Timetable for the 74A - Llanfyllin - Shrewsbury Bus Route
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Timetable for 74A - Llanfyllin - Shrewsbury Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Tanat Valley Coaches (licensed as R E Morris & Sons Ltd).

Start Date: 03/09/2018

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Four Crosses, Flower Shop, shelter - Llanfyllin

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Llanfyllin, Cross Keys - Four Crosses, Flower Shop, opp shelter
  • Llanfyllin, Cross Keys - Shrewsbury Bus Station Stand N
bus timetable 74A Llanfyllin - Shrewsbury
Operator Information for Tanat Valley Coaches
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tafvalley@btconnect.com 01691 780212 @TanatValley The Garage, Llanrhaedr-Ym-Mochnant, Nr Oswestry SY10 0AD www.tanat.co.uk/index.php

Map Showing the Routes of the 74A Llanfyllin - Shrewsbury Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Llanfyllin - Shrewsbury Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Llanfyllin, Cross Keys,(), 07:26
2High School,(), 07:26
4Llanfechain, Old School,(), 07:34
5Lion Hotel,(), 07:37
6Llansantffraid, Station Restaurant,(), 07:38
19Vyrnwy Caravan Park,(), 07:42
20Courthouse,(), 07:44
21War Memorial,(), 07:45
22Four Crosses, Flower Shop, opp shelter,(), 07:46
23Foxen Manor,(),
24Laburnum Meadows,(),
25Crabtree Turning East,(),
26Post Office,(),
27Llandrinio, Trawscoed,(),
28Criggion Turn,(),
30Bausley Green,(),
31Crew Green, The Fir Tree,(),
32Coedway, St Andrews Church,(),
33Alberbury, Village Hall,(),
34Cross Gates Hotel,(),
37Ford Turn, A458/Butt Lane,(),
53Heath Cottage,(),
54Cooperative Foodstore,(),
55Shelton Hospital,(),
56Oxon Business Park,(),
57The Oxon Priory,(),
58Shelton Park Jct,(),
59Shelton Lane,(),
60Bryn Road,(),
61Barracks Lane,(),
62Hafren Road,(),
63The Swan,(),
64Bus Station,(),
65Shrewsbury Bus Station Stand N,(),

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
35Four Crosses, Flower Shop, shelter,(), 16:46
36Courthouse,(), 16:47
37Vyrnwy Caravan Park,(), 16:50
51Llansantffraid, Station Restaurant,(), 16:54
52Lion Hotel,(), 16:54
53Llanfechain, Old School,(), 16:58
54Pont Talwrn,(), 17:00
55High School,(), 17:05
56Llanfyllin,(), 17:06

Saturday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Llanfyllin, Cross Keys,(), 15:26
2High School,(), 15:26
4Llanfechain, Old School,(), 15:34
5Lion Hotel,(), 15:35
6Llansantffraid, Station Restaurant,(), 15:36
19Vyrnwy Caravan Park,(), 15:40
20Courthouse,(), 15:42
21War Memorial,(), 15:43
22Four Crosses, Flower Shop, opp shelter,(), 15:44
23Foxen Manor,(), 15:44
24Laburnum Meadows,(), 15:45
25Crabtree Turning East,(), 15:46
26Post Office,(), 15:47
27Llandrinio, Trawscoed,(), 15:48
28Criggion Turn,(), 15:50
30Bausley Green,(), 15:52
31Crew Green, The Fir Tree,(), 15:53
32Coedway, St Andrews Church,(), 15:56
33Alberbury, Village Hall,(), 15:58
34Cross Gates Hotel,(), 16:04
37Ford Turn, A458/Butt Lane,(), 16:05
53Heath Cottage,(), 16:10
54Cooperative Foodstore,(), 16:11
55Shelton Hospital,(), 16:12
56Oxon Business Park,(), 16:12
57The Oxon Priory,(), 16:12
58Shelton Park Jct,(), 16:13
59Shelton Lane,(), 16:14
60Bryn Road,(), 16:14
61Barracks Lane,(), 16:15
62Hafren Road,(), 16:15
63The Swan,(), 16:16
64Bus Station,(), 16:17
65Shrewsbury Bus Station Stand N,(), 16:18

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.