Timetable for the 42 - Bangor - Llangefni Bus Route

Timetable for 42 - Bangor - Llangefni Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Gwynfor Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 03/10/2021

bus timetable 42 Bangor - Llangefni

Map Showing the Routes of the 42 Bangor - Llangefni Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Bangor - Llangefni Service

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Week Days - outbound

Bus Station C, at, Garth Road07:3212:0018:25
Ffordd Deiniol, o/s Memorial Building, Deiniol Road07:3312:0118:26
Farrar Street, opp 3707:3312:0118:26
Railway Station H, after, Station Road07:3512:0318:28
Morrisons, before, Holyhead Road07:3512:0318:28
Bangor Uchaf, at, Holyhead Road07:3612:0418:29
Look Out, nr, Holyhead Road07:3612:0418:29
Coleg Normal, opp, Holyhead Road07:3912:0718:31
Antelope Inn, o/s, Holyhead Road07:4012:0818:33
Carreg y Borth, nr, Telford Road07:4212:1018:34
Bus Station, at, Wood Street07:4312:1118:35
Ysgol David Hughes, in, Grounds18:38
Cemetery, nr, Holyhead Road07:4412:1218:39
Llanfairpwll Park & Ride, Grounds, A502518:41
Carreg-Bran, o/s, Holyhead Road07:4612:1418:41
Bowling Green, o/s, Ffordd Penmynydd18:43
Old Tollgate, after, Brynsiencyn Road07:4712:1518:47
Victoria Cottages, opp, Brynsiencyn Road07:4812:1618:48
Plas Newydd, after, Brynsiencyn Road07:5112:1918:51
Llwynonn Lodge, opp, Brynsiencyn Road07:5112:1918:51
Llanddaniel Fab Turn, before, A408007:5112:1918:51
Plas Cefn Mawr, nr, A408007:5212:2018:52
Bryn Fellten, nr, A408007:5312:2118:53
Bryn Llewelyn, nr, A408007:5512:2318:55
Groeslon Hotel, opp, A408007:5512:2318:55
Post Office, after, A408007:5612:2418:56
Ty'n Cwrt Estate, after, A408007:5612:2418:56
Pen-y-Gongle, nr, A408007:5612:2418:56
Fron Caravan Park, opp, A408007:5712:2518:57
Dwyran Turn, before, A408007:5912:2718:59
Bwlch Fedwen, opp, Main Road08:0212:3019:02
Post Office, nr, Main Road08:0312:3119:03
Bird World Aviaries, nr, A408008:0512:3319:05
Model Village, after, A408008:0712:3519:07
Pen-lon Roundabout, after, A408008:0812:3519:08
Llwyn Helyg, nr, Chapel Street08:0912:3619:09
Capel Ebeneser, before, Chapel Street08:1012:3719:10
White Lion Hotel, after, Hendre Street08:1012:37
Rhodfa Bach, before, A408008:1012:37
Newborough Forest, after, A408008:1112:38
Joiners Arms, before, High Street08:1412:41
Tegfryn Garage, o/s, A408008:1512:42
Ysgol Gynradd Bodrogan, after, A408008:1612:43
Alltfeirian, nr, A408008:1712:44
Argraig, nr, A408008:1712:44
Treflys, nr, A408008:1812:45
St Cadwaladr`s Church, after, A408008:1812:45
Post Office, after, Bodorgan Square08:2312:50
Bodorgan Railway Station, after, Station Approach08:2812:55
Malltraeth Turn, before, Station Road08:2812:55
Parc Glas Surgery, o/s, B442208:2912:56
Abingerwood, after, B442208:2912:56
Efail Henblas, nr, B442208:3112:58
Hen Ysgol Henblas, opp, B442208:3313:00
Cerrigceinwen Main Road, before, B442208:3413:01
Cwm Cwmwd, nr, Holyhead Road08:3513:02
Capel Cana, before, B442208:3613:03
Gorwel Deg, before, B442208:3613:03
Penrhiw, after, B442208:3713:04
Tan Rallt, nr, B442208:3813:05
Cae Mawr, nr, B442208:3813:05
Bodelis, nr, B442208:3913:06
Ffordd Corn Hir, before, Cildwrn Road08:4013:07
Ysgol, before, Cildwrn Road08:4013:07
Post Office, o/s, Church Street08:4213:09
Coleg Menai, after, Penmynydd Road08:46

