Timetable for the 902 - Port Talbot - Neath College via Sandfields Est, Baglan Est, Neath Bus Route
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Timetable for 902 - Port Talbot - Neath College via Sandfields Est, Baglan Est, Neath Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First South & West Wales (licensed as First Cymru Buses Ltd).

Start Date: 03/03/2019 - End Date: 01/01/1970

bus timetable 902 Port Talbot - Neath College via Sandfields Est, Baglan Est, Neath
Operator Information for First South & West Wales
Fares Twitter Address
03456460707 @FirstCymru Heol Gwyrosydd, Penlan, Swansea SA5 7BN

Map Showing the Routes of the 902 Port Talbot - Neath College via Sandfields Est, Baglan Est, Neath Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Port Talbot - Neath College via Sandfields Est, Baglan Est, Neath Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

before, Oakwood, Pontrhydyfen, 07:25
after, Aqueduct, Pontrhydyfen, 07:25
nr 10, Dan-y-bont, Pontrhydyfen, 07:25
at, Pont-y-Cymmer, Pontrhydyfen, 07:27
o/s 9, Maes-y-Bettws, Rock, 07:29
opp junct, Pwll-y-Glaw, Rock, 07:29
after, Avon Villas, Oakwood, 07:29
nr, Aneddfan, Cwmavon, 07:30
opp 29, Salem Road, Cwmavon, 07:30
opp 17, Cattybrook Terrace, Cwmavon, 07:30
nr former, Police Station, Cwmavon, 07:31
opp 1, Depot Road, Cwmavon, 07:31
before, Gatties, Cwmavon, 07:32
after, Cae Glas, Cwmavon, 07:32
nr, Cwmavon Garage, Pantdu, 07:33
opp back of, Pantddu, Pantdu, 07:34
nr, Trinity Cottages, Blackwells, 07:35
nr, Blackwells, Velindre, 07:37
after, Tesco, Aberavon, 07:38
Stand 4, Bus Station, Port Talbot, 07:4007:50
opp, Health Centre, Water Street, 07:4107:51
nr former, Council Depot, Aberavon, 07:4207:52
after, Burgess Green, Aberavon, 07:4307:53
before, Addison Road, Aberavon, 07:4407:54
before, Hospital Road, Aberavon, 07:4507:55
before, Sandown Road Shops, Aberavon, 07:4607:56
before, Goya Place, Aberavon, 07:4707:57
o/s Club, Romney Road, Aberavon, 07:4807:58
o/s 30, Sandy Ridge, Aberavon, 07:5008:01
in, Farm Drive, Sandfields, 07:5008:01
after, Briar Road, Sandfields, 07:5108:02
adj, Western Avenue School, Sandfields, 07:5108:02
at, Western Avenue Roundabout, Sandfields, 07:5208:03
before, Brahms Avenue, Sandfields, 07:5308:04
before, Sandfields Comprehensive, Sandfields, 07:5408:05
after, Afandale, Sandfields, 07:5508:06
before footbridge, Seaway Parade, Baglan, 07:5708:08
nr, Railway Station, Baglan, 08:0008:11
before, St Catherine`s Church, Baglan, 08:0308:14
o/s, Ty`n y Twr Club, Baglan, 08:0408:15
after, Tyn-Y-Twr, Baglan, 08:0508:16
after, Blaenbaglan Primary School, Baglan, 08:0608:17
o/s 136, Maes-Ty-Canol, Baglan, 08:0608:17
nr 28, Maes-Ty-Canol, Baglan, 08:0608:18
in, Willow Grove, Baglan, 08:0708:19
o/s, Libary, Baglan, 08:0808:20
nr, Caer Hir Cottage, Baglan, 08:0808:20
nr 57, Hawthorn Avenue, Baglan, 08:0908:21
opp 13, Keir Hardie Road, Baglan, 08:1008:23
o/s, Shops, Baglan, 08:1208:25
nr 1, Crawford Road, Briton Ferry, 08:1308:26
nr, Swan Cottage, Briton Ferry, 08:1408:27
nr, Travellers Rest, Briton Ferry, 08:1508:29
nr, Valdon House, Briton Ferry, 08:1608:30
nr, Post Office, Briton Ferry, 08:1708:31
after, Hill Street, Briton Ferry, 08:1808:32
before, St Clement`s Church, Briton Ferry, 08:1908:33
nr, Lodge Cross, Briton Ferry, 08:2208:35
o/s 55, Cwrt Sart, Briton Ferry, 08:2308:37
nr former, Grandison Hotel, Court Sart, 08:2408:39
before, Westbourne Road, Penrhiwtyn, 08:2608:40
nr, Furnace Terrace, Penrhiwtyn, 08:2608:41
o/s former, Metal Box, Neath, 08:2808:42
nr, Castle Bingo, Neath, 08:2908:43
before, Southgate Street, Melincryddan, 08:3008:45
opp, Days, Neath Abbey, 08:3708:50
o/s, Neath Port Talbot College, Neath Abbey, 08:4008:53
Stand 11, Bus Station, Neath, 08:4709:00

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.