Timetable for the 64 - Ebbw Vale - Cwmbran Bus Route
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Timetable for 64 - Ebbw Vale - Cwmbran Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach South Wales (licensed as Red & White Services Ltd).

Start Date: 03/09/2018

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Oakfield, Flower Gardens, nr - Ebbw Vale, Learning Zone, Stop 4

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Ebbw Vale, Learning Zone, Stop 1 - Oakfield, Flower Gardens, nr
bus timetable 64 Ebbw Vale - Cwmbran
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Map Showing the Routes of the 64 Ebbw Vale - Cwmbran Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ebbw Vale - Cwmbran Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Ebbw Vale, Learning Zone, Stop 1,(), 16:00
2Ebbw Vale, Libanus Corner, nr,(), 16:01
3Bowling Green,(), 16:02
4Lillian Grove,(), 16:02
5Glanffrwd,(), 16:03
6Barham Chapel,(), 16:05
7Carmeltown, Church Crescent, after garage,(), 16:05
8Beaufort, Soar Baptist Church, before,(), 16:06
9Beaufort, Ballroom, opp,(), 16:06
10Beaufort, Vale View, nr,(), 16:07
11Beaufort, Post Office, nr before,(), 16:07
12Beaufort, Farmers Arms, before,(), 16:08
13Brynmawr, Bryn Farm Estate, at,(), 16:08
14Brynmawr, George Street Top, at,(), 16:09
15Brynmawr, Bus Station, Stand 4,(), 16:11
16Llanelly Hill, Garn Road, nr,(), 16:16
17Garn-yr-erw, Upper Garn Institute, nr former,(), 16:20
18Garn-yr-erw, Garn-yr-Erw, nr,(), 16:21
19Garn-yr-erw, Kays & Kears Ind Est, nr,(), 16:21
20Rifle Green, Bunkers Hill, nr,(), 16:23
21Blaenavon, Upper Waun Street, opp 24,(), 16:23
22Blaenavon, High Street, opp 58,(), 16:24
23Burford Street,(), 16:24
24Blaenavon, Curwood, nr,(), 16:24
25Forgeside, Cemetery, o/s,(), 16:25
26Varteg, Mountain Gate, before,(), 16:27
27Varteg, Salisbury Terrace, opp,(), 16:28
28Varteg, Gladstone Terrace, before,(), 16:29
29Varteg, Terminus, at,(), 16:30
30Garndiffaith, Balance Road, before,(), 16:30
31Garndiffaith, Bakery Houses, nr,(), 16:32
32Talywain, Globe, nr former,(), 16:33
33Talywain, Commercial Road Top, at,(), 16:33
34Talywain, Church, o/s,(), 16:34
35Fairfield, British School Close, before,(), 16:34
36Abersychan, Big Arch, opp,(), 16:35
37Abersychan, Devon Place, before,(), 16:36
38Abersychan, Union Street, at,(), 16:37
39Abersychan, Broad Street, before,(), 16:38
40Snatchwood Terrace, opp 89,(), 16:38
41Snatchwood Road Bottom, at,(), 16:39
42Pontnewynydd, St Luke's Road, nr,(), 16:41
43Pontnewynydd, Merchant's Hill, after,(), 16:41
44Pontypool, Riverside, opp,(), 16:43
45Pontypool, Park Road, opp Bank,(), 16:44
46Pontypool, Town Hall, Stand 1,(), 16:45
47Leisure Centre,(), 16:45
48Pontymoile, Trosnant Street, before,(), 16:46
49Pontymoile, Lower Park Gates, o/s,(), 16:47
50New Inn, Panteg Cemetery, o/s,(), 16:49
51New Inn, Railway Station, before,(), 16:49
52New Inn, Ruth Road, before,(), 16:50
53New Inn, Infants School, o/s,(), 16:51
54New Inn, Post Office, nr,(), 16:52
55New Inn, Llandegefedd Way, after,(), 16:52
56Lower New Inn, Church Lane, after,(), 16:53
57Lower New Inn, The Lower New Inn, opp,(), 16:54
58Lower New Inn, Rechem, opp,(), 16:54
59Lowlands Road, o/s 52,(), 16:58
60Pontnewydd, War Memorial, opp,(), 16:59
61Pontnewydd, Russell Street, o/s Dentist,(), 17:00
62Pontnewydd, Workingmen's Club, before,(), 17:01
63Cwmbran, Bus Station, arr,(), 17:05
64Southville, Goldcliff House, nr,(), 17:06
65Cwmbran, Stadium, nr,(), 17:08
66St Dials, Cwmbran Fire Station, after,(), 17:09
67St Dials, Old Cwmbran Bowling Green, after,(), 17:10
68St Dials, Shops, after,(), 17:10
69St Dials, Shakespeare Road, after,(), 17:11
70St Dials, Gileston Walk, nr,(), 17:11
71Greenmeadow, Parc Celyn, opp,(), 17:12
72Greenmeadow, Pandy, before,(), 17:12
73Greenmeadow, Badger`s Mead, after,(), 17:13
74Fairwater, Three Penny Bit, nr,(), 17:13
75Fairwater, Cheriton Path, nr,(), 17:14
76Fairwater, Post Office, nr,(), 17:15
77Fairwater, Tolpath, before,(), 17:15
78Henllys Way, on,(), 17:17
79Henllys, Pensarn Way, after,(), 17:18
80Henllys, Llys Gwyrdd, after,(), 17:19
81Coed Eva, Perthy Close, after,(), 17:20
82Hollybush, Bryn Milwr, after,(), 17:22
83Hollybush, Two Locks Road, nr 61,(), 17:22
84Hollybush, Two Locks Nursery School, o/s,(), 17:23
85Ty Coch, Cwmbran TA Centre, nr,(), 17:24
86Oakfield, Flower Gardens, nr,(), 17:25