Week Days - inbound

Coleg Menai, before, Penmynydd Road17:01
Post Office, o/s, Church Street07:2008:5010:2514:0015:2017:06
Library, o/s, High Street07:2008:5010:2514:0015:2017:06
Ysgol, before, Nant Terrace07:2108:5110:2614:0115:2117:07
Ffordd Corn Hir, after, Cildwrn Road07:2108:5110:2614:0115:2117:07
Bodelis, nr, B442207:2208:5210:2714:0215:2217:08
Cae Mawr, nr, B442207:2208:5210:2714:0215:2217:08
Tan Rallt, nr, B442207:2308:5310:2814:0315:2317:09
Penrhiw, after, B442207:2508:5510:3014:0515:2517:11
Gorwel Deg, after, B442207:2508:5510:3014:0515:2517:11
Capel Cana, after, B442207:2508:5510:3014:0515:2517:11
Cefn Cwmwd, nr, Holyhead Road07:2508:5510:3014:0515:2517:11
Cerrigceinwen Main Road, before, B442207:2808:5810:3314:0815:2817:14
Hen Ysgol Henblas, o/s, B442207:2808:5810:3314:0815:2817:14
Efail Henblas, nr, B442207:3009:0010:3514:1015:3017:16
Abingerwood, opp, B442207:3209:0210:3714:1215:3217:18
Parc Glas Surgery, opp, B442207:3309:0310:3814:1315:3317:19
Post Office, after, Bodorgan Square07:3909:0910:4414:1915:3917:25
St Cadwaladr`s Church, before, A408007:4209:1310:4814:2315:4217:28
Malakoff, nr, A408007:4309:1310:4814:2315:4317:29
Treflys, nr, A408007:4309:1310:4814:2315:4317:29
Argraig, nr, A408007:4409:1410:4914:2415:4417:30
Alltfeirian, nr, A408007:4409:1410:4914:2415:4417:30
Tegfryn Garage, opp, A408007:4609:1610:5114:2615:4617:32
Joiners Arms, after, High Street07:4809:1810:5314:2815:4817:34
Newborough Forest, before, A408007:5009:2010:5514:3015:5017:36
Penrhos, after, A408007:5109:2110:5614:3115:5117:37
White Lion Hotel, opp, Malltraeth Street06:4507:5209:2210:5714:3215:5217:38
Capel Ebeneser, after, Chapel Street06:4507:5209:2210:5714:3215:5217:38
Llwyn Helyg, nr, Chapel Street06:4507:5209:2210:5714:3215:5217:38
Pen-lon Roundabout, after, A408006:4607:5309:2310:5814:3315:5317:39
Model Village, before, A408006:4607:5309:2310:5814:3315:5317:39
Bird World Aviaries, nr, A408006:4907:5609:2611:0114:3615:5617:42
Llwyn Helyg, nr, A408006:4907:5609:2611:0114:3615:5617:42
Bwlch Fedwen, opp, Main Road06:5007:5709:2711:0214:3715:5717:43
Post Office, nr, Main Road06:5107:5809:2811:0314:3815:5817:44
Llys Newydd, nr, Dwyran Road06:5207:5909:3011:0514:4015:5917:45
Dwyran Turn, after, A408006:5308:0009:3011:0514:4016:0017:46
Fron Caravan Park, o/s, A408006:5508:0209:3311:0814:4316:0217:48
Pen-y-Gongle, nr, A408006:5708:0409:3411:0914:4416:0417:50
Ty'n Cwrt Estate, before, A408006:5708:0409:3411:0914:4416:0417:50
Post Office, before, A408006:5808:0509:3511:1014:4516:0517:51
