Timetable for the 907A - Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield via Perry Barr Bus Route
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Timetable for 907A - Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield via Perry Barr Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by National Express West Midlands (licensed as West Midlands Travel Ltd).

Start Date: 02/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • College High School - Lower Bull Street

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Lower Bull Street - Gracechurch Shopping Centre
bus timetable 907A Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield       via Perry Barr
Operator Information for National Express West Midlands
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travelcare@nationalexpress.com 01212547272 @nxwestmidlands 51 Bordesley Green, Birmingham B9 4BZ

Map Showing the Routes of the 907A Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield via Perry Barr Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield via Perry Barr Service

- inbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Lower Bull Street,(Stop BS4), Birmingham07:5008:0508:20
2Tesco Express,(Stop CS1), Birmingham07:5008:0508:20
3Law Courts,(Stop CS2), Birmingham07:5108:0608:21
4Price Street,(adj), Aston University07:5308:0808:23
5Lower Tower Street,(), Aston University07:5408:0908:24
6Miller Street,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)07:5408:0908:24
7St Stephens Street,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)07:5508:1008:25
8Milton Street,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)07:5508:1008:25
9Swimming Baths,(outside), Newtown (Birm'ham)07:5608:1108:26
10Rodway Close,(before), Newtown (Birm'ham)07:5608:1108:26
11Six Ways Aston,(near), Newtown (Birm'ham)07:5808:1308:28
12Hatfield Road,(adj), Birchfield07:5908:1408:29
13Heathfield Road,(adj), Birchfield08:0008:1508:30
14Livingstone Road,(Stop PQ), Perry Barr08:0208:1708:32
15Perry Barr One Stop,(Stop PC), Perry Barr08:0508:2008:35
16Wellhead Lane,(Stop PG), Birmingham City Uni08:0708:2208:37
17Holford Drive,(opp), Birmingham City Uni08:0808:2308:38
18Nash Square,(adj), Birmingham City Uni08:0908:2408:39
19Perry Park,(adj), Alexander Stadium08:1008:2508:40
20The Boars Head,(opp), Alexander Stadium08:1108:2608:41
21Kingstanding Road,(adj), Perry Common08:1308:2808:43
22Crossway Lane,(adj), Perry Common08:1308:2808:43
23The Ridgeway,(opp), Perry Common08:1408:2908:44
24College High School,(opp), Perry Common08:1508:3008:45
25Hawthorn Road,(adj), Perry Common08:1608:3108:46
26Weycroft Road,(opp), Perry Common08:1708:3208:47
27Dovedale Road,(opp), Perry Common08:1808:3308:48
28Warren Farm Road,(adj), Warren Farm08:1908:3408:49
29Twickenham Road,(adj), New Oscott08:1908:3408:49
30Langholme Drive,(adj), New Oscott08:2008:3508:50
31Chester Road,(before), New Oscott08:2108:3608:51
32The Beggars Bush,(opp), New Oscott08:2308:3808:53
33Plants Close,(opp), New Oscott08:2308:3808:53
34Oakwood Road,(opp), New Oscott08:2508:4008:55
35Boldmere Road,(opp), Boldmere08:2708:4208:57
36Frederick Road,(opp), Boldmere08:2808:4308:58
37Buckingham Mews,(adj), Boldmere08:2908:4408:59
38Sutton Girls School,(adj), Boldmere08:3008:4509:00
39Maney Hill Road,(opp), Sutton Coldfield08:3108:4609:01
40Duke Street,(opp), Sutton Coldfield08:3208:4709:02
41Manor Hill,(adj), Sutton Coldfield08:3308:4809:03
42Gracechurch Shopping Centre,(Stop SA), Sutton Coldfield08:3708:5209:07

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1College High School,(adj), Perry Common15:15
2The Ridgeway,(adj), Perry Common15:15
3Crossway Lane,(opp), Perry Common15:16
4Kingstanding Road,(opp), Perry Common15:17
5Perry Park,(opp), Alexander Stadium15:18
6Nash Square,(opp), Birmingham City Uni15:20
7Holford Drive,(adj), Birmingham City Uni15:21
8Wellhead Lane,(Stop PK), Birmingham City Uni15:22
9Station Bridge,(Stop PL), Perry Barr15:23
10Livingstone Road,(Stop PP), Perry Barr15:24
11Heathfield Road,(opp), Birchfield15:26
12Trinity Road,(adj), Birchfield15:28
13Hatfield Road,(opp), Birchfield15:28
14Six Ways Aston,(before), Newtown (Birm'ham)15:30
15Rodway Close,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)15:30
16Swimming Baths,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)15:31
17St Stephens Street,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)15:32
18Miller Street,(), Newtown (Birm'ham)15:33
19Lower Tower Street,(), Aston University15:33
20Price Street,(opp), Aston University15:34
21Ryder Street,(Stop JW1), Aston University15:36
22Bus Mall,(Stop MS14), Birmingham15:40
23Lower Bull Street,(Stop BS4), Birmingham15:42

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.