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Oakfield, Flower Gardens, nr,(), 07:25
2Ty Coch, Cwmbran TA Centre, nr,(), 07:25
3Hollybush, Two Locks Nursery School, opp,(), 07:26
4Hollybush, Mill Tavern, nr,(), 07:27
5Hollybush, Bryn Milwr, before,(), 07:27
6Hollybush, Trostrey, before,(), 07:28
7Hollybush, Brynglas, nr,(), 07:28
8Coed Eva, Perthy Close, after,(), 07:29
9Henllys, Llys Gwyrdd, opp junct,(), 07:30
10Henllys, Pensarn Way, before,(), 07:31
11Henllys Way, on,(), 07:33
12Henllys, Ty Canol Court, nr,(), 07:33
13Fairwater, Ty Canol Row, nr,(), 07:33
14Fairwater, Neerings,(), 07:34
15Fairwater, Post Office, nr,(), 07:35
16Fairwater, Fairhill Walk, nr,(), 07:35
17Fairwater, Cheriton Path, nr,(), 07:35
18Fairwater, Three Penny Bit, nr,(), 07:36
19Greenmeadow, Badger`s Mead, before,(), 07:36
20Greenmeadow, Pandy, after,(), 07:37
21Greenmeadow, Parc Celyn, o/s,(), 07:37
22St Dials, Shakespeare Road, before,(), 07:38
23St Dials, Shops, opp,(), 07:39
24St Dials, Old Cwmbran Bowling Green, o/s,(), 07:39
25Southville, Cwmbran Fire Station, opp,(), 07:40
26Cwmbran, Stadium, nr,(), 07:41
27Southville, Redbrook House, nr,(), 07:43
28Cwmbran, Llantarnam Grange, o/s,(), 07:44
29Cwmbran, Bus Station, arr,(), 07:45
30Pontnewydd, Workingmen`s Club, after,(), 07:48
31Pontnewydd, Lloyds TSB, o/s former,(), 07:49
32Pontnewydd, Richmond Road, before,(), 07:50
33Pontnewydd, War Memorial, before,(), 07:50
34Lowlands, Surgery, opp,(), 07:51
35Lowlands Road, after 57,(), 07:51
36Lower New Inn, Rechem, o/s,(), 07:54
37Lower New Inn, The Lower New Inn, o/s,(), 07:55
38Lower New Inn, Church Lane, before,(), 07:55
39New Inn, Llandegefedd Way, before,(), 07:56
40New Inn, Panteg Church Hall, o/s,(), 07:57
41New Inn, Ruth Road, after,(), 07:57
42New Inn, Railway Station, after,(), 07:58
43New Inn, Panteg Cemetery, opp,(), 07:59
44Pontymoile, Builders Yard, opp,(), 08:01
45Pontymoile, Trosnant Street, before,(), 08:01
46Pontypool, Town Hall, Stand 4,(), 08:03
47Pontypool, Park Road, o/s Bank,(), 08:03
48Pontypool, Riverside, o/s,(), 08:03
49Pontnewynydd, Merchant's Hill, after,(), 08:05
