Timetable for the 22S - King Edwards Five Ways - Birmingham via Harborne Bus Route
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Timetable for 22S - King Edwards Five Ways - Birmingham via Harborne Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by West Midlands Travel Ltd

Timetable Starts 01 May 2018.

bus timetable 22S King Edwards Five Ways - Birmingham via Harborne

Google Map Showing the Routes of the 22S King Edwards Five Ways - Birmingham via Harborne Bus.

Bus Timetable for the King Edwards Five Ways - Birmingham via Harborne Service

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.

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King Edwards School - Steelhouse Lane
Service operates from 01/06/2018 until 31/12/2018
Service operates Monday to Friday
Service does not run August Bank Holiday
Inbound, Monday to Friday
  22S 1 22S 1
Bartley Green, King Edwards School, before   15:40
Bartley Green, Scotland Lane, after   15:40
Bartley Green, Bartley Green Post Office, opp   15:42
Bartley Green, Pomeroy Road, adj   15:42
Woodgate Valley Sth, Modbury Avenue, opp   15:43
Woodgate Valley Sth, Jiggins Lane, opp   15:44
Woodgate Valley Sth, Simmons Leasow, adj   15:45
California (WMids), Hillcrest School, adj 15:30 15:46
California (WMids), California Way, adj 15:30 15:47
California (WMids), The Stonehouse, before   15:47
California (WMids), Swinford Road, opp   15:48
Harts Green, Quinton Road, opp 15:33 15:49
Harts Green, Wyckham Close, adj 15:33 15:50
Harts Green, Fredas Grove, adj 15:34 15:50
Harts Green, Fellows Lane, adj 15:35 15:51
Harts Green, Milford Road, adj 15:36 15:52
Harborne, Serpentine Road, adj 15:37 15:53
Harborne, Greenfield Road 15:37 15:53
Harborne, Harborne Junction, after 15:38 15:54
Harborne, York Street, opp 15:39 15:55
Chad Valley, High Street, opp 15:40 15:56
Chad Valley, Harborne Academy, opp 15:41 15:57
Chad Valley, Westfield Road, adj 15:42 15:59
Botanical Gardens, Chad Road, adj 15:44 16:00
Botanical Gardens, Highfield Road, adj 15:45 16:02
Five Ways, Greenfield Crescent, opp 15:46 16:03
Five Ways, Morrisons, Stop FT 15:47 16:03
Five Ways, Five Ways Shopping Centre, Stop FC   16:05
Five Ways, Sheepcote Street, Stop BR7   16:06
Internat. Convention, Brindley Place, Stop BR1   16:07
Internat. Convention, International Convention Centre, Stop PC7   16:09
Birmingham, Newhall Street, Stop GC3   16:11
Birmingham, Railway Bridge, Stop GC4   16:13
Birmingham, Snow Hill Station, Stop SH4   16:16
Birmingham, Steelhouse Lane, Stop SH8   16:18
  • Journey does not run during holidays of Birmingham School Holidays
  • Journey does not run August Bank Holiday
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