Timetable for the 64 - Ammanford - Ystradgynlais Bus Route

Timetable for 64 - Ammanford - Ystradgynlais Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Adventure Travel (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 04/01/2022

bus timetable 64 Ammanford - Ystradgynlais

Map Showing the Routes of the 64 Ammanford - Ystradgynlais Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ammanford - Ystradgynlais Service

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Week Days - outbound

Bus Station , Bay 2, College Street09:5912:59
Wilkinson's Store, before, Ffordd William Walker10:0213:02
Foundry Road, opp Lidl, A47410:0213:02
Pontamman Road, adj Units10:0413:04
Perrivale Inn, o/s former, Pontamman Road10:0413:04
Farmers Arms, o/s, Cwmamman Road10:0613:06
Jones Terrace, opp junct, Cwmamman Road10:0713:07
Penpound Lane, after, Cwmamman Road10:0813:08
Bryn-lloi Road, before, Cwmamman Road10:0813:08
Square, after, Cwmamman Road10:0913:09
Petrol Station, o/s, Cwmamman Road10:0913:09
Half Moon, before, Cwmamman Road10:1013:10
Brookland's Garage, opp, Cwmamman Road10:1113:11
Raven Inn, before, Cwmamman Road10:1313:13
Colliers Arms, opp former, Cwmamman Road10:1313:13
The Globe, before former, Graig Road10:1413:14
Gwaun Cae Gurwen Square, after, Brynamman Road10:1613:16
Gorsto Road, after, New Road10:1713:17
Old Bakers Arms, nr, New Road10:1813:18
Community Hall, o/s, Lauderdale Road10:2013:20
Old Bakers Arms, nr, New Road10:2113:21
Gorsto Road, before, New Road10:2313:23
Cwmgors Club, opp, Brynamman Road10:2513:25
Llys Nant Fer, before, Brynamman Road10:2513:25
Barry Road Lower, opp junct, Brynamman Road10:2613:26
Barry Road Upper, opp junct, Cannon Street10:2613:26
Post Office, o/s Post Box, Park Street10:2713:27
Banwen Place, before, Amman Road10:2713:27
Fair Ground, opp, Station Road10:2813:28
Cinema, o/s, Station Road10:2913:29
Quarry Road, before, Mountain Road10:2913:29
New Road, after, Mountain Road10:2913:29
Arfryn, opp 4510:3013:30
Derlwyn Arms, adj, Mountain Road07:0210:3213:3216:4217:42
Mountain Road, o/s 6907:0210:3213:3216:4217:42
Mountain Road, opp 5607:0210:3213:3216:4217:42
New Road, after, Mountain Road07:0310:3313:3316:4317:43
Brynamman Square, after, Cwmgarw Road07:0310:3313:3316:4317:43
Moriah Church, opp, Cwmgarw Road07:0410:3413:3416:4417:44
Cwmgarw, o/s 108, Cwmgarw Road07:0410:3413:3416:4417:44
Brynamman Industrial Estate, nr, Cwmgarw Road07:0510:3513:3516:4517:45
Remploy, opp former, Cwmgarw Road07:0510:3513:3516:4517:45
Rose & Crown, opp, Cwmgarw Road07:0710:3713:3716:4717:47
Rhosaman, in, A406807:0810:3813:3816:4817:48
Cefn Bryn-Brain, nr, Gwilym Road07:0910:3913:3916:4917:49
Gwilym Road, in07:1010:4013:4016:5017:50
Post Office, before, Gwilym Road07:1110:4113:4116:5117:51
Chapel, opp, New Road07:1208:4210:4213:4216:5217:52
St Margaret`s Church, after, New Road07:1208:4210:4213:4216:5217:52
Gwys Berrington Arms, nr, A406807:1308:4310:4313:4316:5317:53
Woodland Road, before, New Road07:1308:4310:4313:4316:5317:53
Berrington Hill, at, Heol Gwys07:1408:4410:4413:4416:5417:54
Cwmtwrch Rugby Club, o/s, Heol Tredeg07:1508:4510:4513:4516:5517:55
New Tredegar Arms, after, Heol Gwys07:1508:4510:4513:4516:5517:55
Heol Gleien, o/s 9807:1608:4610:4613:4616:5617:56
Danygraig, nr, Heol Gleien07:1708:4710:4713:4716:5717:57
Post Office, opp, Heol Twrch07:1808:4810:4813:4816:5817:58
Cwmtwrch Welsh School, nr, Heol Twrch07:1808:4810:4813:4816:5817:58
New Inn, nr, Bethel Road07:1908:4910:4913:4916:5917:59
Palleg Road, before, Cwmphil Road07:1908:4910:4913:4916:5917:59
Heol Meurig, before, Cwmphil Road07:2008:5010:5013:5017:0018:00
Primary School, nr, Gorof Road07:2208:5210:5213:5217:0218:02
Gorof Road, junct07:2208:5210:5213:5217:0218:02
Wind Road, opp 1407:2508:5510:5513:5517:0518:05
Post Office, nr, Wind Road07:2608:5610:5613:5617:0618:06
Hospital, opp, Yniscedwyn Road07:2708:5710:5713:5717:0718:07
Claphon Crossing, nr, Yniscedwyn Road07:2708:5710:5713:5717:0718:07
Gough Arms, nr, College Row07:2908:5910:5913:5917:0918:09
Interchange, at, Brecon Road 07:3109:0111:0114:0117:1118:11

