Timetable for the A55 - Llandudno - Caernafon Bus Route
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Timetable for A55 - Llandudno - Caernafon Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Wales (licensed as Arriva Cymru Ltd).

Start Date: 02/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Caernarfon, Bus Station, Stand A - Llandudno, Palladium, Stop Y

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Llandudno Junction, WAG Offices, SE-bound - Caernarfon, Bus Station, Stand A
bus timetable A55 Llandudno - Caernafon
Operator Information for Arriva Wales
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customerservice@arriva.co.uk 03448004411 @arrivabuswales Arriva Customer Services, Freepost ANG 7624, Luton LU4 8BR

Map Showing the Routes of the A55 Llandudno - Caernafon Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Llandudno - Caernafon Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Llandudno Junction, WAG Offices, SE-bound,(), 17:10
2Llandudno Junction, Capel Pensarn, NW-bound,(), 17:11
3Llandudno Junction, Trem yr Afon, NW-bound,(), 17:11
4Llandudno Junction, Preswylfa, NW-bound,(), 17:11
5Llandudno Junction, Station, Platform 5,(), 17:13
6Llandudno Junction, Flyover W,(), 17:14
7Conwy, Railway Station, Stop M,(), 17:18
8Conwy, Bodlondeb,(), 17:18
9Conwy, Llys Bodlondeb, NW-bound,(), 17:18
10Conwy, Cwrt Llewellyn,(), 17:19
11Conwy, Bryn Morfa Caravan Park, NW-bound,(), 17:20
12Penmaenmawr, Pen-y-cae Football Ground, SW-bound,(), 17:26
13Pen-y-Cae, Church Road,(), 17:27
14Penmaenmawr, Llys Clwyd, W-bound,(), 17:28
15Penmaenmawr, Brookes Tarpaulin, SW-bound,(), 17:28
16Penmaenmawr, Red Gables,(), 17:29
17Penmaenan, Alexandra Hotel, SW-bound,(), 17:29
18Penmaenan, Crimea Terrace, W-bound,(), 17:30
19Llanfairfechan, Pendalar, SW-bound,(), 17:33
20Llanfairfechan, Penmaen Park, SW-bound,(), 17:34
21Llanfairfechan, Plas Menai, SW-bound,(), 17:35
22Llanfairfechan, Plas y Berth, SW-bound,(), 17:35
23Llanfairfechan, Bont Newydd, SW-bound,(), 17:36
24Llanfairfechan, Rhandir Hedd Cemetery, NE-bound,(), 17:37
25Gorddinog, SW-bound,(), 17:39
26Tal-y-bont, Ty`n-yr-hendre,(), 17:43
27Tal-y-bont, Tan y Lon, SW-bound,(), 17:43
28Tal-y-bont, Lon Llanllechid, W-bound,(), 17:44
29Tal-y-bont, Castell Penrhyn, NW-bound,(), 17:45
30Llandygai, Penrhyn Castle, NW-bound,(), 17:45
31Llandygai, Llandegai Industrial Estate, SE-bound,(), 17:46
32Llandygai, Llandegai Vicarage, SW-bound,(), 17:46
33Y Felinheli, Faenol, SW-bound,(), 17:54
34Y Felinheli, Nant-y-Garth,(), 17:55
35Y Felinheli, Y Fron,(), 17:56
36Y Felinheli, Ty Hanner Ffordd, SW-bound,(), 17:57
37Y Felinheli, Aber Pwll Nant y Garth,(), 17:57
38Y Felinheli, Felinheli Victoria,(), 17:57
39Y Felinheli, Arfon, SW-bound,(), 17:58
40Y Felinheli, Modurdy,(), 17:58
41Y Felinheli, Santes Fair, SW-bound,(), 17:59
42Y Felinheli, Cerrig-yr-afon, SW-bound,(), 18:00
43Y Felinheli, Llanfair Hall, opp,(), 18:01
44Y Felinheli, Plas Menai, SW-bound,(), 18:02
45Waterloo Port, Griffiths Crossing, SW-bound,(), 18:03
46Waterloo Port, Ferodo, SW-bound,(), 18:03
47Waterloo Port, Tal Menai, SW-bound,(), 18:04
48Waterloo Port, Mor Awelon,(), 18:05
49Waterloo Port, Campbell Road, SW-bound,(), 18:06
50Waterloo Port, Alexandra Hotel,(), 18:06
51Caernarfon, Bus Station, Stand A,(), 18:08

