Timetable for the 94B - Cardiff - Barry Bus Route
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Timetable for 94B - Cardiff - Barry Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Cardiff Bus (licensed as Cardiff City Transport Services Ltd).

Start Date: 01/09/2019 - End Date: 01/01/1970

bus timetable 94B Cardiff - Barry
Operator Information for Cardiff Bus
Email Fares Twitter Address
[email protected] 02920 666444 @Cardiffbus Leckwith Depot & Offices, Sloper Road, Cardiff CF11 8TB

Map Showing the Routes of the 94B Cardiff - Barry Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Cardiff - Barry Service

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stop JQ, Wood Street, Cardiff, 07:0307:37
o/s 79, Tudor Street, Riverside, 07:0507:39
after, Clare Road, Grangetown, 07:0607:40
o/s, Cornwall Court, Grangetown, 07:0707:41
o/s, Sevenoaks Park, Grangetown, 07:0807:42
after, Sloper Road, Leckwith, 07:1007:44
opp Market, Bessemer Road, Leckwith, 07:1207:46
after, Glynstell Close, Leckwith, 07:1207:47
opp, Freemans, Penarth Moors, 07:1307:48
before, Brindley Road, Penarth Moors, 07:1407:49
before, Llandough Hill, Llandough, 07:1607:52
before, Barons Court, Llandough, 07:1607:53
nr, Cogan Leisure Centre, Cogan, 07:1807:55
after, Plassey Street, Penarth, 07:1907:56
o/s, Police Station, Penarth, 07:2007:57
o/s, Windsor Arcade, Lower Penarth, 07:2107:59
before, Penarth Library, Lower Penarth, 07:2107:59
nr, Penarth Station, Lower Penarth, 07:2208:00
after, Cornerswell Rd, Penarth, 08:04
o/s 58, Stanwell Rd, Lower Penarth, 07:22
opp, Health Centre, Penarth, 07:23
o/s, Stanwell Sch, Penarth, 07:23
after, Cefn Mably, Morristown, 07:2508:06
after, Dinas Road, Lower Penarth, 07:2508:06
nr, Penarth RFC, Lower Penarth, 07:2508:06
before, Forrest Road, Lower Penarth, 07:2608:07
opp, Glamorganshire Golf Club, Cosmeston, 07:2708:08
opp, Cosmeston Lakes, Cosmeston, 07:2808:10
after, Ford Road, Cosmeston, 07:2808:10
after road, St Marys Well Bay, Lavernock, 07:2908:11
opp, The Vineyard, Swanbridge, 07:3008:12
after, Swanbridge Cross, Swanbridge, 07:3108:13
before, Post Office, Sully, 07:3208:14
after, Minehead Avenue, Sully, 07:3308:15
opp, Church, Sully, 07:3408:16
before, Sully Brook, Sully, 07:3508:17
nr, Ty Verlon, Palmerstown, 07:3708:20
after, Laura Street, Palmerstown, 07:3708:20
opp, School, Palmerstown, 07:3808:21
opp, Waitrose, Palmerstown, 07:3908:22
before, Norwood, Palmerstown, 07:3908:22
before, St Julian Close, Palmerstown, 07:4008:23
after, Wolfe Close, Palmerstown, 07:4108:24
after, Ewbank Close, Palmerstown, 07:4108:24
before, Myrtle Grove, Cadoxton, 07:4208:25
o/s 70, Church Hill, Cadoxton, 07:4308:26
nr, Royal Hotel, Cadoxton, 07:4408:27
nr, Browns Corner, Cadoxton, 07:4508:28
before, Newton Street, Barry, 07:4608:29
before, Hannah Street, Barry, 07:4608:30
after, Kwik Fit, Barry, 07:4708:31
o/s Flats 1-6, Wyndham Street, Barry, 07:4808:32
Stop 4, King Square, Barry, 07:5008:34
Shops, Holton Road, Barry, 07:5108:35
Stop 1, Civic Offices, Barry, 07:5208:36
o/s, Morrisons, Barry Dock, 08:38
after, Adams Funeral Home, Barry, 07:5208:39
former, College Inn, Barry, 07:5508:41
after, Barrians Way, Barry, 07:5508:42
nr, College, Barry, 07:5608:43
nr, Hospital, Barry, 07:5808:44
before, Colcot Arms, Colcot, 07:5908:45
opp, Highlight Park, Colcot, 08:0108:48
adj, Tesco, Colcot, 08:0308:50

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.