Week Days - inbound

Interchange, at, Brecon Road 08:5011:5014:0516:1517:15
Heol Eglwys, after08:5011:5014:0516:1517:15
Gough Arms, nr, College Row08:5111:5114:0616:1617:16
Claphon Crossing, nr, Yniscedwyn Road08:5111:5114:0616:1617:16
Hospital, o/s, Glanrhyd Road08:5311:5314:0816:1817:18
Post Office, nr, Wind Road08:5411:5414:0916:1917:19
Lyte Ladders, nr, Wind Road08:5511:5514:1016:2017:20
Square, before, Cwmphil Road08:5711:5714:1216:2217:22
Primary School, nr, Gorof Road08:5811:5814:1316:2317:23
Gyrnosfa, nr, Gorof Road08:5811:5814:1316:2317:23
Palleg Road, after, Cwmphil Road09:0012:0014:1516:2517:25
New Inn, nr, Bethel Road09:0012:0014:1516:2517:25
Cwmtwrch Welsh School, nr, Heol Twrch09:0112:0114:1616:2617:26
Post Office, nr, Heol Gleien09:0112:0114:1616:2617:26
Danygraig, nr, Heol Gleien09:0212:0214:1716:2717:27
Heol Gleien, o/s 7909:0212:0214:1716:2717:27
New Tredegar Arms, o/s, Heol Gwys09:0412:0414:1916:2917:29
Cwmtwrch Rugby Club, opp, Heol Gwys09:0412:0414:1916:2917:29
Berrington Hill, nr, Heol Gwys09:0412:0414:1916:2917:29
Woodland Road, after, New Road09:0512:0514:2016:3017:30
Gwys Berrington Arms, nr, Heol Newydd New Road09:0512:0514:2016:3017:30
St Margaret`s Church, before, New Road09:0612:0614:2116:3117:31
Chapel, o/s, Gwilym Road09:0712:0714:2216:3217:32
Post Office, after, Gwilym Road09:0712:0714:2216:3217:32
Gwilym Road, in09:0812:0814:2316:3317:33
Cefn Bryn-Brain, nr, Gwilym Road09:0812:0814:2316:3317:33
Rhosaman, nr, Gwilym Road09:1012:1014:2516:3517:35
Rose & Crown, before, Cwmgarw Road09:1112:1114:2616:3617:36
Remploy, after former, Cwmgarw Road09:1212:1214:2716:3717:37
Cwmgarw, o/s 161, Cwmgarw Road09:1212:1214:2716:3717:37
Pont Cwmgarw, before, Cwmgarw Road09:1312:1314:2816:3817:38
Moriah Church, o/s, Cwmgarw Road09:1412:1414:2916:3917:39
Brynamman Square, before, Cwmgarw Road09:1412:1414:2916:3917:39
New Road, after, Mountain Road09:1512:1514:3016:4017:40
Arfryn, opp 4509:1612:1614:3116:4117:41
Derlwyn Arms, adj, Mountain Road09:1712:1714:3216:4217:42
Mountain Road, o/s 6909:1712:17
Mountain Road, opp 5609:1712:17
New Road, after, Mountain Road09:1812:18
Cinema, opp, Station Road09:2012:20
Fair Ground, o/s, Station Road09:2012:20
Banwen Place, after, Amman Road09:2112:21
Post Office, after Post Box, Park Street09:2112:21
Barry Road North, before, Cannon Street09:2112:21
Barry Road Lower, before, Brynamman Road09:2212:22
Heol-Y-Neuadd, opp junct, Brynamman Road09:2212:22
Cwmgors Club, o/s, Brynamman Road09:2312:23
Gorsto Road, after, New Road09:2412:24
Old Bakers Arms, nr, New Road09:2612:26
Community Hall, o/s, Lauderdale Road09:2812:28
Old Bakers Arms, nr, New Road09:2912:29
Gorsto Road, before, New Road09:3112:31
Gwaun Cae Gurwen Square, after, Graig Road09:3312:33
The Globe, after fromer, Ammanford Road09:3412:34
Colliers Arms, o/s former, Cwmamman Road09:3512:35
Raven Inn, opp, Cwmamman Road09:3612:36
New School Road, before, Cwmamman Road09:3612:36
Brookland's Garage, o/s, Cwmamman Road09:3712:37
Half Moon, o/s, Cwmamman Road09:3812:38
Petrol Station, opp, Cwmamman Road09:3912:39
Square, before, Cwmamman Road09:4012:40
Bryn-lloi Road, after, Cwmamman Road09:4012:40
Grenig Road, after, Cwmamman Road09:4012:40
Jones Terrace, after, Cwmamman Road09:4112:41
Farmers Arms, after, Cwmamman Road09:4212:42
Perrivale Inn, opp former, Pontamman Road09:4412:44
Pontamman Road, opp Units09:4412:44
Foundry Road, o/s Lidl, A47409:4612:46
Wilkinson's Store, after, Ffordd William Walker09:4712:47
St Michael & All Angels` Church, o/s, Wind Street09:4812:48
Bus Station , Bay 2, College Street09:5112:51

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.