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Caernarfon, Bus Station, Stand A,(), 08:10
2Asda A,(), 08:10
3Waterloo Port, Caernarfon Morrisons,(), 08:10
4Waterloo Port, Campbell Road, NW-bound,(), 08:11
5Waterloo Port, Mor Awelon,(), 08:12
6Waterloo Port, Tal Menai, NE-bound,(), 08:13
7Waterloo Port, Ferodo, NE-bound,(), 08:14
8Waterloo Port, Griffiths Crossing, NE-bound,(), 08:14
9Y Felinheli, Plas Menai, NE-bound,(), 08:15
10Y Felinheli, Llanfair Hall, o/s,(), 08:15
11Y Felinheli, Cerrig-yr-afon, NE-bound,(), 08:16
12Y Felinheli, Santes Fair, NE-bound,(), 08:17
13Y Felinheli, Menai Garage,(), 08:18
14Y Felinheli, Arfon, NE-bound,(), 08:18
15Y Felinheli, Bodarwydd,(), 08:19
16Y Felinheli, Ty Hanner Ffordd, NE-bound,(), 08:20
17Y Felinheli, Nant Adda,(), 08:20
18Y Felinheli, Nant-y-Garth,(), 08:20
19Y Felinheli, Faenol, NE-bound,(), 08:21
20Llandygai, Llandegai Industrial Estate, NW-bound,(), 08:26
21Llandygai, Llandegai Industrial Estate, SE-bound,(), 08:27
22Tal-y-bont, Castell Penrhyn, NE-bound,(), 08:28
23Tal-y-bont, Lon Llanllechid, E-bound,(), 08:28
24Tal-y-bont, Tan y Lon, NE-bound,(), 08:30
25Llanfairfechan, Rhandir Hedd Cemetery, NE-bound,(), 08:37
26Llanfairfechan, Bont Newydd, NE-bound,(), 08:38
27Llanfairfechan, Plas y Berth, NE-bound,(), 08:38
28Llanfairfechan, Plas Menai, NE-bound,(), 08:38
29Llanfairfechan, Penmaen Park, NE-bound,(), 08:39
30Llanfairfechan, Pendalar, NE-bound,(), 08:40
31Penmaenmawr, Brookes Tarpaulin, NE-bound,(), 08:45
32Penmaenmawr, New York Bridge,(), 08:45
33Penmaenmawr, Llys Clwyd, E-bound,(), 08:46
34Penmaenmawr, Church Road,(), 08:46
35Penmaenmawr, Pen-y-cae Football Ground, NE-bound,(), 08:47
36Conwy, Bryn Morfa Caravan Park, SE-bound,(), 08:54
37Conwy, Cwrt Llewelyn,(), 08:55
38Conwy, Town Ditch Q,(), 08:56
39Conwy, Castle Square R,(), 08:56
40Llandudno Junction, Flyover X,(), 08:58
41Llandudno Junction, Station, Platform 5,(), 09:00
42Llandudno Junction, Preswylfa, SE-bound,(), 09:00
43Llandudno Junction, Trem yr Afon, SE-bound,(), 09:01
44Llandudno Junction, Capel Pensarn, SE-bound,(), 09:01
45Llandudno Junction, WAG Offices, SE-bound,(), 09:03
46Llandudno Junction, Capel Pensarn, NW-bound,(), 09:04
47Llandudno Junction, Trem yr Afon, NW-bound,(), 09:04
48Llandudno Junction, Preswylfa, NW-bound,(), 09:05
49Llandudno Junction, Station, Stop T,(), 09:05
50Llandudno Junction, Station, Platform 5,(), 09:06
51Llandudno Junction, New Road, Stand Y,(), 09:07
52Tywyn, Fon Tom, NW-bound,(), 09:08
53Deganwy, Stamford Street, NW-bound,(), 09:08
54Deganwy, Railway Station, NW-bound,(), 09:09
55Deganwy, Gannock Road, N-bound,(), 09:09
56Deganwy, Hawes Drive, N-bound,(), 09:10
57Deganwy, Maesdu Avenue, NW-bound,(), 09:11
58Llandudno, Maesdu Bridge, NW-bound,(), 09:12
59Llandudno, Attlee Close, NE-bound,(), 09:13
60Llandudno, Cwm Place,(), 09:14
61Llandudno, Vicarage Avenue,(), 09:17
62Llandudno, Lon Cymru,(), 09:18
63Llandudno, Fire Station, NW-bound,(), 09:19
64Llandudno, Law Courts, Stop V,(), 09:19
65Llandudno, North Western,(), 09:20
66Llandudno, Victoria Centre Stop X,(), 09:20
67Llandudno, Palladium, Stop Y,(), 09:22

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.