Timetable for the 514 - Solihull - Warwick Flexibus Service via Lapworth Bus Route
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Timetable for 514 - Solihull - Warwick Flexibus Service via Lapworth Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Flexibus (licensed as Spangap Ltd).

Start Date: 01/01/2019

Phone booking reqd for Hatton Rail Stn

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Warwick Bus Station - Solihull Town Centre

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Solihull Town Centre - Warwick Road
bus timetable 514 Solihull - Warwick Flexibus Service via Lapworth
Operator Information for Flexibus
Email Fares Address Website
info@flexi-bus.co.uk 01926 612487 Unit 2, Churchlands Farm Industrial Estate, Bascote Road, Harbury CV33 9PL www.flexi-bus.co.uk/index.html

Map Showing the Routes of the 514 Solihull - Warwick Flexibus Service via Lapworth Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Solihull - Warwick Flexibus Service via Lapworth Service

Saturday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Solihull Town Centre,(Stop SE), Solihull13:45*
2Solihull Hospital,(Stop SH), Solihull13:45*
3Keresley Close,(opp), Solihull13:45*
4Grove Road,(opp), Lode Heath13:46*
5Ravenshaw Way,(adj), Copt Heath13:50*
6Lady Byron Lane,(opp), Copt Heath13:51*
7Jacobean Lane,(opp), Copt Heath13:51*
8Lightwood Close,(adj), Copt Heath13:52*
9Arden Vale Road,(adj), Knowle (WMids)13:53*
10Lodge Road,(adj), Knowle (WMids)13:54*
11Knowle Green Church,(adj), Knowle (WMids)13:54*
12Knowle Green Terminus,(at), Knowle (WMids)13:55*
13Lansdowne Farm,(opp), Knowle (WMids)13:56*
14Norton Green Lane,(opp), Knowle (WMids)13:56*
15Watery Lane,(adj), Temple Balsall13:58*
16Bakers Lane,(opp), Chadwick End (WMids)13:59*
17Chadwick Manor,(adj), Chadwick End (WMids)14:01*
18Arbour Tree Lane,(opp), Chadwick End (WMids)14:01*
19Warwick Road,(Adj), Baddesley Clinton14:03*

Saturday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Bus Station,(Stand B), Warwick (Warwks)10:32*
2Cocksparrow Street,(Adj), Warwick (Warwks)10:32*
3Kings Head,(Adj), Warwick (Warwks)10:32*
4Eastley Crescent,(Adj), Warwick (Warwks)10:35*
5Barcheston Drive,(Adj), Hatton Park10:40*
6Winderton Avenue,(Opp), Hatton Park10:41*
7Starmer Place,(Adj), Hatton (Warwks)10:45*
8Little Shrewley Crossroads,(Adj), Shrewley10:48*
9Crossroads,(Adj), Shrewley Common10:50*
10Church,(Adj), Rowington10:53*
11Station Lane,(Opp), Lapworth10:57*
12Railway Station,(Adj), Lapworth10:58*
13Lodge,(Opp), Baddesley Clinton11:00*
14Warwick Road,(Opp), Baddesley Clinton11:03*
15Arbour Tree Lane,(adj), Chadwick End (WMids)11:03*
16Chadwick Manor,(opp), Chadwick End (WMids)11:04*
17Bakers Lane,(adj), Chadwick End (WMids)11:05*
18Watery Lane,(opp), Temple Balsall11:06*
19Norton Green Lane,(adj), Knowle (WMids)11:08*
20Lansdowne Farm,(adj), Knowle (WMids)11:08*
21Knowle Green Terminus,(at), Knowle (WMids)11:10*
22Knowle Green Church,(opp), Knowle (WMids)11:10*
23Wilsons Arms,(), Knowle (WMids)11:10*
24Arden Vale Road,(opp), Knowle (WMids)11:12*
25Lightwood Close,(opp), Copt Heath11:12*
26Jacobean Lane,(adj), Copt Heath11:13*
27Lady Byron Lane,(adj), Copt Heath11:14*
28Ravenshaw Way,(opp), Copt Heath11:15*
29Marsh Lane,(opp), Solihull11:17*
30Brueton Avenue,(adj), Solihull11:18*
31Solihull School,(opp), Solihull11:18*
32House Of Fraser,(adj), Solihull11:19*
33Solihull Town Centre,(Stop SE), Solihull11:20*

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.