GeoPunk Elevation Map

Explore the Elevation of Britain with our Interactive Map

Are you curious about the height of the land in Britain? Our interactive map allows you to easily explore the elevation of different areas in the country. On one side of the map, you can view the standard mapping, while on the other side, you can see a tile layer with elevation data represented by 100m hexagons shaded green to indicate the mean height. With our search tool, you can enter a postcode, street, or city to navigate to the location you're interested in and discover its elevation. Whether you're a hiker, cyclist, or just curious about the geography of Britain, our map is a fun and informative way to explore the country.

Click the magnifying glass icon on the map to open the search bar. Type in a street, place, or postcode, and hit enter. If using a mobile device. Tap the 'return' key on your on-screen keyboard to search. The map will show that area. It's an easy way to find locations without scrolling or zooming around the map.

About this Map

Our map was created using the Ordnance Survey Terrain 50 dataset, which provides high-quality elevation data for the entire country. Specifically, we used the 50-meter grid in the ASCII format, which we converted into a GeoTIFF file. To calculate the mean elevation for each 100-meter hexagon shape on our map, we utilized zonal statistics. We would like to give appropriate attribution to the Ordnance Survey for their database rights and crown copyright on the Terrain 50 dataset, which was instrumental in creating this unique and informative map.

Our interactive map displays the elevation data of Britain and highlights several interesting observations. It shows low-lying areas that were once submerged under the sea, such as the wash area in eastern England, and how the Thames Estuary was once a wide coastal estuary. The map also reveals the mountainous regions of Scotland and Wales, and the intricate network of river valleys throughout the country. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the map may be useful for homebuyers to gauge flood risk in certain areas, as low-lying regions are more susceptible to flooding.