Timetable for the 89 - Solihull - Coventry via Meriden, Balsall Common Bus Route
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Timetable for 89 - Solihull - Coventry via Meriden, Balsall Common Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by igo (licensed as ).

Start Date: 01/01/2019

Service serves Peel Close on request

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Balsall Common Main Island - Solihull Town Centre
  • Quadrant - Solihull Town Centre

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Solihull Town Centre - Meriden Green
  • Meriden Green - Quadrant
  • Solihull Town Centre - Balsall Common Main Island
  • Meriden Green - Balsall Common Main Island
bus timetable 89 Solihull - Coventry via Meriden, Balsall Common
Operator Information for igo
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enquiries@atgroup.org.uk 01213278128 @igobuses 80 Park Road, Aston, Birmingham B6 5PL

Map Showing the Routes of the 89 Solihull - Coventry via Meriden, Balsall Common Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Solihull - Coventry via Meriden, Balsall Common Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTimeTime
1Solihull Town Centre,(Stop SE), Solihull14:00*16:25*
2House Of Fraser,(opp), Solihull14:00*16:25*
3Solihull School,(adj), Solihull14:02*16:27*
4School Lane,(adj), Solihull14:03*16:28*
5Oakland Close,(opp), Lode Heath14:04*16:29*
6Solihull By Pass,(after), Lode Heath14:05*16:30*
7Field Lane,(adj), Catherine de BarnesH14:07*16:32*
8The Boat Inn,(), Catherine de BarnesH14:11*16:36*
9M42 Motorway Bridge,(at), Bickenhill14:15*16:40*
10Hampton-in-Arden Church,(), Hampton in Arden14:20*16:45*
11White Lion,(opp), Hampton in Arden14:20*16:45*
12Hampton In Arden Station,(opp), Hampton in Arden14:21*16:46*
13Diddington Lane,(adj), Hampton in Arden14:23*16:48*
14Patrick Farm,(opp), Hampton in Arden14:25*16:50*
15Meriden Green,(on), Meriden08:05*08:50*14:35*17:00*
15Meriden Green,(on), Meriden08:05*08:50*14:35*17:00*
16Leys Lane,(adj), Meriden08:08*08:52*14:37*
17Four Oaks,(opp), Four Oaks/Solihull08:19*08:58*14:46*
18Home Farm,(opp), Four Oaks/Solihull08:24*09:01*14:50*
19Coventry Road,(adj), Berkswell08:30*09:05*14:55*
20Wootton Green Lane,(opp), Balsall Common08:33*09:08*14:58*
21Chapel Drive,(adj), Balsall Common08:34*09:09*14:59*
22Balsall Common Main Island,(before), Balsall Common08:35*09:10*15:00*
23The White Horse,(adj), Balsall Common09:12*
24Blythe Avenue,(adj), Balsall Common09:14*
25Catchems Corner,(), Balsall Common09:15*
26Little Beanit Farm,(opp), Carol Green09:18*
27Bridge,(on), Carol Green09:20*
28Nailcote Lane,(opp), Carol Green09:21*
29Electricity Station,(opp), Carol Green09:23*
30Water Tower,(on), Tile Hill South09:25*
31Peeping Tom,(on), Tile Hill South09:27*
32Cromwell Lane,(before), Tile Hill South09:28*
33Bockendon Road,(opp), Westwood Heath09:31*
34Woodleigh Road,(after), Westwood Heath09:33*
35Broadwells Crescent,(adj), Westwood Business Pk09:35*
36Gibbet Hill Road,(before), Kirby Corner09:36*
37University Westwood Site,(adj), Cannon Park09:39*
38Lynchgate Road,(before), Cannon Park09:40*
39Cannon Park Shops,(opp), Cannon Park09:42*
40Leeming Close,(), Cannon Park09:42*
41Centenary Road,(opp), Canley09:42*
42Sir Henry Parkes Road,(), Canley09:42*
43Canley Road,(adj), Canley09:42*
44Cannon Park Road,(opp), War Memorial Park09:43*
45Fletchamstead Highway,(adj), Green Lane (WMids)09:43*
46Coat of Arms Bridge Road,(opp), War Memorial Park09:43*
47Beechwood Avenue,(adj), War Memorial Park09:43*
48Earlsdon Avenue South,(adj), War Memorial Park09:44*
49Davenport Road,(adj), War Memorial Park09:44*
50Leamington Road,(opp), Earlsdon09:44*
51Rail Station Bridge,(Stop WR3), Coventry09:44*
52Quadrant,(Stop BY1), Coventry09:45*

