Timetable for the C25 - Halifax Bus Station - North Halifax Grammar Bus Route

Timetable for C25 - Halifax Bus Station - North Halifax Grammar Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First West Yorkshire Ltd (licensed as First West Yorkshire Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 01/05/2022 End Date: 28/05/2022

bus timetable C25 Halifax Bus Station - North Halifax Grammar

Map Showing the Routes of the C25 Halifax Bus Station - North Halifax Grammar Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Halifax Bus Station - North Halifax Grammar Service

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Week Days - outbound

Boothtown Rd Claremont Road, Boothtown Road, Boothtown07:3807:3807:3807:3807:38
Boothtown Road Grantham Rd, opp, Boothtown Road, Boothtown07:3907:3907:3907:3907:39
Boothtown Road Rawson St North, opp, Boothtown Road, Boothtown07:4007:4007:4007:4007:40
Boothtown Rd Woodlands Road, Boothtown Road, Boothtown07:4107:4107:4107:4107:41
Boothtown Road Akroyd Park, at, Boothtown Road, Boothtown07:4307:4307:4307:4307:43
Haley Hill All Souls Road, at, Haley Hill, Boothtown07:4407:4407:4407:4407:44
Haley Hill Range Lane, adj, Haley Hill, Boothtown07:4507:4507:4507:4507:45
Halifax Bus Station C, Halifax Bus Station, Halifax Town Centre07:5007:5007:5007:5007:50
Ovenden Rd Wheatley Lane, Ovenden Road, Ovenden07:5407:5407:5407:5407:54
Ovenden Rd Lentilfield Street, Ovenden Road, Ovenden07:5507:5507:5507:5507:55
Ovenden Rd Grove Avenue, Ovenden Road, Ovenden07:5607:5607:5607:5607:56
Ovenden Rd Stoney Lane, Ovenden Road, Ovenden07:5607:5607:5607:5607:56
Shay Lane Smiths Ter, adj, Shay Lane, Ovenden07:5707:5707:5707:5707:57
Shay Lane Churn Milk Ln, Shay Lane, Ovenden07:5807:5807:5807:5807:58
Shay Lane Blackmires, N bound, Shay Lane, Holmfield07:5807:5807:5807:5807:58
Shay Lane Beechwood Rd, adj, Shay Lane, Ovenden07:5907:5907:5907:5907:59
Shay Lane Heathy Ln, Shay Lane, Holmfield08:0008:0008:0008:0008:00
Holdsworth Rd Brow Lane, Shay Lane, Holdsworth08:0108:0108:0108:0108:01
St Catherines School, stop 1, Holdsworth Road, Holdsworth08:0208:0208:0208:0208:02
Moor Bottom Road Trinity Academy, stop 4, Moor Bottom Road, Illingworth08:0408:0408:0408:0408:04
North Halifax Grammar, Stand D, North Halifax Grammar School Turning Circle, Holdsworth08:0508:0508:0508:0508:05

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.