Timetable for the S4 - Leegomery - Telford Town Centre - Madeley Bus Route

Timetable for S4 - Leegomery - Telford Town Centre - Madeley Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Midlands (licensed as Arriva Midlands).

Timetable Start Date: 01/04/2022 End Date: 30/12/2022

bus timetable S4 Leegomery - Telford Town Centre - Madeley

Map Showing the Routes of the S4 Leegomery - Telford Town Centre - Madeley Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Leegomery - Telford Town Centre - Madeley Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Madeley Centre, Stand A, HIGH STREET14:58
Court Centre, opp, PARKWAY14:58
Wellsfield, opp, Mound Way08:0315:00
Waltondale, opp, Mound Way08:0315:01
Lees Farm Roundabout, after, Ironbridge Road08:0515:03
Abraham Darby School, after, Woodside Avenue08:0515:04
Wyvern, opp, Woodside Avenue08:0715:06
Warrensway, opp, Woodside Avenue08:0715:07
The Saplings, adj, Woodside Avenue08:0815:08
Park Lane, opp, Woodside Avenue08:0915:09
Woodrows, opp, Woodside Avenue08:0915:09
Willowfield, opp, Woodside Avenue08:1015:10
Madeley Academy, opp, Castlefields Way08:1115:11
Churchway, adj, Stirchley Avenue08:1715:17
Churncote, adj, Stirchley Avenue08:1815:18
Abbey Fields, adj, Stirchley Avenue08:1915:19
Mill Farm Drive, adj, Stirchley Avenue08:2015:20
Brands Farm Way, adj, Stirchley Avenue08:2015:20
Telford Town Park, adj, Stirchley Avenue08:2115:21
International Centre, adj, St Quentins Gate08:2215:22
Bus Station, Stand G, Northfield Street08:3408:1715:34
Matheson House, opp, Grange Central08:3508:1815:35
Telford Central, adj, EUSTON WAY08:3708:2015:37
Fitness First, opp, Telford Way08:3908:2215:39
Priorslee Roundabout, after, Holyhead Road08:4008:2315:40
Central Park, adj, HOLYHEAD ROAD08:4208:2415:42
Greyhound Island, after, Station Road08:4308:2615:43
Hancock's Drive, adj, Station Road08:4308:2615:43
Bus Station, Stand A, Stafford Road08:4508:2815:45
Market Street, opp, Lion Street08:4608:2915:46
Cartlidge House, adj, Bridge Street08:4608:3015:46
Beveley Road, opp, Hartshill08:4808:3115:48
Quarry Lane, adj, Holyhead Road08:4908:3315:49
Shepherds Lane, adj, Holyhead Road08:5008:3415:50
Copper Beech Road, opp, Holyhead Road08:5208:3615:52
Horseshoes, opp, Holyhead Road08:5308:3615:53
Bennetts Bank, W bound08:5508:3815:55
Whitehouse Hotel, opp, WATLING STREET08:5608:3915:56
Cock Hotel, adj, MILL BANK08:5708:4015:57
Princes Street, adj, MILL BANK08:5708:4015:57
School Court, adj, KING STREET08:5808:4115:58
Constitution Hill, opp, KING STREET08:5908:4215:59
Bus Station, Stand F, The Parade09:1008:4316:10
Vineyard Road, adj, KING STREET09:1116:11
Charlton School, adj, Apley Avenue09:1216:12
Princess Royal Hospital, Stand A, adj09:1416:14
Teresa Way, adj, Grainger Drive09:1516:14
Heatherdale, opp, GRAINGER DRIVE09:1516:15
Apley Wood School, adj, POOL FARM AVENUE09:1716:17

Week Days - outbound

Apley Wood School, adj, POOL FARM AVENUE06:5216:07
Halifax Drive, adj, Leegate Avenue06:5316:08
Aintree Close, opp, Leegate Avenue06:5416:09
Millstream Way, adj, Leegate Avenue06:5416:09
Chockleys Meadow, adj, Grainger Drive06:5516:10
Hurleybrook Way, adj, Grainger Drive06:5616:11
Acacia Drive, adj, Grainger Drive06:5616:11
Leicester Way, opp, Grainger Drive06:5716:12
Heatherdale, adj, GRAINGER DRIVE06:5816:13
Teresa Way, opp, GRAINGER DRIVE06:5916:14
Princess Royal Hospital, Stand B, opp07:0016:15
Charlton School, opp, APLEY AVENUE07:0216:17
Vineyard Road, opp, King Street07:0316:18
Bus Station, Stand C, The Parade07:1316:28
Constitution Hill, adj, King Street07:1316:28
School Court, opp, King Street07:1416:29
Princes Street, opp, Mill Bank07:1516:30
Cock Hotel, opp, MILL BANK07:1516:30
Whitehouse Hotel, adj, WATLING STREET07:1616:31
Bennetts Bank, E bound07:1816:33
Horseshoes, adj, Holyhead Road07:1916:34
Copper Beech Road, adj, Holyhead Road07:2016:35
Shropshire Star, eastbound, Station Road07:2016:35
White Lion, adj, Holyhead Road07:2116:36
Shepherds Lane, opp, Holyhead Road07:2216:37
Quarry Lane, opp, Holyhead Road07:2316:38
Beveley Road, adj, Hartshill07:2416:39
Cartlidge House, opp, Bridge Street07:2616:41
Market Street, adj, Lion Street07:2616:41
Bus Station, Stand B, STAFFORD ROAD07:2816:43
Hancock's Drive, opp, Station Road07:2916:44
Greyhound Island, before, Station Road07:2916:45
Central Park, opp, HOLYHEAD ROAD07:3016:46
Priorslee Roundabout, before, Holyhead Road07:3216:48
Fitness First, adj, Telford Way07:3316:50
Telford Central, adj, EUSTON WAY07:3416:51
Matheson House, adj, Grange Central07:3716:55
Bus Station, Stand F, Northfield Street07:4717:05
International Centre, opp, St Quentin Gate07:4717:05
Telford Town Park, opp, Stirchley Avenue07:4917:07
Brands Farm Way, opp, Stirchley Avenue07:4917:07
Mill Farm Drive, opp, Stirchley Avenue07:4917:07
Abbey Fields, opp, Stirchley Avenue07:5017:08
Churncote, opp, Stirchley Avenue07:5117:09
Churchway, opp, Stirchley Avenue07:5217:10
Willowfield, adj, Woodside Avenue07:5817:16
Woodrows, adj, Woodside Avenue07:5917:17
Park Lane, adj, Woodside Avenue08:0017:18
The Saplings, opp, Woodside Avenue08:0117:19
Warrensway, adj, Woodside Avenue08:0117:19
Wyvern, adj, Woodside Avenue08:0217:20
Abraham Darby School, before, Woodside Avenue08:0417:21
Lees Farm Roundabout, before, Ironbridge Road17:22
Waltondale, adj, Mound Way17:24
Wellsfield, adj, Mound Way17:24
Court Centre, adj, Parkway17:26
St Marys School, adj, Parkway17:27
Station Road, adj, HIGH STREET17:28
St. Marys Church, opp, HIGH STREET17:29
Madeley Centre, Stand A, HIGH STREET17:30

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