Timetable for the 31A - Hanley - Bucknall - Moorside High School Bus Route
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Timetable for 31A - Hanley - Bucknall - Moorside High School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Scraggs Taxis and Coaches (licensed as Geoffrey Edward Scragg).

Start Date: 21/01/2019


Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Moorside High School - Bus Station

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Bus Station - Moorside High School
bus timetable 31A Hanley - Bucknall - Moorside High School
Operator Information for Scraggs Taxis and Coaches
Fares Address
01782213832 Bucknall Garage, Pennell Street, Bucknall, Stoke on Trent ST2 9BD

Map Showing the Routes of the 31A Hanley - Bucknall - Moorside High School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Hanley - Bucknall - Moorside High School Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Bus Station,(Stand E), Hanley08:00*
2stop O 1,(adj), Hanley08:02*
3St Ann Street,(adj), Hanley08:03*
4Somerset Road,(adj), Hanley08:04*
5Ivy House Road,(opp), Hanley08:05*
6New Finney Gardens,(adj), Bucknall (Staffs)08:06*
7Trent Bridge,(opp), Bucknall (Staffs)08:06*
8Northfleet Street,(adj), Bucknall (Staffs)08:07*
9Central Avenue,(adj), Bucknall (Staffs)08:08*
10Chapel Street,(adj), Bucknall (Staffs)08:09*
11Eaves Lane,(adj), Townsend (Staffs)08:10*
12Jessica Grove,(adj), Townsend (Staffs)08:10*
13Brookhouse Lane,(adj), Townsend (Staffs)08:11*
14Ash Bank Road,(o/s 19), Ash Bank08:11*
15Ash Bank Road,(adj 101), Ash Bank08:12*
16Ash Bank Road,(o/s 165), Ash Bank08:13*
17The Lodge,(Adj), Ash Bank08:14*
18Clough Lane,(Opp), Werrington (Staffs)08:14*
19Washerwall Lane,(Adj), Werrington (Staffs)08:16*
20Post Office,(Adj), Werrington (Staffs)08:17*
21Rownall Road,(Adj), Werrington (Staffs)08:18*
22Southlowe Road,(Adj), Cellarhead08:19*
23Moorside High School,(Adj), Cellarhead08:20*

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Moorside High School,(Opp), Cellarhead15:30*
2Southlowe Road,(Opp), Cellarhead15:30*
3Rownall Road,(Nr), Werrington (Staffs)15:31*
4Post Office,(Opp), Werrington (Staffs)15:32*
5St Philips Church,(Adj), Washerwall15:33*
6Clough Lane,(Adj), Werrington (Staffs)15:34*
7Ash Bank Hotel,(Adj), Ash Bank15:35*
8Ash Bank Road,(o/s 148), Ash Bank15:36*
9Ash Bank Road,(adj 72), Ash Bank15:37*
10Ash Bank Road,(adj 38), Ash Bank15:37*
11Brookhouse Lane,(opp), Townsend (Staffs)15:38*
12Corneville Road,(adj), Townsend (Staffs)15:39*
13Eaves Lane,(opp), Townsend (Staffs)15:40*
14Central Avenue,(opp), Bucknall (Staffs)15:41*
15Winston Place,(adj), Bucknall (Staffs)15:41*
16Trent Bridge,(adj), Bucknall (Staffs)15:42*
17New Finney Gardens,(opp), Bucknall (Staffs)15:43*
18Somerset Road,(opp), Hanley15:45*
19Wellington Road,(adj), Hanley15:45*
20Potteries Way,(adj), Hanley15:46*
21stop Q2,(adj), Hanley15:47*
22stop S3,(adj), Hanley15:48*
23stop S6,(adj), Hanley15:49*
24Bus Station,(), Hanley15:50*

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.