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Quadrant,(Stop BY1), Coventry09:45*12:30*
2Rail Station Bridge,(Stop WR1), Coventry09:45*12:30*
3Leamington Road,(adj), Earlsdon09:46*12:31*
4Davenport Road,(opp), War Memorial Park09:46*12:31*
5Earlsdon Avenue South,(opp), War Memorial Park09:46*12:31*
6Beechwood Avenue,(opp), War Memorial Park09:47*12:32*
7Coat of Arms Bridge Road,(adj), War Memorial Park09:47*12:32*
8Fletchamstead Highway,(adj), Green Lane (WMids)09:47*12:32*
9Cannon Park Road,(adj), War Memorial Park09:48*12:33*
10Canley Ford,(opp), Canley09:48*12:33*
11Centenary Road,(adj), Canley09:49*12:34*
12Cannon Park Shops,(adjacent), Cannon Park09:50*12:35*
13Lynchgate Road,(after), Cannon Park09:50*12:35*
14University Westwood Site,(opp), Cannon Park09:51*12:36*
15Gibbet Hill Road,(before), Kirby Corner09:51*12:36*
16Gibbet Hill Road,(adj), Kirby Corner09:52*12:37*
17Westwood Church,(adj), Kirby Corner09:52*12:37*
18Broadwells Crescent,(opp), Westwood Business Pk09:52*12:37*
19Woodleigh Road,(), Westwood Heath09:53*12:38*
20Bockendon Road,(adj), Westwood Heath09:54*12:39*
21Cromwell Lane,(after), Tile Hill South09:55*12:40*
22Westwood Heath Road,(adj), Tile Hill South09:55*12:40*
23Peeping Tom,(on), Tile Hill South09:56*12:41*
24Water Tower,(on), Tile Hill South09:57*12:42*
25Cromwell Lane,(Opp), Burton Green/Warwks09:57*12:42*
26Electricity Station,(adj), Carol Green09:58*12:43*
27Nailcote Lane,(adj), Carol Green09:59*12:44*
28Bridge,(on), Carol Green10:00*12:45*
29Little Beanit Farm,(adj), Carol Green10:01*12:46*
30Catchems Corner,(), Balsall Common10:02*12:47*
31Blythe Avenue,(opp), Balsall Common10:02*12:47*
32The White Horse,(opp), Balsall Common10:03*12:48*
33Elmwood Close,(adj), Balsall Common10:04*12:49*
34Balsall Common Main Island,(after), Balsall Common10:05*12:50*15:25*
34Balsall Common Main Island,(after), Balsall Common10:05*12:50*15:25*
35Chapel Drive,(opp), Balsall Common10:07*12:52*15:25*
36Wootton Green Lane,(adj), Balsall Common10:10*12:55*15:26*
37Coventry Road,(opp), Berkswell10:20*13:05*15:30*
38Home Farm,(adj), Four Oaks/Solihull10:21*13:06*15:31*
39Four Oaks,(on), Four Oaks/Solihull10:22*13:07*15:32*
40Leys Lane,(opp), Meriden10:24*13:09*15:34*
41Meriden Green,(on), Meriden10:25*13:10*15:35*
42Patrick Farm,(adj), Hampton in Arden10:43*13:31*16:00*
43Diddington Lane,(opp), Hampton in Arden10:47*13:36*16:06*
44Hampton In Arden Station,(adj), Hampton in Arden10:50*13:40*16:10*
45White Lion,(opp), Hampton in Arden10:51*13:41*16:10*
46Hampton-in-Arden Church,(opp), Hampton in Arden10:51*13:41*16:10*
47M42 Motorway Bridge,(at), Bickenhill10:55*13:45*16:13*
48The Boat Inn,(), Catherine de BarnesH10:58*13:48*16:15*
49Field Lane,(opp), Catherine de BarnesH11:01*13:51*16:16*
50Solihull By Pass,(before), Lode Heath11:03*13:53*16:17*
51Solihull Hospital,(Stop SJ), Solihull11:07*13:57*16:20*
52Solihull Town Centre,(Stop SE), Solihull11:10*14:00*16:23*

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.