamman Road12:0912:0914:0914:0916:2916:29
Bro Ryan, after, Rhodfa Bryn Rhos12:1112:1114:1114:1116:3116:31
Penpound Lane, after, Cwmamman Road12:1112:1114:1114:1116:3116:31
Bryn-lloi Road, before, Cwmamman Road12:1212:1214:1214:1216:3216:32
Square, after, Cwmamman Road12:1312:1314:1314:1316:3316:33
Llys Saint Margaret, nr, Tabernacle Road12:1412:1414:1414:1416:3416:34
Tabernacle Road, opp Bench12:1412:1414:1414:1416:3416:34
Maesybont Middle, o/s 37, Maesybont12:1612:1614:1614:1616:3616:36
Workshops, adj, Tabernacle Road12:1712:1714:1714:1716:3716:37
Amman Valley Hospital, o/s, Folland Road12:1812:1814:1814:1816:3816:38
Folland Road, on12:1812:1814:1814:1816:3816:38
Glyndreiniog Market Garden, o/s, Folland Road12:2012:2014:2014:2016:4016:40
Maes-Yr-Hendre, before, Folland Road12:2112:2114:2114:2116:4116:41
Maesyrhendre, o/s 2012:2112:2114:2114:2116:4116:41
Maesybedol, opp 4112:2212:2214:2214:2216:4216:42
Maesybedol, after, Hendre Road12:2312:2314:2314:2316:4316:43
Twyn Square, before, Heol Maesuchel12:2612:2614:2614:2616:4616:46
Twyn PO, adj Post Box, Vicarage Road12:2612:2614:2614:2616:4616:46
Raven Inn, before, Cwmamman Road12:2712:2714:2714:2716:4716:47
Bryncethin Road, after, Stepney Road12:2912:2914:2914:2916:4916:49
Cowell Road, after, Dynevor Road12:2912:2914:2914:2916:4916:49
Raven Inn, opp, Cwmamman Road12:3112:3114:3114:3116:5116:51
New School Road, before, Cwmamman Road12:3412:3414:3414:3416:5416:54
Primary School, opp former, New School Road12:3412:3414:3414:3416:5416:54
Petrol Station, opp, Cwmamman Road12:3412:3414:3414:3416:5416:54
Square, before, Cwmamman Road12:3512:3514:3514:3516:5516:55
Bryn-lloi Road, after, Cwmamman Road12:3612:3614:3614:3616:5616:56
Bro Ryan, after, Rhodfa Bryn Rhos12:3812:3814:3814:3816:5816:58
Grenig Road, after, Cwmamman Road12:3812:3814:3814:3816:5816:58
Jones Terrace, after, Cwmamman Road12:3912:3914:3914:3916:5916:59
Farmers Arms, after, Cwmamman Road12:4012:4014:4014:4017:0017:00
Perrivale Inn, opp former, Pontamman Road12:4312:4314:4314:4317:0317:03
Pontamman Road, opp Units12:4412:4414:4414:4417:0417:04
Foundry Road, o/s Lidl, A47412:4612:4614:4614:4617:0617:06
Wilkinson's Store, after, Ffordd William Walker12:4712:4714:4714:4717:0717:07
Bus Station , Bay 2, College Street12:5112:5114:5114:5117:1117:11

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.