Timetable for the 119 - Tamworth - Hurley - Wood End Circular Bus Route
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Timetable for 119 - Tamworth - Hurley - Wood End Circular Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach Midlands (licensed as Midland Red (South) Ltd).

Start Date: 21/01/2019

Also on Bank Holidays

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Corporation Street - Corporation Street
  • Queensway - Corporation Street
bus timetable 119 Tamworth - Hurley - Wood End Circular
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Map Showing the Routes of the 119 Tamworth - Hurley - Wood End Circular Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Tamworth - Hurley - Wood End Circular Service

Sunday - inbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Corporation Street,(Stand O), Tamworth Town Centre12:40*16:40*
2Arriva Bus Depot,(Opp), Tamworth Town Centre12:41*16:41*
3Railway Station,(nr), Tamworth Town Centre12:41*16:41*
4Aldi Store,(Adj), Tamworth Town Centre12:42*16:42*
5Campion Drive,(Adj), Kettlebrook12:45*16:45*
6Barnbridge,(Adj), Kettlebrook12:46*16:46*
7St Christopher's Drive,(Opp), Two Gates12:47*16:47*
8Peelers Way,(Opp), Two Gates12:47*16:47*
9Primary School,(Opp), Two Gates12:48*16:48*
10Hadrians Close,(Opp), Two Gates12:48*16:48*
11Appian Close,(Opp), Two Gates12:49*16:49*
12Blackwood Road,(opp), Two Gates12:49*16:49*
13Whiting,(adj), Dosthill12:50*16:50*
14Cottage Farm Road,(Adj), Dosthill12:50*16:50*
15Orchard Close,(Opp), Dosthill12:52*16:52*
16The Fox Inn,(Adj), Dosthill12:52*16:52*
17Ralph Crescent,(Opp), Kingsbury (Warwks)12:55*16:55*
18Barlow Court,(Opp), Kingsbury (Warwks)12:55*16:55*
19White Swan,(Opp), Kingsbury (Warwks)12:56*16:56*
20Church Lane,(Opp), Kingsbury (Warwks)12:56*16:56*
21Mill Crescent,(Nr), Kingsbury (Warwks)12:57*16:57*
22Post Office,(Opp), Hurley (Warwks)13:01*17:01*
23Queens Way,(Adj), Hurley (Warwks)13:01*17:01*
24Woodbridge Park,(Opp), Hurley (Warwks)13:01*17:01*
25Queensway,(Nr), Hurley (Warwks)09:02*13:02*17:02*
25Queensway,(Nr), Hurley (Warwks)09:02*13:02*17:02*
26Princes Road,(Opp), Hurley (Warwks)09:02*13:02*17:02*
27Coronation Road,(Opp), Hurley (Warwks)09:02*13:02*17:02*
28Knowle Hill,(Nr), Hurley (Warwks)09:02*13:02*17:02*
29Anchor Inn,(Opp), Hurley (Warwks)09:04*13:04*17:04*
30Hurley Common,(Adj), Hurley (Warwks)09:04*13:04*17:04*
31Whire Hart,(Opp), Hurley (Warwks)09:05*13:05*17:05*
32Islington Crescent,(Opp), Wood End/Kingsbury09:07*13:07*17:07*
33Smith Street,(Adj), Wood End/Kingsbury09:07*13:07*17:07*
34Whateley Villas,(Adj), Wood End/Kingsbury09:08*13:08*17:08*
35Perryman Drive,(Adj), Piccadilly (Warwks)09:10*13:10*17:10*
36Church Lane,(Adj), Kingsbury (Warwks)09:15*13:15*17:15*
37White Swan,(Opp), Kingsbury (Warwks)09:16*13:16*17:16*
38Barlow Court,(Adj), Kingsbury (Warwks)09:16*13:16*17:16*
39Ralph Crescent,(Adj), Kingsbury (Warwks)09:16*13:16*17:16*
40Ascot Drive,(Opp), Dosthill09:19*13:19*17:19*
41The Fox Inn,(Opp), Dosthill09:19*13:19*17:19*
42Orchard Close,(Adj), Dosthill09:20*13:20*17:20*
43Cottage Farm Road,(Opp), Dosthill09:21*13:21*17:21*
44Whiting,(opp), Dosthill09:21*13:21*17:21*
45Blackwood Road,(Adj), Two Gates09:22*13:22*17:22*
46Appian Close,(Adj), Two Gates09:22*13:22*17:22*
47Primary School,(Adj), Two Gates09:23*13:23*17:23*
48Parkfield Avenue,(Adj), Two Gates09:24*13:24*17:24*
49St Christopher's Drive,(Adj), Two Gates09:25*13:25*17:25*
50Barnbridge,(Opp), Kettlebrook09:26*13:26*17:26*
51Campion Drive,(Opp), Kettlebrook09:27*13:27*17:27*
52The Snow Dome,(Adj), Kettlebrook09:28*13:28*17:28*
53Aldi Store,(Opp), Tamworth Town Centre09:29*13:29*17:29*
54Corporation Street,(Adj), Tamworth Town Centre09:32*13:32*17:32*

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.