Timetable for the DB4 - Chester - Deeside Industrial Park Bus Route
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Timetable for DB4 - Chester - Deeside Industrial Park Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire (licensed as Glenvale Transport Ltd).

Start Date: 02/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Connah's Quay, GDC Building - Chester Bus Interchange, Stand H
  • Connah's Quay, GDC Building - Garden City, Tenth Avenue, opp

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Chester, Railway Station, S5 - Connah's Quay, GDC Building
  • Chester Bus Interchange, Stand H - Connah's Quay, GDC Building
bus timetable DB4 Chester - Deeside Industrial Park
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Map Showing the Routes of the DB4 Chester - Deeside Industrial Park Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Chester - Deeside Industrial Park Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Chester, Railway Station, S5,(), 07:05
2Chester, Hoole Way, Stop R,(), 07:07
3Chester Bus Interchange, Stand H,(), 07:1008:1516:55
4Chester, Bull & Stirrup, Stop V,(), 07:1208:1716:56
5Chester, Northgate Church, o/s,(), 07:1408:19
6Chester, Garden Lane, cnr,(), 07:1808:23
7Chester, Nationwide Auto Centre, opp,(), 07:1808:23
8Chester, Cranleigh Crescent, opp,(), 07:1908:24
10Blacon, Lichfield Road, cnr,(), 07:2108:26
11Blacon, Stamford Road, opp,(), 07:2208:27
12Blacon Parade, opp,(), 07:2308:28
13Blacon, Hair at 139, o/s,(), 07:2308:28
14Blacon, Willow Drive, cnr,(), 07:2408:29
15Saughall, Wash Hall, NW-bound,(), 07:2408:29
16Saughall, Egerton Arms PH, nr,(), 07:2508:30
17Saughall, Aspen Grove, opp,(), 07:2508:30
18Saughall, The Peg, o/s,(), 07:2608:31
19Saughall, Meadows Lane, opp,(), 07:2708:32
20Saughall, Fox Lea, cnr,(), 07:2708:32
21Saughall, Cartref, opp,(), 07:2708:32
22Chester, Earls Port, opp,(), 16:57
23Chester, Gladstone Avenue, opp,(), 16:58
24Chester, Stadium Way, NW-bound,(), 16:58
25Chester, B&Q, o/s,(), 17:00
26Chester, Employment Park, o/s,(), 17:01
27Chester, Park & Ride, nr,(), 17:01
28Sealand, Western Avenue,(), 17:03
29Sealand, Burgess,(), 17:06
30Sealand, Deeside Lane,(), 17:07
31Sealand, Brooklyn Farm,(), 07:2808:3317:09
32Sealand, Home Farm,(), 07:2908:3417:10
33Garden City, Manor Road Turn,(), 07:2908:3417:11
34Sealand, Green Lane East,(), 07:3108:3617:16
35Connah's Quay, Parkway,(), 07:3508:4017:20
36Connah's Quay, GDC Building,(), 07:3708:4217:22

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTimeTime
1Connah's Quay, GDC Building,(), 07:3708:4216:1517:30
2Garden City, Manetti,(), 07:3908:4416:1717:32
3Garden City, Newtech Square,(), 07:3908:4416:1717:32
4Garden City, Tenth Avenue, opp,(), 07:4608:4416:2417:39
5Garden City, Green Lane East,(), 07:5116:3117:46
6Garden City, Manor Road Turn,(), 07:5516:3217:47
7Sealand, Home Farm,(), 07:5616:3217:47
8Sealand, Brooklyn Farm,(), 07:5716:3217:47
9Sealand, Deeside Lane,(), 07:59
10Sealand, Burgess,(), 08:01
11Blacon, Western Avenue, cnr,(), 08:04
12Chester, Park & Ride, opp,(), 08:05
13Chester, Employment Park, opp,(), 08:06
14Chester, B&Q, opp,(), 08:07
15Chester, Tesco, opp,(), 08:08
16Chester, Stadium Way, SE-bound,(), 08:09
17Chester, Sedgefield Road, cnr,(), 08:09
18Chester, Charlotte Street, cnr,(), 08:10
19Chester, Upper Northgate St, cnr,(), 08:11
20Saughall, Cartref, o/s,(), 16:3317:48
21Saughall, Meadows Lane, cnr,(), 16:3417:49
22Saughall, The Ridings, cnr,(), 16:3417:49
23Saughall, Aspen Grove, cnr,(), 16:3517:50
24Saughall, Egerton Arms PH, opp,(), 16:3617:51
25Saughall, Wash Hall, SE-bound,(), 16:3617:51
26Blacon, Willow Drive, opp,(), 16:3717:52
27Blacon, Stamford Road, cnr,(), 16:3717:52
28Blacon, Egerton Road, opp,(), 16:3717:52
29Blacon Parade, o/s,(), 16:3817:53
30Blacon, Stamford Road, nr,(), 16:3817:53
31Blacon, Lichfield Road, opp,(), 16:3917:54
32Blacon, The Lodge, adj,(), 16:4017:55
33Chester, Cranleigh Crescent, nr,(), 16:4117:56
34Chester, Stadium Way, opp,(), 16:4217:57
35Chester, Garden Lane, opp,(), 16:4317:58
36Chester, St Thomas Canterbury Church, opp,(), 16:4518:00
37Chester, Delamere Street, Stop 3,(), 08:1116:4818:03
38Chester Bus Interchange, Stand H,(), 08:1316:5118:06

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.