Timetable for the 961 - Llansamlet - Swansea College via Winch Wen Bus Route
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Timetable for 961 - Llansamlet - Swansea College via Winch Wen Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First South & West Wales (licensed as First Cymru Buses Ltd).

Start Date: 17/06/2019 - End Date: 01/01/1970

bus timetable 961 Llansamlet - Swansea College via Winch Wen
Operator Information for First South & West Wales
Fares Twitter Address
03456460707 @FirstCymru Heol Gwyrosydd, Penlan, Swansea SA5 7BN

Map Showing the Routes of the 961 Llansamlet - Swansea College via Winch Wen Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Llansamlet - Swansea College via Winch Wen Service

MondayToFriday - outbound

opp 10, Church Road, Llansamlet, 07:38
after, Lon-Las School, Gwernllwynchwyth, 07:38
after, Walters Road Roundabout, Gwernllwynchwyth, 07:39
after roundabout, Walters Road, Felin Fran, 07:40
before, Ynysallan Road, Heol-las, 07:40
opp 424, Heol Las, Heol-las, 07:41
before, Smiths Road, Birchgrove, 07:42
opp 86, Heol Dulais, Heol-las, 07:43
o/s 153, Heol Dulais Corner, Birchgrove, 07:43
o/s, School, Birchgrove, 07:44
opp, Bridgend Inn, Birchgrove, 07:45
o/s 180, Birchgrove Road, Birchgrove, 07:46
before, Birchgrove Stores, Birchgrove, 07:47
after lights, Birchgrove Hill, Peniel Green, 07:48
o/s 314, Peniel Green East, Peniel Green, 07:50
before, Library, Peniel Green, 07:50
after, Llansamlet Station, Peniel Green, 07:51
opp, Community Centre, Trallwn, 07:52
o/s shops, Trallwn Road, Trallwn, 07:53
after, Post Office, Trallwn, 07:53
o/s, Halfway Inn, Winchwen, 07:55
o/s 174, Carmel Road, Pentre-Dwr, 07:55
before, Lan Coed Spar, Winchwen, 07:56
o/s 3, Wyngarth, Winchwen, 07:56
before junction, Wyngarth, Winchwen, 07:57
o/s 113, Colwyn Avenue Middle, Winchwen, 07:59
o/s, Colwyn Avenue Shops, Winchwen, 08:00
nr, Cefn Hengoed School, Cefn-Hengoed, 08:00
opp Communities First Office, Caernarfon Way, Bonymaen, 08:01
after, Clinic, Bonymaen, 08:02
after, Bonymaen Inn, Bonymaen, 08:04
o/s, Chip Shop, Hanover Square, 08:04
after, Jersey Arms, Pentre-Chwyth, 08:05
before, Gwyndy Stores, Pentre-Chwyth, 08:06
o/s 117, Pentrechwyth Road, Pentre-Chwyth, 08:07
nr, Foxhole Road, Foxhole, 08:10
before, Maesteg Street, Grenfell Park, 08:11
before, Kilvey Terrace, St Thomas, 08:12
nr, Quay Parade, Parc Tawe, 08:17
Stop 1, Sketty Cross, Sketty, 08:29
o/s, Swansea College, Tycoch, 08:31

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.