Timetable for the 116 - Weston Heath - Shifnal - Worfield - Bridgnorth Bus Route
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Timetable for 116 - Weston Heath - Shifnal - Worfield - Bridgnorth Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Midlands (licensed as Arriva Midlands North Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 30/05/2020 End Date: 26/12/2020

bus timetable 116 Weston Heath - Shifnal - Worfield - Bridgnorth

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Weston Heath -> Heath Hill -> Sherriffhales -> Crackleybank -> Shifnal -> Hem -> Kemberton -> Grindle -> Ryton -> Beckbury -> Badger -> Stableford -> Ackleton -> Worfield -> Wyken -> Roughton -> Swancote -> Stanmore -> The Grove -> Low Town -> Castle Hill -> High Town

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

High Town -> Castle Hill -> Low Town -> The Grove -> Stanmore -> Swancote -> Roughton -> Wyken -> Worfield -> Ackleton -> Stableford -> Badger -> Beckbury -> Ryton -> Grindle -> Kemberton -> Hem -> Shifnal -> Crackleybank -> Sherriffhales -> Weston Heath

Operator Information for Arriva Midlands
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customerservice@arriva.co.uk 03448004411 @arrivamidlandsW Arriva Customer Services, Freepost ANG 7624, Luton LU4 8BR

Map Showing the Routes of the 116 Weston Heath - Shifnal - Worfield - Bridgnorth Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Weston Heath - Shifnal - Worfield - Bridgnorth Service

Saturday - inbound

Notes Subsidised by Shropshire Council Subsidised by Shropshire Council
adj, Harp Inn, High Town (Shrops), Shropshire11:5015:50
opp, New Road Junction, Castle Hill/Bridgnor, Shropshire11:5115:51
opp, Riverside Wines, Castle Hill/Bridgnor, Shropshire11:5215:52
adj, Fosters Arms, Low Town, Shropshire11:5415:54
opp, Lodge Lane Junction, The Grove/Bridgnorth, Shropshire11:5515:55
opp, Roundabout, Stanmore (Shrops), Shropshire11:5615:56
opp, Swancote Farm, Swancote, Shropshire11:5915:59
opp, Roughton Junction, Roughton (Shrops), Shropshire11:5915:59
opp, Wheel Inn, Wyken (Shrops), Shropshire12:0116:01
opp, War Memorial, Worfield, Shropshire12:0216:02
opp, Hallon Close Junction, Worfield, Shropshire12:0316:03
adj, Maltings Close Junction, Ackleton, Shropshire12:1016:10
opp, Red Cow Inn, Ackleton, Shropshire12:1116:11
opp, The Walford Garden, Stableford (Shrops), Shropshire12:1516:15
opp, Town Pool, Badger, Shropshire12:1816:18
adj, Church, Beckbury, Shropshire12:2216:22
adj, Ryton Road Junction, Beckbury, Shropshire12:2216:22
adj, Ryton Cottage, Ryton (Shrops), Shropshire12:2716:27
adj, Grindle House, Grindle, Shropshire12:3016:30
opp, Village, Kemberton, Shropshire12:3516:35
opp, Junction, Kemberton, Shropshire12:3616:36
adj, Hem Lane Junction, Hem (The), Shropshire12:3916:39
adj, Jaspers Bar, Shifnal, Shropshire12:4216:42
opp, St Mary's Church, Shifnal, Shropshire12:4216:42
adj, The Wheatsheaf, Shifnal, Shropshire12:4216:42
opp, Drayton Road Junction, Shifnal, Shropshire12:4416:44
adj, Village Farm, Crackleybank, Shropshire12:4816:48
adj, Crossroads, Sherriffhales, Shropshire12:4916:49
adj, Post Office, Sherriffhales, Shropshire12:5016:50
opp, No. 101, Weston Heath, Shropshire12:5416:54
adj, Countess's Arms, Weston Heath, Shropshire12:5516:55

Saturday - outbound

Stops Subsidised by Shropshire Council
adj, Countess's Arms, Weston Heath, Shropshire08:32
adj, Slip Road, Heath Hill, Shropshire08:35
opp, Post Office, Sherriffhales, Shropshire08:39
opp, Village Farm, Crackleybank, Shropshire08:41
adj, Drayton Road Junction, Shifnal, Shropshire08:45
opp, The Wheatsheaf, Shifnal, Shropshire08:46
adj, Jaspers Bar, Shifnal, Shropshire08:47
opp, St Mary's Church, Shifnal, Shropshire08:48
adj, Field Lane Junction, Hem (The), Shropshire08:50
adj, Junction, Kemberton, Shropshire08:52
adj, Village, Kemberton, Shropshire08:54
opp, Grindle House, Grindle, Shropshire08:59
opp, Ryton Cottage, Ryton (Shrops), Shropshire09:02
opp, Ryton Road Junction, Beckbury, Shropshire09:04
opp, Church, Beckbury, Shropshire09:07
adj, Town Pool, Badger, Shropshire09:11
adj, The Walford Garden, Stableford (Shrops), Shropshire09:14
adj, Red Cow Inn, Ackleton, Shropshire09:18
opp, Maltings Close Junction, Ackleton, Shropshire09:19
adj, Hallon Close Junction, Worfield, Shropshire09:26
adj, War Memorial, Worfield, Shropshire09:27
adj, Wheel Inn, Wyken (Shrops), Shropshire09:28
adj, Roughton Junction, Roughton (Shrops), Shropshire09:29
adj, Swancote Farm, Swancote, Shropshire09:30
adj, Roundabout, Stanmore (Shrops), Shropshire09:31
adj, Lodge Lane Junction, The Grove/Bridgnorth, Shropshire09:32
adj, Cann Hall Drive Junction, Low Town, Shropshire09:33
adj, Falcon Hotel, Low Town, Shropshire09:35
adj, Riverside Wines, Castle Hill/Bridgnor, Shropshire09:36
adj, Severn Valley Railway, Castle Hill/Bridgnor, Shropshire09:37
adj, Hawthorns Junction, Castle Hill/Bridgnor, Shropshire09:38
adj, Sainsbury's, High Town (Shrops), Shropshire09:39
adj, Harp Inn, High Town (Shrops), Shropshire09:40

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.