Bus Routes in Herefordshire

Bus Operators in Herefordshire

Bus Operator Bus Number Route Start Date
Fernley Christine AnningX39Hereford - Peterchurch2018-05-29
William Phillip Lloyd Davies & Jill DaviesX15Builth Wells - Hereford2018-05-29
Drm (Bromyard) Limited420Worcester - Hereford2018-05-29
Drm (Bromyard) Limited476Hereford - Ledbury2018-05-29
Drm (Bromyard) Limited469Hereford - Bromyard2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd671Bromyard - Ledbury2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd674Bromyard - Ledbury2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd600Ledbury - New Mills2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd418Worcester - Ledbury2018-06-02
First Midland Red Buses Ltd673Bromyard - Ledbury2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd676Ledbury - Great Malvern2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd405Hereford - Bromyard - Cradley2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd417Worcester - Cradley - Ledbury2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd672Bromyard - Ledbury2018-05-29
First Midland Red Buses Ltd675Ledbury - Great Malvern2018-05-29
Roger Melvyn Smith and Malcolm Percival Harris436Breinton - Hereford2018-05-29
Roger Melvyn Smith and Malcolm Percival Harris411Hereford - Whitchurch - Goodrich - Ross on Wye2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd403Leominster - Southern Avenue - Newlands (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd502Leominster - Hereford2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd509Leominster - Kinnersley2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd488Woofferton - Leominster2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd76AHereford - Bartonsham (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd495Leominster - Pembridge (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd402Leominster - Ridgemoor - The Meadows (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd501Hereford - Leominster2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd406Leominster - Barons Cross (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd507Leominster - Weobley2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd76Hereford - Bartonsham - Hereford (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd490Leominster - Ludlow2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd494Shobdon - Leominster2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd401Leominster - Barons Cross (Circular)2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd498Hereford - Bucknell2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd504Leominster - Hereford2018-06-02
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd489Leominster - Wigmore2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd802Hereford - Leintwardine2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd492Hereford - Leominster2018-05-29
Lugg Valley Travel Ltd496Leominster - Pembridge (Circular)2018-05-29
Sargeants Brothers Ltd462Hereford - Kington - Llandrindod Wells2018-05-29
Sargeants Brothers Ltd461Hereford - Kington - Llandrindod Wells2018-05-29
Sargeants Brothers Ltd460Kington Town Service2018-05-29
Sargeants Brothers Ltd463Kington - Llandrindod Wells2018-05-29
Red & White Services Ltd39Hereford - Brecon2018-05-29
Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Co Ltd40ARoss on Wye - Tudorville (Circular)2018-05-29
Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Co Ltd36Hereford - Monmouth2018-05-29
Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Co Ltd34Monmouth - Ross on Wye2018-05-29
Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Co Ltd44Ross on Wye - King's Thorn2018-05-29
Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Co Ltd40Ross on Wye - Greytree (Circular)2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd72AHolmer - Bobblestock2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd477Hereford - Canon Pyon2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd441Hereford - Longtown2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd447Clehonger - Bredwardine2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd74Hereford - Newton Farm - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd78XHereford - Rotherwas2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd453Hereford - Fownhope2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd75Hampton Park - Hereford - Belmont2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd413Hereford - Little Birch - Garway - Broad Oak2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd79BHereford - Redhill - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd81AHereford - College Green - Victoria Park2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd492Hereford - Leominster2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd39AHereford - Hay on Wye2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd77BHereford - Holmer Circular2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd71Hereford - Credenhill2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd78AHereford - Rotherwas2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd440Abbeydore - Pontrilas - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd72Hereford - Bobblestock2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd446Hereford - Eardisley - Almeley2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd72CHereford - Bobblestock2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd449Hereford - Kingstone - Madley2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd74SHereford - Newton Farm - St Mary's School2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd412(Hereford - ) Broad Oak - King's Thorn - Garway2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd79AHereford - Putson - Redhill - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd81Hereford - College Green2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd88AHereford - Saxon Gate2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd77AHereford - Holmer Circular2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd39Hereford - Brecon2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd78Hereford - Rotherwas2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd71BHereford - Credenhill2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd72BHereford - Bobblestock2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd442Abergavenny - Clehonger2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd448Hereford - Tyberton2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd74AHereford - Newton Farm - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd79Hereford - Redhill - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd454Hereford - Woolhope2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd75SSt Mary's School - Hereford2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd88Hereford - The Pastures2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd77Hereford - Holmer Circular2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd426Hereford - Bodenham - Leominster2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd77CHereford - Holmer Circular2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd437Hereford - Tillington Common2018-05-29
Yeomans Canyon Travel Ltd71AHereford - Credenhill2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd459Ross On Wye - Ledbury2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd479Much Marcle - Ledbury2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd458Ross on Wye - Mordiford2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd436Hereford - Breinton2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd478Hereford - Much Marcle2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd54Bridstow - Llangrove - Monmouth2018-05-29
George Young'S Coaches Ltd31Whitchurch - Llangrove - Ross on Wye2018-05-29
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