Timetable for the 43S - University of Warwick - Chapelfields via Tile Hill Bus Route
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Timetable for 43S - University of Warwick - Chapelfields via Tile Hill Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Travel De Courcey (licensed as Mike De Courcey Travel Ltd).

Start Date: 02/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Westbury Road - Interchange

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Cannon Park Shops - Westbury Road
bus timetable 43S University of Warwick - Chapelfields via Tile Hill
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Map Showing the Routes of the 43S University of Warwick - Chapelfields via Tile Hill Bus.

Bus Timetables for the University of Warwick - Chapelfields via Tile Hill Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Cannon Park Shops,(opp), Cannon Park15:05
2Leeming Close,(), Cannon Park15:06
3Lynchgate Road,(after), Cannon Park15:07
4University Westwood Site,(opp), Cannon Park15:09
5Gibbet Hill Road,(before), Kirby Corner15:11
6Kirby Corner Road,(Stop GH1), Kirby Corner15:12
7Scarman Road,(GH3), Kirby Corner15:13
8Interchange,(Stop UW1), Kirby Corner15:15
9Scarman Road,(GH4), Kirby Corner15:16
10Kirby Corner Road,(), Kirby Corner15:16
11Westwood School,(adj), Westwood Business Pk15:18
12Ten Shilling Wood,(adj), Westwood Business Pk15:18
13Wolfe Road,(opp), Westwood Business Pk15:19
14Marler Road,(opp), Westwood Heath15:19
15Warren Green,(opp), Westwood Heath15:20
16Bradney Green,(opp), Westwood Heath15:20
17Marina Close,(adj), Tile Hill South15:21
18Dalmeny Road,(adj), Tile Hill South15:21
19Charter Avenue,(opp), Tile Hill South15:22
20Tile Hill Rail Station,(), Tile Hill South15:22
21Torrington Avenue,(opp), Tile Hill South15:23
22Tanners Lane,(adj), Tanyard Farm15:24
23Tile Hill Wood School,(adj), Tile Hill North15:25
24Hawthorn Lane,(adj), Tile Hill North15:26
25Nutbrook Avenue,(adj), Tile Hill North15:26
26Brazil Street,(opp), Tile Hill North15:27
27Tile Hill Library,(), Tile Hill North15:28
28Shopping Centre,(adj), Tile Hill North15:29
29Tile Hill North Terminus,(), Tile Hill North15:30
30Alderminster Road,(adj), Allesley Park15:31
31Larch Tree Avenue,(opp), Whoberley15:32
32Beech Tree Avenue,(opp), Whoberley15:33
33Fletchamstead Highway,(opp), Whoberley15:34
34Broad Lane,(after), Whoberley15:36
35Westmede Centre,(adj), Allesley Park15:38
36Ashbridge Road,(adj), Allesley Park15:39
37Torbay Road,(adj), Whoberley15:39
38Allesley Old Road,(after), Chapel Fields15:40
39Lincroft Crescent,(opp), Chapel Fields15:41
40Westbury Road,(adj), Chapel Fields15:42

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Westbury Road,(opp), Chapel Fields07:54
2Lincroft Crescent,(adj), Chapel Fields07:54
3Allesley Old Road,(before), Chapel Fields07:55
4Torbay Road,(opp), Whoberley07:56
5Ashbridge Road,(opp), Allesley Park07:57
6Westmede Centre,(opp), Allesley Park07:57
7Brookside Avenue,(), Whoberley07:57
8Gorseway,(before), Whoberley07:59
9Broad Lane,(before), Whoberley08:00
10Wildcroft Road,(opp), Whoberley08:00
11Fletchamstead Highway,(adj), Whoberley08:01
12Beech Tree Avenue,(adj), Whoberley08:02
13Larch Tree Avenue,(adj), Whoberley08:04
14Alderminster Road,(opp), Allesley Park08:05
15Eastern Green Road,(opp), Eastern Green08:06
16Vesey & Sharples Works,(adj), Eastern Green08:07
17Hawthorn Lane,(adj), Eastern Green08:08
18The Woodlands School,(adj), Eastern Green08:09
19Farcroft Avenue,(adj), Eastern Green08:09
20Hawthorn Lane,(opp), Eastern Green08:10
21Vesey & Sharples Works,(opp), Eastern Green08:11
22Coleman Street,(opp), Eastern Green08:12
23Faseman Avenue,(before), Tile Hill North08:13
24Tile Hill Library,(), Tile Hill North08:13
25Shopping Centre,(adj), Tile Hill North08:14
26Tile Hill North Terminus,(), Tile Hill North08:15
27Shopping Centre,(opp), Tile Hill North08:15
28Tile Hill Library,(), Tile Hill North08:16
29Jardine Crescent,(), Tile Hill North08:16
30Brazil Street,(adj), Tile Hill North08:17
31Nutbrook Avenue,(opp), Tile Hill North08:18
32Hawthorn Lane,(opp), Tile Hill North08:18
33Tile Hill Wood School,(opp), Tile Hill North08:19
34Tanners Lane,(opp), Tanyard Farm08:21
35Torrington Avenue,(adj), Tile Hill South08:21
36Tile Hill Rail Station,(), Tile Hill South08:23
37Dalmeny Road,(opp), Tile Hill South08:23
38Marina Close,(opp), Tile Hill South08:24
39Bradney Green,(adj), Westwood Heath08:25
40Warren Green,(adj), Westwood Heath08:26
41Marler Road,(adj), Westwood Heath08:26
42Wolfe Road,(adj), Westwood Business Pk08:27
43Ten Shilling Wood,(opp), Westwood Business Pk08:28
44Mitchell Avenue,(adj), Kirby Corner08:30
45Kirby Corner Road,(Stop GH1), Kirby Corner08:32
46Scarman Road,(GH3), Kirby Corner08:34
47Interchange,(Stop UW1), Kirby Corner08:37

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.