50Pontnewynydd, Post Office, opp Post Box,(), 08:05
51Snatchwood Road Bottom, at,(), 08:06
52Snatchwood Terrace, o/s 5,(), 08:06
53Abersychan, Broad Street, after,(), 08:07
54Abersychan, Union Street, nr,(), 08:07
55Abersychan, Telephone Exchange, opp,(), 08:07
56Abersychan, Big Arch, o/s,(), 08:08
57Fairfield, British School Close, beofre,(), 08:08
58Talywain, Heol Waun, before,(), 08:09
59Talywain, Commercial Road Top, at,(), 08:09
60Talywain, Emlyn Park, o/s,(), 08:10
61Garndiffaith, Bakery Houses, nr,(), 08:10
62Garndiffaith, Balance Road, before,(), 08:11
63Varteg, Terminus, at,(), 08:12
64Varteg, Gladstone Terrace, after,(), 08:12
65Salisbury Terrace,(), 08:12
66Varteg, Mountain Gate, after,(), 08:14
67Forgeside, Cemetery, opp,(), 08:16
68Blaenavon, Curwood, nr,(), 08:17
69Blaenavon, Kennard Crescent, after,(), 08:18
70Rifle Green, Engine Row, nr,(), 08:18
71Blaenavon, Upper Waun Street, opp 24,(), 08:18
72Blaenavon, High Street, opp 58,(), 08:19
73Blaenavon, High Street, opp 58,(),
74Burford Street,(), 08:19
75Blaenavon, Lower Hill Street Steps, after,(), 08:19
76Market Street,(), 08:20
77Lion Street,(), 08:20
78Upper Waun Street,(), 08:21
79Rifle Green, Bunkers Hill, nr,(), 08:21
80Garn-yr-erw, Kays & Kears Ind Est, nr,(), 08:22
81Garn-yr-erw, Garn-yr-Erw, nr,(), 08:23
82Garn-yr-erw, Upper Garn Institute, nr former,(), 08:23
83Llanelly Hill, Garn Road, nr,(), 08:26
84Brynmawr, Bus Station, Stand 4,(), 08:31
85Brynmawr, Hermitage, nr,(), 08:32
86Brynmawr, Bryn Farm Estate, at,(), 08:33
87Beaufort, Farmers Arms, before,(), 08:34
88Beaufort, Post Office, nr former,(), 08:35
89Beaufort, Vale View, nr,(), 08:35
90Beaufort, Ballroom, before,(), 08:35
91Beaufort, Soar Baptist Church, after,(), 08:36
92Carmeltown, Church Crescent, in,(), 08:36
93Carmeltown, Carmel Chapel, opp,(), 08:37
94Bevan Crescent,(), 08:37
95Heol Peny-cae,(), 08:38
96Glanffrwd,(), 08:39
97Lillian Grove,(), 08:39
98Bowling Green,(), 08:40
99Ebbw Vale, Eugene Cross Park, nr,(), 08:40
100Ebbw Vale, Libanus Corner, nr,(), 08:41
101Ebbw Vale, Learning Zone, Stop 4,(), 08:43

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.