Groeslon Hotel, o/s, A408006:5808:0509:3511:1014:4516:0517:51
Bryn Llewelyn, nr, A408006:5808:0509:3511:1014:4516:0517:51
Bryn Fellten, nr, A408006:5908:0609:3611:1114:4616:0617:52
Plas Cefn Mawr, nr, A408007:0108:0809:3811:1314:4816:0817:54
Llanddaniel Fab Turn, after, A408007:0108:0809:3811:1314:4816:0817:54
Llwynonn Logde, o/s, Brynsiencyn Road07:0108:0809:3811:1314:4816:0817:54
Plas Newydd, before, Brynsiencyn Road07:0208:0909:3911:1414:4916:0917:55
Victoria Cottages, o/s, Brynsiencyn Road07:0408:1109:4111:1614:5116:1117:57
Old Tollgate, before, Brynsiencyn Road07:0608:1209:4211:1714:5216:1217:58
Turnpike, after, Holyhead Road07:06
Carreg-Bran, after, Holyhead Road07:07
Rhyd Menai, before roundabout, Holyhead Road07:09
Wood Street, opp Library07:10
Menai Suspension Bridge, before, Mona Road07:11
Antelope Inn, opp, Holyhead Road07:12
Ysbyty Gwynedd, Grounds07:17
Penrhos Garnedd, nr, Penrhos Road07:17
Kingdom Hall, o/s, Penrhos Road07:18
Bryn Adda, before, Penrhos Road07:18
Hafod Elfyn, before, Ffordd Penrhos07:18
Pen Coed Mawr, after, Penrhos Road07:19
Heol Penrhos, o/s 58, Penrhos Road07:19
Ffordd Penrhos, o/s 53, Penrhos Road07:20
Ffordd Belmont, opp Playing Fields, Belmont Road07:20
Swyddfa'r Post Office, after, Ffriddoedd Road07:21
Coleg Menai, opp, Ffriddoedd Road07:21
Canolfan Hamdden, opp, Ffriddoedd Road07:22
Llys Tryfan, o/s, Ffriddoedd Road07:22
Menai Suspension Bridge, before, Mona Road08:2818:12
Antelope Inn, opp, Holyhead Road08:2918:13
Coleg Normal, o/s, Holyhead Road08:3018:14
Look Out, nr, Holyhead Road08:3218:15
Belle Vue Hotel, before, Holyhead Road08:3318:16
Wood Street, opp Library08:2709:5711:2215:0516:2618:12
Turnpike, after, Holyhead Road08:1209:4211:1714:5216:1217:58
Post Office, opp, Holyhead Road08:1309:4311:1814:5316:1317:59
Ffordd Penmynydd, opp Bowling Green08:1709:4714:5716:1718:03
Lon y Wylan, before, Ffordd Penmynydd08:1709:4711:1814:5716:1718:03
Lon Refail, opp Hyfrydle08:1809:4811:1914:5716:1818:04
Sant Tysilio, before, A502508:1809:4811:1914:5716:1818:04
Llanfairpwll Park & Ride, Grounds, A502508:1909:4914:5816:1918:05
Fron Farm, before, Pentraeth Road08:2209:5111:2015:0016:2218:08
Ysgol David Hughes, in, Grounds08:2309:5315:0216:2318:09
Glyn Estate, o/s, Pentraeth Road08:2409:5411:2115:0216:2318:09
Morrisons, o/s, Holyhead Road07:2308:3418:16
Railway Station J, after, Deiniol Road07:2508:3518:17
Ffordd Deiniol, opp ASDA, Deiniol Road07:2508:3518:17
Bus Station C, at, Garth Road07:2808:3818:20

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.